So I know that I’ve stated MANY times that I am a nerd but it’s true. And I know, saying it only goes SO far… That’s why I thought it would be fun to show you guys some of my video game collection! Yes, you read right, my collection:



Ever since I was a kid I always had a hard time getting rid of my games. I would have rather hang on to them and wait longer to buy a game than to sell/trade them in. I wasn’t consciously collecting video games but I guess that’s how it all started.

As I got older I accumulated more and more game systems since they just kept coming out I was accumulating more and more games as well. One day I just decided it would be amazing to have ALL THE GAMES. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that is so I’ve settled for more attainable goals. What are those goals you ask?



Well from the pictures you can most definitely see that I love Nintendo. Which is most definitely true. So somewhere along the line I decided I want a complete GameCube collection. All 661 games in all regions. 563 in just North America alone. But I will have all 661 games, eventually. I also made it harder on myself by wanting to find all of these games in the wild. If you don’t know what that means, it’s to find all of the games in games stores, not online but in real life; hunting and scouring. I honestly have a blast going game hunting especially when I get to drag people along with me 😉 To give you an idea of how far along I am in my quest for my complete GameCube collection, I currently possess 102 games, one of which is a Japanese exclusive the rest are North American games and that equals out to about 15.43% complete.

The most important thing about this collection is that I do it for me. Not for resell value. Not for bragging rights. But because I absolutely love video games. I love hunting for them. I love the rush of a good deal and I love to find hidden gems and to play them. This is my hobby, one of many hobbies I have, but my main one. I can’t wait to share with you guys the excitement of the growth of my collection and to document my quest for all 661 GameCube games.

If y’all want to see what wasn’t included in these pictures or to go any more in-depth with it please let me know.

But until next time my sweet and wonderful beings, stay classy and sassy 😉


4 thoughts on “VIDEO GAMES!

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      1. I know how you feel, I’ve got an amiibo collection that”s already much larger than I wanted it to be, and I’m afraid to remove half of them from the packaging XD

        That said, do you share your posts on any other websites? I work over at Creators .Co (we’re part of Movie Pilot and Now Loading) and this is the sort of content that makes for an interesting read. If you were open to the idea of posting your work on our Creators site in addition to also having your blog/site here, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. My e-mail and more info can be found on my page. (o^.^)b


      2. I completely understand. It took me over a year to take villager out of the package! I am currently only sharing my blog on Facebook pages and reddit so no other websites at the moment! I am very interested in possibly doing that, thank you! I’ll shoot you an email by the end of today.


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