Trippin’ with Collinswoah13

Okay, so I know how this post title sounds but, whatever. I don’t even care. I think its still great.

But anyways, welcome back fabulous internet friends!!!

This past weekend I went on a trip. The boyfriend and I went to Indianapolis for a day to help celebrate his birthday weekend. His birthday is today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE! I have been the super obnoxious girlfriend and have wished him happy birthday about 5 million times already. So points to me.

In true nerd or geek fashion, we got some great food, hit up Fry’s (where I purchased an AMAZING monitor), found some fantastic GameCube scores at a local game store and then in less nerdy fashion, took a beautiful walk in downtown Indy.

Insert photo dump here:

And before you ask, yes I took all those pictures. And yes. I am very proud of them and how they turned out.

Now that was just our Friday.

Saturday, we went up to Dayton and went to the Air Force Museum which sadly, museums are just something that neither of us get to go to all that often so it was a nice treat for the both of us. I had forgotten how absolutely phenomenal the entire museum is and my man blew me away which all the knowledge he has about aviation.

After the museum, we got a late lunch at a Nashville hot chicken place called Mike’s Nashville Hot Chicken. Which, let me tell you, IS AMAZING! I highly highly highly recommend going. It’s as close to the real deal as you can get in the North. If you are in the Dayton area, don’t think, just go to Mike’s.

Sunday we didn’t really do much. I had hoped to take a day trip each of the days we had off but Sunday was a much needed lazy day. We got to watch the Daytona 500. If you guys didn’t know (curve ball!) I am a NASCAR fan. Denny Hamlin is my man and I hate Jimmie Johnson. That is all you need to know. 😛

I am beyond thrilled to be able to have gone on these mini trips with my boyfriend and to have celebrated his birthday. It was an amazing weekend and reminded me just how lucky I am, as well as how fantastic of a travel companion and partner he really and truly is.

I only wish I had found more game stores to have gone to 😉

Until Wednesday, stay classy and stay sassy.


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