More of Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games!

Hello and welcome back my lovelies to this wonderful corner of the internet!

Like I had told you guys before, my off Wednesdays will be spent talking about some of my favorite games. The first part of this series started out with The Sims, which you can catch (if you missed it) right here.

This time I will be talking about Animal Crossing and all the love that I forever will have for this silly little game.

Ironically, following with the trend of games that sound incredibly weird and boring if you explain them to someone else who hasn’t played it, Animal Crossing fits in perfectly. If you haven’t played any of the Animal Crossing games, which you are REALLY missing out if that is the case, the game is one where you are the only human in a world of all cute little critters of all breeds. They each have their own little quirks that are the perfect touch. When moving to the town you become pretty much forever indebted to a little raccoon named Tom Nook. Every time you think you’ve paid off your house forever, you really haven’t because there’s a new expansion which makes your house bigger which means it can hold more pretty pieces of furniture.

Now to pay off your house you have to make money. That is the fun part. And pretty much the entirety of the game. So quick and easy ways to make your money, fish, bug collect, find fossils, help other villagers and sell what you get as a reward, and find money in trees. Yes, find money in trees but don’t get too excited. It’s not much and is not a get rich quick scheme in this game. The thing that I love about the money making ways, in particular the digging for fossils, fishing and bug catching, is that things change as the seasons change. Also you don’t know what exactly is all out there. The fish, fossils and bugs are revealed as you catch them.

Decorating your house can become quite the obsession, at least it is for me. There are different kinds of furniture themes and you can try to collect them all. The trick is, you don’t necessarily know how many pieces of furniture or what all is included in the types. For example, I have learned that there are just what seems like a never ending amount of lovely pieces of furniture (lovely being the theme) but I still try to get them all because it’ll give me bonus points and they’re my favorite. Since I have brought up points, lets talk about that for a minute. So like I said decorating my house has become an obsession for me in this game and that’s partially because of the Happy Home Academy points system. Different games have different rules but the most simplistic explanation for all the games is that you will be awarded points based on how nice your home is. I try (and most of the time fail) at scoring a crazy amount of points. But it doesn’t ever discourage me.

Another super cool thing about Animal Crossing is it’s played in real time so if it’s 10pm when you decide to play, it’ll be 10pm in your game as well, so stores may be closed and villagers may be asleep. Which can be fun but also a pain in the butt. Since it is played in real time that means real holidays occur (and some made just for the game) on specific dates and last all day long so you don’t have to worry about missing it, unless you don’t play that day :D.

I have absolutely loved every single entry into the Animal Crossing library. Each one is unique in their own ways and add an evolution to the series as a whole. Animal Crossing is definitely one of those casual games that you don’t have to be too in to video games as a whole to enjoy and will keep you coming back for more once it’s hooked ya.

What’s your favorite Animal Crossing entry? Who’s your favorite villager? Let me know 😀 Until next time, stay classy and sassy, my friends! ❤


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