Hello and welcome back!

So today is Friday. The first Friday that follows the full weekend that I will always have from now on. (As long as I have this job that is.)

So ever since Matsuricon I have been OBSESSED.


With reading manga and watching anime. I know I say this after like every anime convention but this time I’m actually holding up my word!

So what have I been reading manga wise?


Cardcaptor Sakura (full series)

The God’s Lie

School Live! (book one)

Five Centimeters per Second

And what have I been watching anime wise?:

No Game No Life (full series)

Sonic X (three and a half episodes)

Initial D (one episode)

And so far all of them have been great in their own ways.

I’ve been trying to not go with stereotypical “me” animes and mangas and for the most part I think I’ve done a pretty great job. (Minus Sonic X)

I would recommend all of them to either read or watch.

Now I’m not doing my typical, I’m gonna tell you how I felt about them and a little bit about them blog post because I tend to ramble on about my own personal feelings about them a little too much and even I get bored of that.

Instead, I’m gonna go read some manga.

Have a great weekend guys.

Stay classy and sassy ❤




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