Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hello and welcome back y’all! Today is Wednesday and you know what that means!

Let’s talk about the games that I have been playing recently! Woo!

Okay, so getting away from the exclamation points here, I thankfully have had a little bit more time to play some games. Which is just great for everyone, am I right?

PC: Stacking- I am a HUGE fan of Double Fine. Ever since I stumbled upon Costume Quest, I have been making it my mission to play every single Double Fine game. Stacking is one of their games so I have been playing it. I picked it up a while back on Steam when it was on like MEGA sale so yay! Side note: I am that person that refused to buy any Steam games unless they are on sale. But anyway, this game is so bizarre but great. You play as a little tiny nesting doll in a world of nesting dolls trying to save your siblings from terrible fates. The game is set back in the early 1900s

PC: Sims 4- I have not played this game in SUCH a long time and I have honestly missed it so much. This has been my first time playing it since EA finally added toddlers back in and oh my goodness. It has brought such chaos to my Sim’s house. Especially because my first experience with toddlers is TWINS! I could honestly go on and on all day about my recent time playing the Sims. It was amazing and has reignited my desire to play the Sims like all the time.

PC: Golf With Your Friends- I absolutely love this game. Its buggy as crap but super fun. I really enjoy playing with my boyfriend because its one of the few games we can actually play together and actually challenge each other with. Sometimes I win, sometimes he wins. Its honestly wonderful. I’m glad to see that they’ve made changes to some holes to make them less impossible and stupid. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the candyland levels yet. But so far I’m leaning towards I don’t really like them but then again I need to play them more than once 😀

PC: American Truck Simulator- Just like with Euro Truck Simulator 2, this game is really strangely addicting. I find this game harder and honestly less exciting than Euro Truck Simulator 2. There’s so far less area, less beauty and MORE COPS! Also side note; don’t play this game while drunk/tipsy. Or do. It can be more fun when you do but you will drive terribly and like a drunk. Your cargo and truck will get damaged and you might have to turn around a time or two. Yes, this is from own personal experience. I regret nothing.

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash- Back on the Paper Mario grind! Yeah! I took a break form sheer frustration and I regret that. I missed this game so much and forgot how honestly amazing it really is. I’m making my way to the blue mega paint star so that’s exciting. I have defeated a Wizard thing from one of the RoShamBo temples. Lots of color has been restored. I have kicked the butts of lots of enemies and taken only some of their names. It’s just been all around good fun. I’m determined to finish this game soon. But then the post game depression will set in… So there’s a catch 22 here. Power through or hold back a little? We shall see what I decide!

Switch: Breath of the Wild- So I haven’t played too much of this. I know, I’m terrible. I have a good reason. I want to finish Paper Mario before I lose my life to this game. I find it absolutely breath taking and just amazing. I can’t wait to see more of it and figure out if this ignites a love and need to play all things Zelda or not. So lots more to come on this one 😛

So what have you guys been playing lately? What have you been wanting to play but haven’t yet? What do you think of these games? Let me know!

Until Friday, stay classy and stay sassy lovelies! ❤



2 thoughts on “Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

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  1. When my cousin stopped by we played some Gears of War 4. Its still good but not too many people play it. I have been curious about those Truck Simulator games. Probs pick one up next steam sale. haha


    1. That sounds like lots of fun! I’m glad you got to play with your cousin. When I get to game with mine (which is rarely anymore) it’s some of my favorite times. But I think you should go for Euro truck over American truck if you do it!


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