How to Beat the Winter Blues

Hello and welcome back beautiful friends!

So we all know the winter blues are a REAL thing and I personally dread winter just because of the winter blues that always come and try to knock me down. And the rest of winter is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. And in true Collinswoah13 fashion, this will have some nerdy ideas 😉 So let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Color!

Okay, I know it sounds super silly and childish but I’m sure y’all know about adult coloring books. (I personally also love the kids coloring books still). It has been studied in psychological tests that coloring HAS been linked to help stave off and fight depression. So if you’re feeling a bit down lately, get yo self a coloring book and some colored pencils and get yo color on!

Tip #2: Music!

Did you know if you listen to between 5-15 songs a day it has been known to help lift your mood and spirits? So put on your favorite soundtrack from your favorite game or anime or listen to your favorite artist/band and enjoy! PRO-TIP: sing and dance along! It lifts your spirits up even higher and you just have fun! (And think of all those calories you would be burning :P)

Tip #3: Get lost in a game!

Replay one of your favorite games or get lost in a totally new world. Sometimes the best way to fight the winter blues is to escape your own reality for a bit. I do suggest trying not to go too heavy though as this can backfire. (I am talking about you, The Last of Us)

Tip #4: Read!

Whether its a manga or an actual book, read. Same idea as tip #3, get yourself out of your own head and immerse yourself in someone else’s world.

Tip #5: Draw or write!

This is a great time to get those creative juices flowing! Draw some of your favorite characters or write an alternate ending to a game or even write a campaign for a role-playing game to play with your friends (D&D or VTM anyone?) You never know what amazing ideas may come out! And its a great way to work out some of those feelings and emotions.

Well I hope y’all found these tips to be helpful. Let me know what you do to help with your winter blues!

Until Wednesday, friends! Stay classy and sassy 🙂


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