How to Avoid Con Crud

Hello and welcome back my cute friends! Keeping with this week’s theme of con related posts I’m gonna give y’all some tips on how to avoid con crud!

So if you’ve ever been to a convention of pretty much any kind, you know about con crud (as it has been nicely nicknamed). For those of you who don’t know what con crud is, its the sickness that you usually get at the end of or right after a convention. Which is just THE worst.

Tip #1: Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often! I know that this is a no-brainer but sometimes you just get all caught up in the excitement and forget to do it OFTEN. So this is a helpful and friendly reminder! Also bathe often! A nice hot shower can do the body wonders in making you feel better and helping you get over/keep you from getting sick.

Tip #2: Go out and get some fresh air every once in awhile. You will have some down time at the con so take advantage of it by getting some fresh air and away from all the germs. It will help. But that being said, dress accordingly to the weather!

Tip#3: Remember to eat properly. It might take you away from the con for a bit but keeping yourself properly fed will help keep you from getting both hangry and sick. And like I said in my last post, pack some snacks to bring to the convention! I also suggest packing some healthier choices to keep the body strong and ready to fight.

Tip #4: I know we all love hugs and getting close to others at the con (I am all about that life) but be careful with who you are getting close to. If they look or are acting sick, think twice before approaching!

Tip #5: If you are coming down with something at the con but are “toughing it out,” please do everyone attending a favor by taking medications, drinking plenty of fluids and cough. in. to. your. arm. Also wash your hands/use hand sanitizer regularly. I don’t blame you for still being there but please think about everyone else!

I hope y’all find these tips helpful for your next con-going experience! Free free to add your own tips to avoiding con crud in the comments!

Until Friday, stay classy and sassy! 😉


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