My Trip to Ohayocon 2017

Hello and welcome back beautiful internet friends!

What a wonderful and hectic weekend it was! So as you can tell by the title Ohayocon 2017 happened! This was my first time actually attending the con, I have gone to Ohayocon one time before (in 2013) but I only visited the dealers room and artist alley. I did not take pictures really and I did not attend any panels. I was super excited to go this year because it would be my first time actually attending the panels and seeing the guests, so fully immersing myself in Ohayocon. This year Ohaycon was also taking place on my birthday so it. was. fate.


I had a wonderful time and got to see a lot of WONDERFUL cosplays. The cosplays were on point this con and I was beyond thrilled to see interpretations on certain characters as well as the throwback things people decided to call back up.


The boyfriend and I spent some time in the board game and video game rooms at Ohayocon this year. Not too much time but enough time to have THE MOST EPIC game of Jenga I have ever played. We also played a flip the table game that was in the rhythm gaming room? I don’t know 100% since I don’t speak Japanese but it is now my life’s quest to own my own table flipping game thing in my house one day. It will be done!


I just also must brag about meeting Rikki Simons because he is just amazing and wonderful. If you guys don’t know who he is, he is the voice of Gir from Invader Zim. I was fortunate enough to attend both of his Gir panels as well as I got both a print and comic autographed by Rikki Simons himself.

I think my favorite panel that I attended at Ohayocon 2017 was most definitely the guest improv panel. It was absolutely hysterical. The guests performing really go in to the improv and the attendees gave some great (but dark) suggestions. Both myself and my boyfriend were doubled over in fits of laughter. I will say I had wished the panel had been an 18+ one just because you could tell the guests struggled to keep it as PG/PG-13 as they could.

The dealers room was absolutely amazing this year. I found so many things that I had either been looking for or did not know I wanted. (And yes, I did spend far too much money!) I was able to pick up some manga I had been hunting for, found some great plushies, stationary, and travel coffee mugs. I think one of my favorite scores in the dealers room was my Asuna body pillow. 😉

Now with good there is unfortunately bad. I have a few things to vent about with Ohaycon 2017. I honestly felt that the panels were really lacking. When I have attend Matsuricon in the past (and yes I know its a different con but at the same location) I found myself overwhelmed with decision making because I wanted to go to all the panels and that of course is not possible. With Ohayocon this year I just felt like it was more of a case of I’m really excited about one or two panels but the rest of my choices were just fill in the time and gaps in my schedule. I also must say that the layout of Ohayocon just wasn’t the best. There were too many gaps and spaces for my taste and having to walk alllllllllll the way to the B-pods was just frustrating. I completely understand that the construction at the Greater Columbus Convention center is not the cons fault but I did think their personal layout choices in the main areas were lackluster and disappointing.


Overall I found the con to be quite enjoyable and I had a wonderful birthday weekend at the con with my friends and man. I most definitely would attend another Ohayocon and I hope next year’s is better than this year’s.

Until Wednesday my cute pals, stay classy and sassy 🙂



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