Creative Writing!

Hello my lovely and wonderful friends both new and old! I hope you all had a great and amazing weekend. I personally had a decent one. Many ups and downs but decent and that’s the important part.

Today is going to be another creative writing post just like the title says 😉 I love sharing these with you guys and I know you guys enjoy these. Today is something that I wrote on the fly today which happens to be another poem. I sure do seem to be on the poetry roll:


The strongest of emotions we feel.

“What didn’t I do more?”

“I should have known”

“What if I had done this differently?”

Nothing would have changed that outcome.

Beating ourselves up doesn’t help anything.

Yet we still do it.


What happens is unfortunate,





It shapes us.


It makes us



More resilient,

More empathetic.

Our souls shine brighter.


Without regret we wouldn’t be human.


This most definitely is very much a work in progress but I feel like it has good bones and a good structure. The message is there but it needs some fine tuning to get it there. Let me know what you think!

Stay classy and sassy like always, friends ❤


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