Video game pickup/haul!

The month of December was a very very great month for me in regards to pickups. Now this haul is a combination of a day of game hunting in southern Ohio while visiting the boyfriend as well as what we found in Memphis just this past weekend. And just keep in mind that we’ve established that I am a collector and I am actively trying to obtain a complete GameCube collection so the majority of my pickups have been GameCube. 162



Don’t get my wrong, I love collecting for other systems but my main focus is getting my GameCube collection as close to 100% as possible. As you can tell from the pictures I also picked up quite a few N64 games. All super cheap crappier games but I picked them up because I also am going for a complete N64 collection, not nearly as actively as my GameCube but I’d love to own all 388 games one day. And if you can tell from the prices it was too good to pass up on. I had happened to visit this particular game store while visiting my boyfriend and looking for his Christmas present and sports games are easy to find but not easy to always get so cheap so I jumped on this deal.

So the indigo GameCube in the second picture was probably my biggest score and I am QUITE proud of it. So the boyfriend and I were hitting up a couple game store before we met up with his friend for dinner and stumbled upon that lovely indigo GameCube. Now my original GameCube (which has since gone to console heaven), was a lovely indigo variant. I have wanted another one ever since but they are not nearly as common as I had hoped and I settled one black one instead. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my black GameCube and have decided I would really like to own one of each color of GameCubes so cue indigo GameCube.

While browsing this store I had found some GameCube games and an Xbox 360 game that I didn’t have but also looked good. The great thing about this particular store was that they were having their winter sale which was buy 2 get one 1 on all pre-owned products as long as they weren’t current gen related. So I found some more expensive games and when the employee was looking for one of my games he couldn’t find it. Which totally happens but of course whenever this happens to me its always the game I’m most excited about getting (don’t worry I found it at another store and snagged it real quick!) The great thing about my man is that he is always looking out for me, he may not always know exactly what I’m looking for or what are good prices for things but he always looks for me and he was the one who spotted the indigo GameCube and pointed it out to me. I wait a minute and ask the clerk some questions and he lets me take a look at it. Now this thing desperately needs a deep cleaning and to be loved but it was only $30 and came with an actual Nintendo branded indigo controller. It also works perfectly. But the great thing about this find was they had forgotten to replace the price sticker with one for $55. The gaming Gods were looking out for me on this one. And so was the boyfriend 😉

Now the little green squid amiibo was someone I was also stoked to find and pick up. I also collect amiibos because they’re REALLY addicting to collect and they’re just super adorable. So when the first generation of Splatoon amiibos came out I was only able to pick up Squid Girl and Squid Boy. Separately. So I wasn’t able to get the green squid because he only came out in the three pack which was so hard to get a hold of back then! I was so happy to get my hands on this little guy and for only $10!

The last item in this haul that I am going to single out and talk about is my Harvest Moon Boy & Girl for the PSP. I fell in love with the Harvest Moon series with the Save the Homeland installment on the PS2 many many years ago and since then I’ve wanted to own every. single. installment. Personally the PSP entries are hard to find in the wild. (And I only look for games in the wild). I had passed a couple years ago on this game because of the price and have regretted it ever since. So when I walked in to this particular game store I saw that they had two copies for very different prices. One for $28 and one for $37. Both I thought were a little high. The lower costing one did not include the booklet while the higher costing one did. I immediately knew I was going to buy the high priced one no matter what but I was not happy about the price. I kindly asked the owner of the store if he would be willing to go lower in pricing and we settled on $30 being fair. That man was a peach and helped me out! 🙂

So now I’m sure y’all are curious where this puts me with my collection. Now I still need to catalog everything BUT this puts me at 130 GameCube games so I am 19.66% complete there and I have 38 N64 games which gets me to 9.79% complete. Not too bad considering I more than double my person N64 games and my goal for 2017 is to get my GameCube collection to at least 30%.

Until next time beautiful beings, stay classy and sassy.



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