Board Games! Tabletop Games! Card Games! Oh my!

As you can tell by the title I will be talking about games! All sorts of games! National tabletop day was this past Saturday so I thought today would be very fitting to tell you guys about my love of all tabletop games and talk a little bit about some of my favorite tabletop games and memories. As well as my National tabletop 2017 scores.

Lately I have been more interested in board games rather than tabletop RPGs or most card games. I think that’s just because I have had a lot more opportunity in the last months to a year to play board games over tabletop RPGs or card games. I personally love Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade but I just don’t have a group or the time to play right now which makes me quite sad. I also haven’t come across a card game that I just have to play all the time. I personally get burnt out on card games fairly quickly. My favorite games at the moment are Betrayal at House on the Hill, Mansions of Madness and Marvel Munchkin. I highly recommend these if you have not already played them. Betrayal and Mansions are more exploring, RPG-ish survival games. No two games will be the same, especially with Betrayal. There are so many different mechanics in both games that I personally don’t think that I will ever get bored with either game. Marvel Munchkin is most definitely my favorite Munchkin that I have played yet. It’s so great because to takes into consideration so many different possibilities in the real world that can affect the game. That and who doesn’t love Marvel?!

Now as for my favorite tabletop memory? That has to do with one of my first games of Dungeons and Dragons that I have ever played. I have only ever played 2nd edition for those of you who are curious. So I was playing with my friends and we all know that there is always that one friend in your group that when playing games just is not the best. And if you have no idea who that one friend is in your group, it’s probably you 😛 Well this particular friend made a very annoying character. His character had high intelligence but very low charisma. So low to the point that this character spoke in third person and pretty much just said his name over and over again. It got real annoying real quick. Our mission during this campaign was to obtain the secret war weapon or rival kingdom was using and bring back to our kingdom for the king to see. This secret weapon happened to be dragons. So great for us who don’t have any riding, flying or dragon skills at all! The super annoying character decided to just run full force and jump on one of the dragons while taking off. His rolls were somehow successful. Until he got about a couple hundred feet into the air on the dragon’s back. His roll wasn’t quite a critical fail but it was close. All the rest of our characters have left this annoying character to fend for himself while we try to actually figure out a plan and execute the mission, or as most of the teenage boys that we were playing with were doing, messing around. As the annoying character fell from high in the sky, he was alone and ignored. It wasn’t until he hit the ground, ironically outside the medical tent that one of the other characters just happened to have been a captured prisoner of war was working in, that anyone cared. That POW happened to just peek his head outside of the medical tent, see it was our annoying companion and just said “oh no, too bad!” and went about his business instead. Leaving our annoying character to die alone. Was this the nice thing to do? No. Was it the right thing to do for our sanity? Yes. It was. And I most definitely would do it again. I laughed so hard during this entire play because it was just too great not to and for that it is one of my favorite gaming experiences.

Now to the even better stuff! What I picked up on National tabletop day 2017. I picked up a bunch of cheap card sleeves for my Munchkin games that are Munchkin themed, a Munchkin coloring book with bonus cards for the game, a Christmas themed Munchkin playing board with again, bonus cards for the game, AssassinCon the board game, Willy Makit card game and Before I Kill You, Mister Spy card game. The great thing, and most exciting thing, about the card games are they are two player! Which means Mathew and I can play all on our own. Since it’s more often than not just the two of us, I am always on the lookout for two player games that we can try out and play together.

What are you favorite tabletops? What did you do for National tabletop day? What are your favorite memories! Tell me! I want to hear all about them all!

Stay classy and sassy my friends ❤


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