Tips of surviving a road trip!

Today the boyfriend and I drove all the way to Memphis from southern Ohio. A nine hour long car trip. We did get stuck in traffic AND we decided to stop in Nashville at THE best place for hot chicken (if you are EVER in Nashville, please do yourself a favor and go to Hattie B’s. You will thank me and it will be worth it)

Now I am lucky enough to have a fantastic road trip partner but others are not always as lucky. And what can you do to keep the trip from getting too boring even if you have great road trip partners? OR WORSE WHAT IF YOU HAVE TO BE A PASSENGER THE ENTIRE RIDE?! The horror. But don’t worry. Collinswoah13 has your back!

My first suggestion is to make sure you bring a book to read and your handheld game system, whatever that may be. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR GAMES! I have to say this because sadly I have been the person to forget more than one game and let me tell you, there is only so much you can take of Animal Crossing on a long road trip.

Next, it’s always nice to make sure you have some music that y’all can jam too. (God I sound old. I promise I’m not old, just uncool.) Now another good suggestion is to bring along an audio book and/or an episodic podcast for when and if the music gets to grind on the nerves of the other car companions.

When all else fails make sure you have read up on some interesting articles like what’s going on in the video game world, such as when games are coming out or have been announced, etc. Or just have your phone handy so you can help the conversation from getting too stale.

This is also a great time to further figure out the vacation plans once you arrive to your destination! Make sure the hype train is real and everyone stays aboard it.  I also like to take the time to pay attention to my surroundings as we pass them and if something is too cool to pass up on and there is extra time then make sure to stop and check it out either on the drive there or on the drive back. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing road trip companion in my boyfriend because he has a fantastic sense of adventure and is down for just about anything. If I get excited enough then he’s more than down and excited as well. Exploring is just half the fun.

I hope these were helpful road trip tips! Let me know what your tips are for keeping a road trip fun and exciting. And as always stay classy and sassy y’all 😀


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