Real Life and Fitness Talking

Hello my lovely loves!

Sorry about Wednesday, some talks had to happen concerning some personal things and it just honestly wiped me out emotionally, mentally and physically and put me down for the count.

Today is exciting because I am coming to you guys from Chicago! I am sure you’re saying, hey why you there? Well I’m here because I am attending C2E2. The biggest convention I have ever attending and I can’t be more excited. This is actually the first convention that I had to find somewhere to stay at funny enough. I honestly feel like a kid on Christmas. I couldn’t sleep really at all last night. Partially because the bed at the Air BnB sucks but also because I am just TOO EXCITED!

Just to talk briefly about updating you guys on life and fitness and stuff, pretty much all I have been doing is working. Which sucks. But it’s how I am able to afford to do the things that I do so it can’t be all bad 🙂

With my bits of free time I have been finding myself devouring books and making crafts as well as drawing. What am I going to do with these crafts I’ve been making you ask? I am actually planning on opening up an Etsy shop hopefully sooner rather than later. So please be on the look out for me pimping that out once it goes live. I would love for you guys to take a look at it.

With everything that has been going on family wise, it’s been super hard to say the least. It has tested all of our strengths as a family and as people and I am very proud overall with how my parents and I have all dealt with this time. And Mathew, though he’s not family he has been absolutely amazing and a blessing during all of this. It has definitely been a change and a learning experience but I think we are all coming out on the other side better and stronger.

I think it is honestly interesting how we can change and evolve so much as individual people but when certain things happen it takes us right back to what we used to do and what we have always found comfort in. For me that is books and music. I have always felt a deep connection to both books and music. They have always been comforting to me and been a safe place to “run off to” or express myself with. And right now has been no exception to that. I think I’ll put together a playlist to show you guys some of the music I’ve been listening to and what helps me get through the darker times. Also I most definitely will be talking about the books I have been reading because they have all be AMAZING!

Something that has honestly been just great for me lately, especially with all the has gone on and all that continues to go on is the weather. Spring is finally here and I can’t be happier about it! I have taken advantage on more that one occasion to walk on my lunch break to grab lunch or to take a walk after work and I have love it. I am surrounded by such beautiful places and taking the time to get out and enjoy them while also getting some fitness in is just great. So I am finally back on the fitness track.

Well not with my diet anyways.

I have been trying, somewhat, to eat better and watch how much I eat. But this weekend I’m in Chicago and on vacation. So screw that. I will be eating a lot of good ole Chicago style food.

I honestly can’t wait to tell you guys all about this weekend. I want to hear about your weekend plans too! So tell me!

Stay classy and sassy ❤


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