What to do When Waiting at a Con

Hello and welcome back friends!

First order of exciting news: IT’S FINALLY MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY yay yay! It’s also the first day of Ohayaocon! More yay!

Now on to the real business. When you’re at a con and you’re waiting for your next panel, event, etc. to start and you’ve already exhausted your time in the dealer’s/vendor’s hall and artist’s alley, what do you do with yourself? Good thing your pal Collinswoah13 has tips for you!

Remember my blog post from Monday? About things to bring with you to the con? If you followed that then you will be in great shape, if not then don’t worry! I still have many great ideas and tips!

Tip #1: Play your 3DS, DS, Vita or PSP (if you have one or brought one). We don’t all get as much gaming time in as we want so down time is the perfect time to log some hours and kill some time!

Tip #2: People watching! I LOVE to people watch. It’s probably one of my favorite ways to kill time. Especially at the con. Watching people interact in the ways that they do is always fascinating to me.

Tip #3: Okay, this is probably my FAVORITE way to pass the time that I’m going to tell y’all about. If you are with a person or a group of people then this will be perfect for you as it requires you to have at least one other person. You also need to have at least one 20 sided die (good thing you’re at a con!) So you and your friend(s) are basically playing an RPG table top game but you are your character and the real world is your campaign. You and your friends roll for initiative and whoever rolls higher goes first. Your stats are based upon you in real life and your personality. You friend(s) all collectively agree on levels of stats for you and each other (that way your head doesn’t get too big haha!) Your friends decide what stat you are testing and they also decide level of difficulty for your roll. If you pass, your friend tells you what you get to do for fun/not embarrassing (ex. asking the cute guy/girl you’ve been eyeing all weekend for a hug). If you fail, your friend tells you what you get to do (ex. asking 3 different strangers of your friend’s choosing if they have any peanut butter). Its almost like a game of dare or dare but nerdy style, the stakes are always higher! This is great to play all con weekend!

Tip #4: Read! Bought a book at the con or brought your own? Your down time is great time to get some reading done! Reading during your down time helps the times pass quicker but also gives you some alone time to help recharge your batteries.

Tip #5: Talk to and meet new people! You’re at a con! Talk to randoms and make new friends! Great ways to break the ice? Sing along time! Give a compliment! Or just butt your way in to an interesting conversation you hear going on.

Tip #6: Explore the video game room, the board game room or reading room (if your con has these things). For the longest time, I was unaware that my cons had these and man are they a great way to kill time and meet new friends! Everyone is super welcoming and nice! I highly recommend it.

So those are my most helpful time killing at the con tips! If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! If you’re at a con this weekend, have fun and be safe! If you aren’t attending a con this weekend still be safe and have fun. Until next time, stay classy and sassy as always 😉


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