Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hello and welcome back fabulous friends!! I am aware that this is late, and I am so sorry for that. My super smart (heavy on the sarcasm) self forgot to hit publish šŸ˜¦

Here we are, another (which is really every other ;)) Wednesday and you know what that means! More of me telling you about the games that I have been playing recently! Yay!

Okay so, I unfortunately have been slacking on the game playing due to lots of side projects that I have been working on. The good news on that is that you guys will soon find out what those side projects are!

So with the little bit of gaming that I have been able to squeeze in, I have just been playing PC games. My wonderful and loving boyfriend built me a temporary gaming PC to hold me over until we build my own. It sounds silly and confusing (because it kind of is) but this is mainly so I can have something to play NOW and not have to buy all the parts for the computer at once. Thanks babe!

Getting on in to it:

PC: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine- Like I have said many times before, I have been searching for a good point and click adventure and I think I have found just that in Kelvin. As a kid, I was a HUGE fan of Putt-Putt, Freddie Fish, and Pajama Sam and I have wanted something like that but for adults ever since growing out of those. I find it to be challenging and the jokes and references are all very humorous so far to me. There have been references to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Back to the Future! And I’m only in the second chapter of the game. There has also been fourth wall breaking and all around just a lot of fun. I feel like this game is a must for anyone into point and click adventure games.

PC: GTA V- So going from controller play to mouse and keyboard is TOUGH! Before I would pride myself on my prologue skills (having played it 65415697531 times), that I never died. Until the PC, mouse and keyboard time… Oh lord, did I die. Of course this is in front of the boyfriend too, so many laughs were had by him. As this is my third different version of GTA V that I have played so far, I think this one will be my favorite. It is just so absolutely beautiful and diverse. I have officially (though way late) joined the PC GTA V hype train. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to go back to console GTA V and that is saying a lot.

The very little bit of gaming time that I did have, I’m very happy with. I have been very fortunate to not have any duds… so far (don’t worry I just knocked on wood). Let me know what you’re playing or your thoughts on these games if you’ve played them.

Until next time, stay classy and sassy šŸ˜›


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