Pickup Haul With Collinswoah13

Hello and welcome back my lovelies!!!

Today I have another video game pickup haul for you amazing people!

So here’s the pickups:


So it was a pretty good month. Nothing too crazy, except for my Switch purchase. Since you probably cannot tell the names of the titles of the Switch games, they are 1-2 Switch and Breath of the Wild.

Now it was a very interesting time to get my Switch because Gamestop took forever to actually charge me for my Switch so I was hoping a praying they would forget. I know how silly and unlikely that would be but still. The hope was there. Just so you all know, they DID charge me like they should have and I’m relieved because now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Well, I also ordered my Switch through Gamestop.com which also caused it not to arrive on launch day. Which is fine because I didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money (in my opinion) just to get it on launch day. So it was set to arrive Monday the 6th. With the games. Did that happen? No. The console arrived the 6th. The game arrived the 7th. I. was. not. happy. Now everything is super great and fine so don’t worry. I absolutely love the Switch and will go into that more in my Monday post.

As for my other pickups, I am very happy with them. The ones with the stupid side stickers I happened to pick up in Indy when the boyfriend and I went for his birthday weekend which were over priced BUT I did get a free silver GameCube out of it. Which is obviously not pictured because I am silly and forgot to include it. How did I get a free GameCube you may ask? Well, the wonderful salesman forgot to ring it up. I didn’t realize this until Sunday after we had gotten back to my boyfriend’s place. It kind of hit me all at once with the realization of what had happened. I admit I feel bad because it’s not something I meant to happen. I had been wrapped up in the conversation I was having with my man and didn’t pay close enough attention. I know some of you may think that it’s crazy for me to feel this way but I genuinely wanted/expected to pay for it. It was a small and local game store. I love to support them the best way I know how, buy things, so that they stay in business. But alas, lucky me!

The rest of the games are things that I picked up here and there out of luck. Nothing too too exciting but still it puts me closer and closer to having a complete GameCube collection so it’s exciting to me. Hopefully March brings many good fortunes as the past months! Until Monday, stay classy and sassy y’all. ❤


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