Collinswoah13’s Life & Fitness Update!

Hello and welcome back! As part of my promise to you guys from the start of this, I want to have an open and honest dialogue with you and so that’s what I’m going to do today.

To be completely honest with you guys I have been struggling more than I’d like to admit lately. And I am a big supporter in saying that it’s okay to be down, because it really is. It’s just important to pull yourself back up which isn’t always the easy task but we all are capable of doing it.

Now most of January I spent quite down overall. Most things in my life just got to feel very overwhelming and difficult to carry on and carry out. That’s not to say I didn’t have some amazing and happy times during the month of January because I did. I still try my best to stay humble and appreciate everything I am able to do and experience because I know that I am very blessed with all the opportunities presented to me. Some times you just get down just because and that’s what happened to me.

I took some time to myself to recoup and start over with everything. I also decided to take my own advice from my Winter Blues post and have spent a lot of time writing, creating and listen to music and that has help tremendously. I am thankful that I have some amazing people surrounding me because they helped with everything in themselves to push and pull me through the dark times this month and for that I am eternally grateful to them.

Don’t worry, I am feeling a lot better and back to my normal self. Things have calmed down and so have I 😉 I have been planning some exciting things that are to come as well as focusing on myself. I feel that I have a lot better of an attitude towards things and people lately though I do slip up at times, which don’t we all? 😛

As for my fitness journey, it’s been lacking until fairly recently. I have no cut out all fast food and I’m also cutting out sweets (but allowing myself to have a treat once a month). So far it’s been difficult because the cravings are very much still there and fast food is just so easy and quick to do. Especially with my very busy and very on the go life.

I have been making more of an effort with my FitBit to not only hit my step goal every day but to hit it earlier in the day while I’m at work. I personally don’t go to a gym but I have been looking in to actual workout routines that I can do at home and I really can’t wait to start one of those.

I haven’t lost any more weight but I have seemed to maintain what I’ve lost for the most part. It most definitely has not been easy, mostly because of all the trips and experiences I’ve been able to go on and do lately but I’ve been successful in not going back to where I was and that’s the important part of all this.

Life isn’t always the easiest and that’s okay. We have our bad days which is both okay and understandable. We can’t always be up. We can’t always be happy. I never expect that from anyone. It’s just important to do what’s best for ourselves, our mental health, and to keep all lines of communication open as well as to communicate that with those important in our lives. Remember it’s not about what life hands us, it’s about what we do with what we have been handed that matters.

Until Monday, stay classy and sassy friends. ❤



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