More PC Speak!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and amazing friends!

So remember before when I talked about my experience with PC gaming and how I said that my PC was not done?


The time has come. And it is done.

All done. And I am in love.

So this thing has come together because of some pretty amazing people. First of which is my Dad because without him, I would not have my motherboard. Second of which is my amazing and loving man, Mathew. Both of them worked to piece this thing out and Mathew had the patience to teach me how to put most of this thing together. Because I know I was frustrating with it. But it’s together. And I actually had a hand in it. Which is amazing in itself because of the fact that I have never had a hand in building any of my PCs before. And this is the first PC that I have had since I was ending middle school/my freshman year of high school. And that’s quite a time back.

But let’s get in to the fun things about this PC build. What the heck I actually put in it.

I have an ASUS 270 Maximus motherboard. It’s freaking beautiful. Lights and everything. Like omg.

My CPU is an Intel i-7 7700k.

There is also 16GBs of EVGA super clocked RAM.

Some super pretty purple LED fans.

A hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler.

Corsair 650 watt semi-modular power supply.

500GB M.2 Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

500GB Western Digital hard disk drive.

And the best part; my boyfriend’s old ASUS Strix R9 380 4GB.

And that is my PC.

She’s beautiful and my friend and I am very attached to her already.

Except that graphics card. That WILL be changed. Hopefully in June or July. But it will do it’s job for now. And oh man does it.


Let me know your thoughts and what y’all are rocking! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing weekend! Stay classy and sassy as always ❤


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