Marvelous Monday!

Hello and welcome back my friends!

I trust that you all had wonderful and lovely weekends!

So I don’t think that it’s even fair to continue to call these posts creative writing posts. Not because they’re not creative or writings but because I kind of want to take this blog in a bit of a different direction.

A more of a creative journey.

So today I wrote a poem about a lot of the emotions that I have been feeling with a game I played yesterday, The First Tree, (it’s a great game, check it out, I’ve ALMOST finished it) and just some real shit that I feel for with a good friend.


It’s always most difficult for those of us left behind

How will we go on?

Why didn’t we spend more time with them?

If we had only known…

Loss is a natural part of life.

Every cycle comes to an end.

Some earlier than others

But always too soon for those of us left behind.


One day,

The pain dulls.

It all gets easier to deal with

We cope

We move ahead,


Though we never truly forget that loss.

It’s part of us.

It moves with us.

But always forward.


I’m quite happy with how this turned out. It really shows my feelings and emotions throughout this entire piece. Loss is hard. It sucks. We never know the right things to say or how to even feel. But we always get through it. That’s the important thing to hold on to and know. We always get through it. Life is about moving ahead and moving forward. Whether you want to or not that’s life. That’s how it is. So accept it. Embrace it. Move forward with it. Let go of the things that you did in the past because they’re in the past. Oh man do I need to embrace that one.

Move ahead. Move forward. Keep going.

Stay classy and sassy!




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