Creative Writing

Hello guys! Welcome back!

I’m going to try and do more creative writings for you guys because they are just so much fun. Plus we both seem to enjoy them about the same!

Today I’m going back to the poetry!

This is something I wrote completely on the fly and for this post. So very spur of the moment. I honestly think these end up being some of my best poems, really.

ANYWAY! Let’s get into it:


on those days all I see are dark clouds and gray skies.

It matches my mood.

Will I ever feel the sunshine like I used to?

In my heart and soul? Warming me up inside and out?

Just when I find routine with these feelings, a rainbow appears.

How cliché.

Hope. Color. Warmth. Wonder.

All brought back to me by just one moment.


Well, be sure to let me know what you think. I am honestly surprised with how this turned out. Funny how events really impact your writing. I usually look back at most of my writings and feel the pain and see the sadness throughout the entire piece. This. It’s different.

Stay classy and sassy.



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