Hello guys and welcome back!

It’s Friday the 13th! In October! Oooh. How spooky. 😛

So today, is another super emotional day for me where I’m just sitting here trying to get things out. But I can’t. I don’t want to give the things that terrify me any more power over me than they already do. And I feel like if I write about them in the way that I’m feeling about them right now, I will.

Funny how that is right? Writing is this release to let it all out and make you feel better when the emotions get to be too much but I also find that it’s a super fine line as well. Where writing it down and especially sharing it with others can sometimes make that hold on you stronger and more real.

Which is honestly what I’m trying to avoid. I have worked so incredibly hard to not let the things I fear and I am terrified of take over me. I have worked so hard to have some control over them.

But at the same time, writing about them also gives me the strength and fuels me with anger to not let them have too much control.

I don’t want to run away anymore. But I also don’t want to run around looking for the things that scare me and give me terror. I will face it head on from now on though.

I’m tired of given them power. For now, I have the power.

Stay classy and sassy.




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