Big Announcement!

Hello guys and welcome back!

Today’s post is going to be a short one but hopefully it will not disappoint!!

So what’s my big announcement you ask?

I’m now Twitch streaming!!!


I’m still trying to flush out a schedule for myself but right now I know for sure that I will always be streaming every Saturday starting at 7 PM EST.

These Saturday streams will be a joint effort of both Mathew and I.

We will be doing sometimes saucy Saturdays (okay, the name is definitely a work in progress) One of us will be playing a game while the other reads (never been heard before by the player) fan fiction.

Tomorrow (9/2) will be our first one.

Here, again, is the link to my channel. Come check it out. And once I get things figured out even more I will of course update you guys!

Stay classy and sassy, my lovely friends! ❤