All About C2E2!

So this past weekend I had the amazing opportunity and pleasure to attend C2E2 in Chicago, IL. If you don’t know what C2E2 is, it is a comic and entertainment expo.

This was my first year to attend. It was also my first BIG con and my first con that I attended in a different state and had to travel for. I thought I came prepared. I didn’t.

Many things played into that fact and I will not go into them all as most of them do not have anything to do with the con itself. And let’s be real. That’s why we are here and reading this post am I right? 😛

My amazing guy, Mathew made the trek to Chicago with me and attended the con with me. Which made it better. If you guys didn’t know (which I’m sure you don’t) I struggle with anxiety on top of my depression struggles. I don’t deal well with large crowds, large gatherings, crowded areas, strangers, etc. So it’s a wonder that I enjoy going to cons so much. Some times are a lot better than others but a calm and friendly face that I can focus on really helps keep the anxiety in check and at bay. Which is what Mathew does all the time for me. And my anxiety was honestly a big issue for me at this con. It made me moody, distant and grumpy at times.

But overall I really loved the con. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

I was a bit disappointed with artist’s alley and the show floor because I expected so many more moments of “Shut up and take my money” and I didn’t get that many of them. Which was just disappointing to me. When attending a con this large I expected to struggle hard with deciding on the items I actually was going to purchase because I would want everything. That sadly didn’t happen as much. Don’t get me wrong, I most definitely bought a lot of things just not as many as I thought that I would. And it quickly became clear, with the sheer size of the show floor that it was one of the main attractions to the con. That and the guests.

The guest list was amazing. So much talent had been invited and attended C2E2 this year and I am beyond blessed and thankful that I was able to go and see so many of these people. These people were just absolutely inspiring to see and had such amazing stories, words of wisdom and views on things. And many of them were just straight up funny.

We had the pleasure of attending the Twisted Toons panel which six voice actors read Back the Future in different voices which had me roaring with laughter the entire time. Wil Wheaton and Zachary Levi were far funnier than I thought they would be and were fantastic entertainers. AJ Mendez Brooks and Evanna Lynch both had their funny moments but I found them to be more inspiring and they just left me in awe.

Also can we just talk about how I MET EVANNA LYNCH?! OH MY GOD. I about cried. Many times. Just ask Mathew. It was kind of ridiculous. I couldn’t handle myself about it.


Every convention has their ups and downs and overall I think this one had a lot of ups but it just took too much to get there. And downtown Chicago is NOT a fun place to be! And for that I enjoyed C2E2 and will cherish my memories there always but I don’t plan on returning. But never say never. We don’t know what the future my hold.

Stay classy and sassy guys 😀


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