Jane Woodsley Returns!

Hello wonderful people! I hope everyone is doing quite well.

So I know that I have not been spending enough time writing lately, especially not enough time writing anything more than poems when my true and real love is writing stories.

I thought I would change that. I have been trying to spend quite a bit of time to find inspiration in things to make the writing easier as well as flow a lot more and I think I found that. Remember my Jane story? The one that I posted about here, here and here? Well I started to work on a follow-up story with her because it felt like her journey wasn’t quite over. I began the story and abandoned it not long after because of school and work and loads of other things. In finding my inspiration for writing I found a prompt that fueled me with inspiration to write more of her story. So I’m going to share with you guys the really rough draft I have written so far for Jane’s next adventure:

Jane Woodsley jolts up in her bed in a cold sweat trying to get away from the dream she just shook herself from. You’re okay, she told herself, it was just a dream. You haven’t seen him in a few months and never will again. Jane got up from her bed and made her way to the kitchen for a glass of water. Though the water helps, Jane still cannot quite get control of her breathing and looks at the clock, its 2:17 a.m., too late to call Amanda to help calm her down, though even if she could call her Amanda’d tell her the same thing she was always telling her lately, that it’s been months since her bad date with Richard, she needs to get over it and move on. She can’t let it haunt her so much. And Amanda was right, she should be over it by now but the date keeps haunting her every few nights and in her dream Jane finds herself on another date with Richard but this time unable to escape him.

Jane makes her way into the living room in search of her afghan that she’s been working on. She finds her work on the end of the couch, right where she left it. Jane curls up on the couch and starts crocheting, focusing on every stitch she makes, hoping it will calm her down. As she ends the gray stripe of what will be her blue and gray chevron afghan Jane lets her mind wonder and soon finds herself day dreaming about dating again. Jane had sworn off dating but after pretty much being holed up in her apartment for the last four months she misses the idea of enjoying dinner and the company of a man.


I’m a little stuck for what exactly should unfold. I don’t want Jane going on another date from Hell with another crazy man because, I’ve already done that. But I would like to see Jane go on some more dates, some bad, some okay and then find a man. Of course Amanda needs to be involved, maybe double date, I don’t know for sure. But I would like to see Richard re-surface. Though the girls got away in Jane’s last story, he’s too crazy and over powering to just be gone. That’s definitely not Richard style.

Who knows. I just am stuck with this right now. The ideas and thoughts are there but to write them out and in story format, they’re not there. I will continue to work on this project with you all as well as my other story I started. I’m excited to see what unfolds and how these stories shape and form for you all.

Any feedback is appreciated!

Stay classy and sassy<3



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