Let’s talk about fitness for a moment

This is the very first blog post of Collinswoah’sCorner! Oh man. This is so crazy to believe!!

First of all welcome to all you lovely and wonderful beings!

Now as this is the first post I thought we’d start off by talking about something exciting! Weight loss!!

I personally am on a weight loss journey right now. I am a bigger girl and I absolutely love my curves but I have also realized that the amount of curves I had at the beginning of the year weren’t necessarily the most flattering or the healthiest.

I want to share this journey with you guys, the ups and downs, triumphs and tribulations, throughout this whole process. Hopefully it will help motivate and keep me accountable but also inspire you guys with whatever you want to do!

Now starting the beginning of this year I weighed in at a whopping 335lbs. I was wearing a 2XL and almost a size 26. It was just sad. Cue the unflattering picture of myself:


Fast forward to today, almost a full year later, and I am down to 276lbs and comfortably wearing a XL and a size 16. Cue better looking, happier picture:


How have I done it might you ask? To be completely honest the start of this journey didn’t start out as the healthiest of choices. I went through a lot this year, emotionally, physically, and mentally causing me to become extremely stressed out which made my appetite non-existent. So if you don’t get the drift, I wasn’t eating like I should be.

Needless to say things calmed down and I got back into the correct way of doing things so no worries! I have been eating healthy and doing things to stay moving to help both keep the weight off and to continue to lose weight. I might not be losing weight nearly as quickly as I was but, I have been able to maintain a steady weight loss rather than gain any of my lost weight back which is the important part, along with being healthy about it.

But back to how exactly I’ve been able to shed this weight once I started doing it the healthy way. I have been trying to make better food choices while not restricting myself too much. If I want the fast food, I’ll still get it but choose smaller portions and healthier options; staying away from the french fries or getting a single burger rather than the double, etc. I also will limit myself in unhealthy options each day; if I choose to have Chipotle or something more fatty or caloric for lunch then I’ll try and grab something light like a salad or soup for dinner. I’ve also been trying to watch my sugar and carb intake as well which I have noticed has made quite the difference in my body. It has made me honestly feel a lot better overall; I don’t feel as tired or sluggish because of it, and it has helped me continue to lose weight.

As for what I have been doing to be active is honestly not all that impressive. I try to be more active throughout the day, especially at work and I’ve been doing some in home workouts when I get the chance. With my job personally is more of a stationary job so when I don’t have customers I will drive my coworkers crazy by pacing back and forth the stretch of my work area which makes my fitness tracker very happy 😛 When the weather is not cold like it is I will go out for walks around the many beautiful areas surrounding where I live but since its winter I try to make time for doing little workouts in my room. So crunches, lunges and arm workouts galore.

This was quite a lot to throw at y’all straight off the bat but I will be keeping you guys updated from time to time about how this journey as going. I can’t wait to celebrate the triumphs with you as well as let you share in my tribulations of this long and difficult process.

Until next time friends, stay classy and sassy 😉


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