Collinswoah13’s Video Game Pickups!

Welcome back my amazing friends!

Today is an exciting day because I am sharing my recent video game pickups! This last month and a half has been super good to me in regards to pickups. My boyfriend surprised me with a Wii U (thanks again, love!) So I took advantage of that with my pick-ups this month 😉




As you can see I picked up quite a few GameCube games which is very exciting for me. Not anything too great, mostly just the filler items in the collection. This most amazing part of this is that in February (just so far) I have brought my GameCube collection to an amazing 25% complete. That’s 166 games. I honestly have a hard time comprehending this because I was at less than 10% complete just 6 months ago. I also have a goal of getting at least 30% complete by the END of 2017 and here we are not even two full months in and I hit 25% complete. Yes I am actively seeking to complete the GameCube library but I’m not going crazy with it.

I also am very happy with my Wii U pickups because everything (with the exception of Tokyo Mirage) were FANTASTIC prices. If you’re looking for a system to collect for, Wii U is a great one to jump on right now. The prices aren’t too bad and people aren’t going crazy for the games yet so the prices aren’t jumping back up. Yet. I’m sure they will at some point.

I also want to point out my Lego Dimensions pickups. I ran across these at Half Price Books for a very good price considering they’re Lego and what they go for at market value regularly. I very much enjoy the game mainly because it’s freaking great but also because I can co-op it with my boyfriend which makes it even better. But we have found ourselves frustrated because I’m a 100%-er and you just can’t do things without certain characters, which is very annoying, and so I have decided IF I can get them at good price points, I will have every Lego Dimensions character. So here we go with another obsession.

I personally am extremely happy with my finds and pickups. All were scored in person and as great deals (or sadly bought at full price ahem, Tokyo Mirage) which both add to the collection and give me the ability to put more back in to making my collection bigger and better. I am super excited to see what the rest of the month of February brings me as well as the beginning of March. Hopefully I am able to bring my GameCube library closer to 30% if not hit it!

Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend friends and as always stay classy and sassy 😛


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