Merry Christmas!

Today is Christmas! Yay!!!!

My family, Mathew and I celebrated yesterday as today we get to drive down to Mathew’s house to celebrate with his family.

I love this time of year but I also dread it.

Christmas is my favorite holiday (just right behind my birthday ;)) because of the feelings, colors, decorations, thought that I get to put into gifts, the music, just all of it. But it’s also a hard time for me as well. With the days being so short the darkness makes it difficult to stay upbeat and happy. Plus I don’t have as many people physically around as I used to, to celebrate with.

I am very happy and blessed with what I have but it’s hard to not think about what isn’t anymore.

Everyone enjoy their day, hug their loved ones and just relax.

Stay classy and sassy<3


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