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Hello and welcome my internet friends!

Today is yet another day that I ramble unabashedly about my love for yet another series. This time its Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing and frustrating series. It’s amazing because it has married two fantastic casts of characters; Disney and Final Fantasy. As a kid this game always caught my eye at the stores but I never saw it drop down from its regular $49.99 price and I didn’t understand why. Until I got my hands on it. I was at that age that I wanted something more serious and harder than the traditional character games but I still wanted my safe characters that I knew and loved. Kingdom Hearts did just that; gave me what I craved while still coddling me somewhat which is the biggest reason why I think the series is amazing. The combat is easy to grasp and the story progresses in difficulty gradually which is helpful. I have played too many games that the difficulty slope isn’t really a slope, it’s more of a cliff which is not very forgiving.

The series as a whole has a great story line (but a complicated one) and that is what brings me to the biggest reason why the series is a frustrating one. The story line. And the amount of games. What other series has like 62 thousand (a slight exaggeration) different games between their main entries into the series? NONE (that I personally know of). Just. Give. Us. Kingdom Hearts 3. I honestly, as a BIG fan of Kingdom Hearts, am not even really sure of everything anymore. It’s just too complicated and confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the amount of games we have all been blessed with but what the heck? Did Kingdom Hearts re:Coded really need to be released?! I honestly could go on and on but I won’t 😛

The Kingdom Hearts series is honestly one of my favorites ever. I really enjoy the fact that everyone has different interpretations of the story. Some people honestly think that Rikku and Sora should be together. I personally am on team Sora and Kiari. I think they belong together and the love he has for her is absolutely amazing and lovely. Other people will disagree with me and that’s okay. It’s the beauty of the story line. It’s so open to interpretation. Kingdom Hearts is the reason why I have such an affinity with the Paopu  fruit and I have no shame that I firmly believe in it. Kingdom Hearts has made me desperately want a daughter one day that I can name Kairi. The series is the reason why I continue to find great story driven games. Kingdom Hearts was the first game that I obsessively played bosses over and over and over again until I beat them. My mind was constantly on it trying to figure out different possibilities to defeat said boss. It was the first game that I wasn’t able to sleep until defeating a particularly difficult (to me) boss.

As you can see the nostalgia is real with this one. No shame.

But the question that everyone will ask and wonder, do I really believe Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming? What I want to say is yes. I wholeheartedly 100% believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out one day. But I don’t think it will anymore honestly. We keep getting side games, updated games, and glimpses at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay but it’s honestly just the same little bit of gameplay over and over again for the most part. That doesn’t give me much hope. Square Enix said it was going to be full steam ahead after Final Fantasy XV came out and now they’re more focused on the re-release of Final Fantasy VII so that really doesn’t help give me hope. I just wish that the series would get the ending it deserved. Not that I honestly want it to end. But it at least deserves an actual ending.

Stay classy and sassy y’all.


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