Creative Writing With Collinswoah13

Hello and welcome back my lovely friends!

Today I am going to be sharing some more writing with you guys. Today’s sharing will be some free writing. Not sure where it’s going to go but here we go:


Funny how they seem to wax and wain,

so quickly,

so easily,

so effortlessly.


One second,

you feel fine.

Great even.

The next you’re the complete opposite.


We try and hold on to the good.

Try and push away the bad.

Never do we see any real beauty in either.

Until it’s gone.




Well. Apparently as you can see poetry was what happened to come out. It’s amazing how healing, freeing and lovely writing can be for body, mind, and soul. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I personally don’t usually do free writing and sharing. I haven’t actually done any since college. It’s days like today that are the hardest for me. I don’t want to do anything. I want to curl up in my ball and hide from the world in my safe little cocoon and just push everything out and away. But I can’t always do that. Which is why I push forward and keep on keeping on.

Have a great weekend guys, can’t wait to post to you on Monday ❤

Stay classy and sassy.



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