Fitness Updatin’ Time!

Okay so like I told y’all in a previous post I would be keeping you guys in the loop of my fitness journey; both the triumphs and tribulations.

Well this update isn’t too much of a positive one.

So we just ended the holiday season and I am one to most definitely give in to the holiday temptations. And just like every other year I did. I wasn’t trying to eat well or watch my calories or say no to what I wanted. I just gave in. Completely. Now that the holidays are over and my birthday is only a week away (YAY BIRTHDAY!). I plan on starting anew on the 16th with my diet.

Exercise however is a different story, I have been trying to remain somewhat active and have adding things in here and there to get myself back up to where I was activity wise but I won’t lie, it’s been hard since I stopped. I have noticed weight gain but not too much thankfully. Though it is just enough to push myself back in to being on the right track.

Things like this can most definitely be discouraging but instead of letting this get me down I’m really just letting this fuel me to be better next time with my choices and to continue to get those numbers down on the scale.

I have been blessed with a tremendous amount of support throughout every avenue in my life and for that I am very thankful. Without my fantastic support system this journey would be a lot harder.

I would like to leave y’all with this, if you have a setback don’t focus on it, just keep pushing forward. Rely a little more on the people around you to push you through it until you find the strength within yourself to get completely back on top. You got this and so do I! If this was an easy journey then everyone would be doing it, no problem.

Until Monday, stay classy and stay sassy 🙂


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