What I am Currently Watching: Anime!

Hello friends!

Keeping with Wednesday’s theme, I thought I would share what anime’s I’ve been watching recently. Going to Ohayocon really put me in the anime watching mood for sure! So let’s get in to it:

Case Closed (subbed):

So I started watching this late last year and just kind of fell off the wagon with it. Which this is not uncommon of me. I absolutely fell in love with the little kids and Conan himself. Its just too cute and I love mysteries. And anime. So it just is perfect for me. I recently picked it back up and have not been disappointed in my decision at all. I now desperately want to get a detective Conan figure because HE’S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I also really enjoy the voices for this show immensely. I think they were perfectly cast.

Sword Art Online (dubbed):

Now I watched the first season Sword Art Online before but I watched the subbed and wanted to try the dubbed. I know that both me and my friends personally usually are the types of people that if we hear one first, we always prefer it that way, whether its subbed or dubbed first we then prefer that version. Now with the dubbed Sword Art Online, I think this may be my only exception to this rule. As much as I LOVE the subbed voices for Kirito especially, I really found myself enjoying the translations and voice actors that were chosen for the dubbed version quite a bit more than the subbed. And who doesn’t want to spend as much time as they can watching the love story between Asuna and Kirito? I personally love their love. #goals 😉

Deadman Wonderland (dubbed):

Okay, so this show. Let me tell you. I REALLY enjoy this show but I have to watch it in very limited sittings and I will happily tell you why. Now I am a weird one. I know, who would have thought it? Well I have this fear and uneasy-ness when it comes to blood. Even fake blood. I just can’t do certain things when it comes to it. If you know anything about Deadman Wonderland then you know they have blood powers. Yuck. Major yuck. Now I think it’s super cool and the show is phenomenal in my opinion but it is SUPER hard for me to sit through with their blood powers. Its silly, I know but I can’t help it! So I seriously only watch an episode here and there but when I do, I get super hyped about the show again 😛


Oh, good ole Pokemon. I have been watching OG with Misty and Brock but I have also been trying to catch X and Y whenever I get a chance because I personally think that is the second best of the series. Say what you want but I really just adore Chespin. I also think the story line is up there with the first season. I just also desperately want to revisit my childhood so that’s also why I’ve been watching Pokemon 😛

So what have you guys been watching? Let me know in the comments 🙂 If you’ve watched these animes what were your thoughts on them? Any recommendations for what I should watch next?

Until next time, stay classy and sassy 😉


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