Con Life with Collinswoah13

Hello and welcome back my wonderful little pretties of the internet!

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending Animatic Con in Blue Ash, Ohio. This con is just a wee little babe as this year was only it’s second year of existence. So it was quite an intimate con. Definitely the smallest and youngest con I have ever been to.

I did not know what I was going to get from this con as it is new and in Blue Ash of all random places. What I did know was it fit in my schedule of cons (if you didn’t know this year, 2017, is the year of the cons for me) and that upon research it supported a fantastic cause. Animatic con is very supportive of people with disabilities and works hand-in-hand with an Autism charity, giving half of their proceeds from badge sales to the charity. For those who do not know, I actually used to work with children on the spectrum at two of my previous jobs so it is something that is near and dear to my heart so I didn’t care if the con ended up being a dud or whatever, I knew I wanted to purchase a full weekend pass at full price to help out the most I could as a con goer 😉

To be completely honest when Mathew (the mysterious boyfriend now has an official name!) and I arrived at the con and popped on over to registration to get our badges, it was a bit of a mess. No one acknowledged us when we arrived, it was a cluster of people and no help or indication of where to go. We got through it though, grabbed our passes and were cruising around to see what was what and what was where. Unfortunately the way that the Crowne Plaza is set up is a little awkward for an anime convention but they really did make it work with what they had. I just wish that everyone had a bit more space for more cosplayers and a bigger artist alley. But hey, those are hopes and dreams for the con as it grows. Which it will.

I have to rave on and on about the artists alley and the cosplayers that had booths. Amazing job. I wanted (and did) throw my monies at these people. It was great that they had such an array of people and products there. It wasn’t just a lot of the same. Almost every single booth was different from the last which I think (and hope) helped out the artists quite a bit. Such amazing talent. The dealers room was a bit lack luster. I say this just because it was a small space and the first thing you see when walking in to the dealers room is tables that are empty advertising for other cons. It just made the set up feel empty and lacking. I’m all for promotion of other cons but when you have a dealers room as small as this, I feel that the other con advertising would be best suited elsewhere. But that’s just me and I do not run a con. I did think that the products offered in the dealers room where good. It felt a lot like artists alley, each table was unique in what they were offering. I also felt better about handing over my money to these people as they were quite welcoming and friendly rather than your typical dealers room. Which isn’t the fault of the typical dealers rooms, they have more people to move through and have to be quick and can’t give you undivided attention. It was just a nice change of pace at Animatic Con.

Most of the panels at Animatic Con were not the best sadly. The content was lacking it seemed and VERY niche-y. The exception to this would be the guest panels. Now here is the moment of the blog where I will nerd out completely and just rave and rave and rave and nothing will stop me. I hope you. are. ready.

I had the great opportunity and pleasure of meeting and experiencing Mikey Mason. If you know who this man is then, you are the best person there is and GOOD JOB YOU! If you don’t, I highly recommend consuming everything he has to offer. He is a musical performer and comedian and I just fell in love with him and his talent. He is absolutely hilarious. He music is great. It’s total nerd/geek music. What is there not to love? And he’s got a good voice and sound. Ah-mazing. It didn’t help that I got ballsy and volunteered to have him serenade me on stage. Yes, Mathew was watching and aware the entire time guys. It’s all good. 😛


But, Mikey put on three concerts and had a comedy panel over the course of the three day weekend. I personally was able to attend two of the three concerts and the comedy show. Dude is hilarious. He makes call backs every show and it’s great. He really plays off of the audience and has relatable content. Very relatable. He’s very friendly, personable and has a personality that just draws you in. If you guys get anything from this blog post today, I hope it’s him. Just check him out. You will NOT regret it.


I do have to say this has probably been my best con experience to date. It’s the smallest and newest con I have ever attended but the friendliest. I felt like I really was able to make friends with everyone there. They were all welcoming and inclusive. I was able to meet, talk, enjoy and have beers with both the guests and attendees. Kiddie pool full of beer anyone? And that, made the con for me. The fact that everyone was down to Earth enough to do that and that everyone actually talked. Too often anymore con goers are just keeping to themselves. Not breaking out and making friends. Sticking to your clique and just snapping pictures of cosplayers and doing your own thing. This time was different. It was about coming together and being a community. Being a friend group and that’s important. It’s what I think the nerd, anime and con communities are all about. It seems to have gotten lost in the last couple years but I’m glad it’s not gone forever, just lost it’s way and is coming back.

On that note, thank you Animatic Con. I can’t wait to see what you bring next year and I can’t wait to attend.

Stay classy and sassy until Wednesday y’all. ❤


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