Creative Writing!

Hello and welcome!

YAY! Creative writing share time! This is always one of my favorite posts. Surprising that I don’t do it more often…


So today is another start of a story that I have written that is very rough and very much a baby. I am working on nurturing it to see where it may go and all that. So please, if you have any ideas let me know!

On with the writing:

Emily had been in the beautifully and colorfully decorated aquatic inspired pediatrician’s exam room dozens of times before. This time seemed different though, as if everything were covered in a blanket of sheer grey fabric causing the colors to become duller. The yellows didn’t seem as bright, nor the blues or the greens. Emily was curious as to when the pediatrician’s office started to look so depressing. She thought about asking her mom but decided against it. It would just start another argument, and Emily definitely was too tired to use the last of her energy on a petty argument with her mother. She knew her mother wouldn’t stop until Emily gave up and her mother had won.

Emily decided her best bet would be to stare at the plain white clock; at least it wouldn’t be depressing because it had not looked any different. The clock looked the same as it always had. The tick, tick, tick of the second hand somehow soothed Emily. Though she knew nothing of why she was at the doctor’s office today, Emily still felt anxious and nervous about her visit. But then again, that was nothing really new. She constantly felt nervous and anxious. All Emily needed was this visit to be over so that she could go home and lock herself in her room again. Getting away from the rest of the world and being alone is the only thing that Emily really liked to do these days, that way people couldn’t bother her.

Just as Emily focused back on the ticking of the clock the wooden door creaks open and in steps the always happy and ever colorful Dr. Mason, except this time she wasn’t smiling. Emily immediately notices this and her heart starts racing a mile a minute. Shit, she thought, this is serious. Once inside the room, easing the door closed behind her, Dr. Mason gives Emily an empathetic smile and asks, “How have you been feeling Emily?”

Emily looks from Dr. Mason to her mother and notices the concerned look on both of their faces. Emily was immediately taken aback by what Dr. Mason had just asked her and starts questioning herself, do I feel fine? I’m not sick am I? Is there something wrong with me that I’ve overlooked? She waits a moment more before answering Dr. Mason’s question, “I feel fine. I haven’t felt sick at all.”

Emily’s mother starts to open her mouth as if to say something but Dr. Mason beats her to the punch. “Emily, sweetie, your parents are quite worried about you and after what your mother has told me I am a little concerned about you too.” Dr. Mason has been Emily’s doctor for the past twelve years so she had definitely spent a lot of time getting to know Emily and all her issues from being prone to various strange ailments and her never-ending chronic ear problems. The concern Dr. Mason had was not what was making Emily want to jump up and run out of the room, it was this vague circumstance that has brought Emily to the doctor’s office in the first place. At first Emily had been certain it was just a yearly checkup that got her out of her dreaded 8th period class but now she wasn’t so sure.


I hope you all enjoyed it!

I love sharing my writing because I find my writing to be very much a part of me so it’s like I really get to share a part of myself with you guys in a much different way than usual.

Until Friday, stay classy and sassy ❤


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