Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games

Hello and welcome back friends!

Since it is Wednesday, and an off Wednesday from my Whatcha Been Playing entries, I thought I would start another series for y’all. As you can tell by the title I’m going to be discussing my favorite games. And first up is the game that transformed me in to a real gamer. The Sims series.

The Sims series is something that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Way back when, an old friend of mine introduced me to the series with the Original game and the Livin’ Large expansion pack. Ever since then I have been absolutely hooked.

This may sound silly but The Sims is what got me to go from a casual gamer to a way more serious gamer. Before, I’d play games (mostly on the PC at this time) and just try to get through them (and fail most of the time :P). I definitely didn’t try to do everything or explore really and I most definitely did not try to think outside the box with the games I was playing. The Sims changed all of that for me.

The Sims was the first time that I dumped hours and hours into a game. It was the first time I messed around with mods and custom content. This game was the first time I no-lifed a game. And that’s a pretty big deal.

I still play every single generation of The Sims to this day. I still play the console games and I own most of the strategy guides for each Sims game. Yes. I am that in love with the games.

One of my favorite things about the Sims is that possibilities are endless. Your Sims can be anyone and do anything. Either with what the games give you or with the help of amazing and detailed mods made by very talented people. You can craft real life people or make up your own people and stories, then play it out. You can be an amateur architect with the build mode of the Sims. If things happen to get too stale for you, many of the game’s fans have created hundreds of challenges that you can do, helping to revive the game.

I love that the game understands that these are stories that you’re creating. There are places within the game to document your story as you create it. I have spent many a time writing out my elaborate stories that I have created just so I can remember what exactly is going on. A lot of the time with the expansion packs, mods and custom content available my imagination is my only limitation.

Its hard to believe that this series has turned 17 years old this month. I have been playing for easily 16 of these 17 years which is even harder to wrap my head around. TO think something that started as a Sims City dollhouse simulator spin-off turned into what it’s become is amazing.

Granted, I will say The Sims series is most definitely not what it used to be. I think The Sims 4 is by far the worst entry in the series. I do still play it regardless but to me, it just seems like the development team spent most of their time on the Create-A-Sim page and then just threw the rest of the game together in a rush which is just sad. I will always play every entry of the game and have the utmost respect for the series but its sad and hard to watch something so loved fall from grace so to speak.

If you guys would like the hear more about some of the things I have done and experienced in The Sims, let me know 😀 What are some of your favorite games? Do you guys like/enjoy The Sims? Why or why not? Let me know!

And until next time, stay classy and sassy ❤



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