Hello sweet wonderful creatures reading this! I am Collinswoah13 of Collinswoah’sCorner. But if that’s too much or hard to remember please feel free to call me Shelby. I will respond to either 😉 I am 20-something young nerdy lady living in Ohio and absolutely loving it. Ohio gets far too much hate in my opinion.

I am an avid video gamer and video game collector. I love reading and writing. I have interests in table top gaming and board games. I have a passion for crafting and try to exercise that passion all the time. I like manga, anime and some comics. I thoroughly enjoy attending conventions though I have not cosplayed…yet.  I have recently discovered my like for working out and getting my body into better shape.

Now to talk about the blog some ;P This blog you will be seeing a lot of me and experiencing my world and my story the way that I see it and experience it. I plan on having lots of posts that are related to nerdy things as well as documenting my fitness journey; both the ups and downs. I am also planning on taking you with me on my travels and giving you updates on my more day-to-day life. The important thing is that I want this blog to be more of a dialogue between us. I want to give you what you want and give you less of what you don’t want. So this is just the start of things and let’s see where this journey takes both you and I!


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