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Hello my lovelies and welcome back to this wonderful corner of the internet!

Today I am going to talk about my review on PC gaming from a console gamer’s perspective. As y’all have seen and read, I recently got a gaming PC (its a work in progress at the moment though so no spec speak from me. Yet.) and I have been playing a lot of Steam because of that. Well I thought it was about time to give you my review and opinion on all this.

Now I do most of my gaming on consoles of some sort except for the The Sims. I always had a soft spot for that PC game series, which you can read more about here. So ever since the whole “war” (PC vs. console), I was on the console side, and I still am! Don’t worry. But I did/do bounce between Sony and Nintendo on that side but I never was (and I’m still not) a “PC master racer.” Don’t get me wrong, the games can look better and more beautiful on PC but you’re meant to use a mouse and keyboard to really compete on PC and I just find something truly rewarding and almost magical about holding a controller in your hands.

I know this sounds like I’m just crapping all over PC gaming and PC gamers, but I’m really not. I respect them so much. I didn’t understand or realize how much goes in to a PC; all the money, time, research, etc. until I started this process with my boyfriend. It’s a lot of work. With consoles, its simple, it’s already built and decided for you. Just grab, hook up and play. A PC is uniquely you, you’re not gonna find someone with the same parts and components as you which is super cool.

One thing that I prefer about PC gaming over console gaming is the libraries. So many times its been a case of I have to have a certain system or I have to hook the system up to play that specific title. The nice thing about PC gaming is (as long as your PC can handle it) you’re not restricted. You can play pretty much everything.

Also the sheer size of the library is just impressive. Its really catered to everyone. As you guys have been reading in my Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays, I have been craving and playing a lot of point and click adventures. There seems to be an almost never ending supply of those on PC. On console I’d have to deal with what I get or shell out more money to buy more hardware to get more options. Which I have no problem with. I love my game consoles and my game collecting 😉

I am very much still getting used to mouse and keyboard controls when it comes to gaming. Yes, I know I could use a controller but I figured that if I was going to do this then I needed to go all in. But I do have to say I can see the appeal. Especially if you get a good keyboard and mouse that works for you, which thankfully I invested in both of those and love my choices. I am interested in how things will be once I start playing a little bit more competitively instead of just playing my solo games that I have been playing. I know that it will cause more than one rage induced rant and many rage quits.

My loyalty always has and always will be to consoles. BUT I understand and appreciate the “PC master race” side of the argument. There are going to be things that I will prefer to play on PC over console (cough, cough GTA V) but there is just something about console gaming. If you are a console gamer and get the opportunity to give PC gaming a good shot, I highly recommend do just that. Its an amazing platform and has opened my eyes to so many different things and games. I think it also gave me a little bit more of an appreciation for consoles.

Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy ❤


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