Collinswoah13’s Creative Writing

I thought it would be kind of fun to once a month or so share some of my creative writing with you guys. Give you a little insight to my creative side with my words if you will. Give myself a way to be sort of published I guess? I don’t know exactly. I just think it’d be cool! So sometimes it’ll be poetry other times it’ll be prose.

Today will be a poem I wrote awhile back that I just recently found hidden on my computer in the mess of all my old school files. Back in high school I was on the varsity bowling team my junior and senior years of high school. I had always bowled for fun but when I realized that I might just be good enough to represent my high school on our bowling team I jumped at the idea of trying out. Thankfully I made it and loved it immediately. I had always struggled with the feeling of belonging anywhere, especially in high school. I was bullied like most of us are but I also knew and was kind of friends with almost everyone which is why I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. Joining the bowling team helped me gain confidence in myself and made me finally feel like I belonged somewhere. So here is my poem Belonging:

The first time,

That I stepped up to bowl

It was the most



Rewarding experience

That I’ve ever had.

Throwing the ball

I felt like

I had found myself.

That before I was lost

Among a sea of people

Who knew who they were and

What their purpose was.

Being on the lane,

Having the spotlight on me

I knew I was a part

Of something big,

I knew I finally belonged.


Well I hope you all enjoyed that. Whew! We’re just making all sorts of big steps over here. Let me know what y’all think and always remember to keep it classy and stay sassy 😉



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