What you Should be Bringing to a Con

Welcome back beautiful internet beings! So today starts an amazing week; not only is it my birthday week but it’s also the week of Ohayocon! For those of you who do not know what Ohayocon is, it’s an amazing anime convention that goes on right here in Columbus, Ohio and I will be attending this year 😀 and I am SO excited for it.

I thought it would be fun to have con-related posts this week to pump up the excitement of the con at the end of the week. And if you guys aren’t gonna trek your way to Ohayocon then 1. you’re missing out and 2. you can apply this to any con you might attend 🙂

So the big thing is what should and shouldn’t you bring to a con? Well typically you’re going to practically living at the convention center where the con takes place for the duration of the event because parking IS NOT cheap! So I highly suggest bringing a backpack and filling it with some goodies, not too many though because you need to make room for your purchases! Which is a good first point, bring a backpack or empty tote bag because not all vendors will have bags for your purchases.

I also suggest bringing some snacks because they’re going to be hard to find and if you do find them they’re going to be outrageously expensive. Also BRING HAND SANITIZER! Trust me, it’ll be a good thing to have. So many germs are spread at conventions and the janitorial staff members aren’t always on top of making sure the bathroom is stocked up on soap. You. Will. Need. It. And you’ll thank me later 😉

Make sure you have your camera or phone! You never know what awesome people with amazing cosplays you will run in to and you will most definitely want to take pictures of them and/or with them. I also suggest bringing your charger and maybe even splurging for a battery pack so you don’t have live next to an outlet. And if you have a Nintendo 3DS THIS IS THE TIME TO BRING IT! Bring a game so you can play in down time but HAVE IT ON! You meet so many people and can complete so many puzzles and play Find Mii that it’ll be a blast.

If you are like me I also suggest to bring a book because there will be down time and you might not always have people to entertain you around, so a book is a great tool to make your down time not nearly as boring.

Now if you guys happen to be at Ohayocon please feel free to come up and say hello if you see me! My name will be Collinswoah13 on my name badge this year 😉 I also will be wearing a birthday girl sash and Hello Kitty tiara all weekend because my b-day is Friday! Hugs are more than happy to be given and I would love to say hello!

Until Wednesday wonderful friends, stay classy and sassy!


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