My Reason for Being MIA

Why I’ve Been Gone!

Hey guys, I know I didn’t post at all last week, which is very unlike me. And I have to say I’m really sorry for that. I needed to take some time for myself. I honestly still think I need to take some more time for myself but I’m going to try and balance both posting on here and taking time for myself. We will see how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing too bad has happened. I just have a feeling of being stuck and trapped where I am at and by a lot of different things. Which makes me feel quite down. I know it’s not a bad thing to be at a standstill and to wait but sometimes it just does feel bad. I’m working through being okay with it while also figuring out what all I really want as well as how to go about getting it. And then making sure I stay as close to that path as I can to ensure my success in all ways and all facets of my life.

But back on the up and up! Iย finally put together a Google document of all the GameCube games I still need for those of you interested. It can be found here.

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and magical weekend! Be warriors in all ways, and be kind to one another. And as always stay classy and sassy.


Life Update!

Sharing where I’m at currently in my head and life.

Hello and welcome back to this little corner of the Internet ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s have a little update chat.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on everything; my attitude, my weight, my dreams, my goals, my desires, etc. I want to overall be more positive like I feel that I was last year but it’s honestly difficult. It’s much easier to dwell on the bad and not so good and let that all overshadow the good that happened. Though with my positivity some days are better than others but on those good days I can see the difference in everything. Especially those around me. With being able to actually see the change it definitely helps motivate me to see the silver lining and hold on to the good.

I’m also back at the fitness game. Again. But it’s better to be back at it than not at all. I have been working on being more active every day by either going for a walk or riding the exercise bike that I have access to. I’m thinking this time is going to stick because I’m not doing it alone. Mathew and I are doing it together even when we’re apart. We’re holding each other accountable and making sure we both do something every night before we get to do the more fun things, like game. ๐Ÿ˜› And I’m trying to make this time more fun. When I’m on the exercise bike, I’m watching an anime and I’m limiting myself to only watching that anime while exercising to draw me to workout more often and longer. So far so good! And having a workout buddy is making a huge difference too. I can’t wait to see how this keeps going.

My reflecting has lead me to set some obtainable personal goals to work towards over the next few years as well. I am aย very goal oriented and goal driven person. If I have a goal in front of me, I don’t just want to achieve it, I want to crush it. Setting goals for myself helps remind me I have focus and purpose. It helps me keep my head up and keeps me positive about my future. I want to be successful and the way to success is to set yourself up for success, which is what I am doing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always go my way but I love what I get to do, the people in my life, the rewards, the risks, and myself. I feel very rich every single day in all that I have in my life. The positivity will continue and so will the fitness. Everything else will fall in to play and will happen for a reason.

Stay classy and sassy guys! โค Enjoy your weekend!

Life Update!

Check out what I’ve been up to lately!

Hello all!

So what’s been new with me…

Well first and foremost if you didn’t see my big announcement blog… I opened my Etsy shop! NerdCentral13! Well guys, I SOLD MY FIRST ITEM! I had a lovely lady contact me about making a custom order for her. What was that custom order you ask?! A Lilligant pot. Like the Pokemon! Well I finished her up and shipped her out so take a look!

As you obviously can see, I do take custom orders and I am happy to attempt any and all feats you might request of me!

I also have had the pleasure of seeing some pretty cool places.

First up was Loveland Castle in Loveland, Ohio.

This is where Mathew and I most recently were able to see Mikey Mason perform. Which was amazing. Like always!

Mathew was sweet enough to take us on a little day trip to Louisville for Memorial day, which I picked up A LOT of games if you did not see that, CHECK IT OUT. Don’t worry. I’ll wait… we got to see some amazing views of the city, both fell in love with Louisville. But only at a distance. I will love visiting but do NOT want to move there. It just seemed so empty almost every where we went. It was strange. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures but I did get to enjoy the day with my man and that’s what matters. Some times its better to live in the moment than to document the moment. And it just means we will have to go back just so I can capture some of those magnificent views on camera!

And last but not least, Mathew and I made a trip out to Indy to pick up his mom from the airport and we were able to go a little early and make it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. This was an amazing experience. Not only did we get to check out the museum BUT there was also a couple events going on that day which meant we got to see some cars out on the track. I was just overwhelmed by everything. It was too cool to watch the cars out on the track! They also had an event with Jaguar and Range Rover where they had some really nice Jags that YOU COULD DRIVE! But sadly we didn’t have enough time nor did we have closed toed shoes to do the event.

Mathew and I have been trying to make sure we have at least one adventure a month and I would say we have done a pretty great job at that so far.

I just can’t say enough how lucky am I to have this life. I love what I get to do and experience and I am forever thankful for that. Especially because of who I get to experience these moments with.

Let’s see where the next month or so takes us.

Stay classy and sassy guys โค

Life and Fitness Update

Raw and honest but short and sweet!

So I wanted to give you guys an update on me and let it be a little bit more raw and honest. Not that I’m not usually honest but I’m going to be a little bit more out there than usual.

First and foremost I have been diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder in the past and most recently, post-traumatic stress disorder. Let me tell you, this combination can be really hard at times. And lately it has been extremely difficult. Every single day has been aย struggle lately to get out of bed and to keep going on with my normal tasks like work, conversations with people, leaving the house, etc. Even blogging lately has been hard. Some of the reasons for the spike in symptoms I know and I have been trying to manage but a lot of them I don’t. I have been trying my best to do everything I know of to help keep things somewhat under control. I also am hoping that the more I keep doing these things and powering through normal every day life that this surge in symptoms will pass with time. All I know is right now, every day is hell. But I’m trying my hardest to keep hope up.

Fitness wise I have gotten back into the swing of things, I have been working my butt off to keep active and to be healthier (not food-wise nearly as much though).

I know it’s short but it’s sweet and gets to the point. Today has been a very hard day for me and I thought about not even posting at all but I didn’t want to let any of you guys down.

I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing weekend. Stay classy and sassy. โค

Real Life and Fitness Talking


Hello my lovely loves!

Sorry about Wednesday, some talks had to happen concerning some personal things and it just honestly wiped me out emotionally, mentally and physically and put me down for the count.

Today is exciting because I am coming to you guys from Chicago! I am sure you’re saying, hey why you there? Well I’m here because I am attending C2E2. The biggest convention I have ever attending and I can’t be more excited. This is actually the first convention that I had to find somewhere to stay at funny enough. I honestly feel like a kid on Christmas. I couldn’t sleep really at all last night. Partially because the bed at the Air BnB sucks but also because I am just TOO EXCITED!

Just to talk briefly about updating you guys on life and fitness and stuff, pretty much all I have been doing is working. Which sucks. But it’s how I am able to afford to do the things that I do so it can’t be all bad ๐Ÿ™‚

With my bits of free time I have been finding myself devouring books and making crafts as well as drawing. What am I going to do with these crafts I’ve been making you ask? I am actually planning on opening up an Etsy shop hopefully sooner rather than later. So please be on the look out for me pimping that out once it goes live. I would love for you guys to take a look at it.

With everything that has been going on family wise, it’s been super hard to say the least. It has tested all of our strengths as a family and as people and I am very proud overall with how my parents and I have all dealt with this time. And Mathew, though he’s not family he has been absolutely amazing and a blessing during all of this. It has definitely been a change and a learning experience but I think we are all coming out on the other side better and stronger.

I think it is honestly interesting how we can change and evolve so much as individual people but when certain things happen it takes us right back to what we used to do and what we have always found comfort in. For me that is books and music. I have always felt a deep connection to both books and music. They have always been comforting to me and been a safe place to “run off to” or express myself with. And right now has been no exception to that. I think I’ll put together a playlist to show you guys some of the music I’ve been listening to and what helps me get through the darker times. Also I most definitely will be talking about the books I have been reading because they have all be AMAZING!

Something that has honestly been just great for me lately, especially with all the has gone on and all that continues to go on is the weather. Spring is finally here and I can’t be happier about it! I have taken advantage on more that one occasion to walk on my lunch break to grab lunch or to take a walk after work and I have love it. I am surrounded by such beautiful places and taking the time to get out and enjoy them while also getting some fitness in is just great. So I am finally back on the fitness track.

Well not with my diet anyways.

I have been trying, somewhat, to eat better and watch how much I eat. But this weekend I’m in Chicago and on vacation. So screw that. I will be eating a lot of good ole Chicago style food.

I honestly can’t wait to tell you guys all about this weekend. I want to hear about your weekend plans too! So tell me!

Stay classy and sassy โค

Life Update with Collinswoah13

Where I have been!

Hello and welcome back guys!

As many of you know, my posting schedule is set for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And last week I didn’t post on Wednesday or Friday. And there is a good reason for that.

Following my divorce and moving, I decided it was best to move back in with my parents until things settled down and because quite frankly, I don’t want to live alone. Well my grandmother lives with my parents as well in her own little apartment suite connected to the house. She’s a wonderful lady and is almost 86 and has been super independent and didn’t really need us. Well, sometime Tuesday night she had a major, major stroke. We found her Wednesday morning. It turned my world upside down.

My grandmother is my last living grandparent and I have be rather close to her and her late husband (my grandfather). I took this rather hard. We didn’t know what to expect since we had lots of doctors telling us different things and that we would have a better idea the following day. But one of the doctors basically told us to expect her to be a vegetable and not to make it. That killed me.

The next day, my grandma was doing a lot better. And she’s been slowly but surely making progress every single day. She may have her hard times and darker moments but she’s a miracle.

Over the weekend we were able to move her in to a rehabilitation hospital to help her progress even further. The fact that she has been able to move so quickly and that she is almost 86 is just astounding. There has been a lot of back and forth in which how she’s really doing and if she will be able to come home.

It’s been really hard on my entire family. Very emotionally draining and I have been pretty much out of it since it has happened. Thankfully I have wonderful people surrounding me, especially Mathew, to help get me through this. There are positives in this and that’s all I want to hold on to.

I’m taking things day by day at this point and that’s all I really am able to do. So please bear with me through this difficult time and please pray, send positive thoughts and strength, as well as hope for my grandmother, my family and myself.

Living Life With Collinswoah13

Giving you guys an update on my life!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and beautiful internet friends!

So it’s been awhile since I have had an open conversation about me and my life personally. Let’s change that.

It’s been about a month or so since I last updated you guys and a lot has changed and happened. All have been good or blessings in disguise. The biggest update of them all is that I am finally divorced.

Now I’m sure that a lot of you loyal readers and followers are questioning me. Especially because I gush about my boyfriend ever chance I get. Well that’s a complicated (not really in my opinion) situation. I separated from my ex over a year ago, tried to file for divorce (with not a lot of help from him or anyone), the county I lived in at the time required to have the paperwork approved in order to actually file for divorce. For silly reasons my paperwork kept getting rejected. Then I moved, met my perfect man along the way, and so the divorce process reset with residing in a new county and got put on pause. I had to live in my new county for 90 days in order to be able to file. So I waited and waited and waited then finally got to file (again with no help for anyone which is hard and frustrating). Once I filed I had to wait some more. After almost three month (again) of waiting I finally got my court date. Which was (AGAIN) three months away.

Divorce is not easy or quick. I happened to meet my guy during all the mess when I wasn’t looking but boy am I thankful for that. I don’t know how I would have handled all this without him and for that I am grateful forever.

I’m sure that a lot of you want to tell me you’re sorry but don’t. If you want to say something, please congratulate me instead. I’m honestly thrilled! It’s been a long and hard journey, a hard and very big lesson that I had to go through to learn. But I learned more than I could have ever thought I would about myself. And I’m finally a free (legally) single woman! YES!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Another thing that has taken place in the last month or so is that I got a new (to me) car! Good ole Oliver (that was my previous car’s name, yes I name my cars and pretty much any other technology in my life) was dying. My 2003 Honda Accord EX had been my best friend (yes, legitimately I considered him one of my best friends) for seven years and had 254,000 miles on him. It was time for a new friend.

Cue my intro for my new car. Her name is Vivian. She is a black 2013 Honda CR-V EX with only 54,000 miles, she is a shy girl. I love to give my cars names and personalities as you can see. ๐Ÿ˜› The other amazing thing about her is that ironically a Honda CR-V is my obtainable dream car and here I am at 24 and I own my obtainable dream car. I’m a simple woman when it comes to most cars and dream cars and so here we are. ๐Ÿ˜›

So those are my two big news worthy happenings as well as blessings in disguises. Now on to some more generalities that have been going on.

Lately,ย I have been planning some exciting things to take place but my issue at the moment is both follow through and a lack of motivation. I need to be the change I want to see but I also just want to play around and have fun rather than sit down and get to work which is an issue. I can sit here and point fingers all day at others in my life for not being on me to do things and all that but that wouldn’t be honest. I don’t know what exactly it is but it’s like I’ve lost a bit of my drive somewhere along the way recently. I just know that I really need to find it and get it back. I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do that but I’m going to try. Just like everyone else, I wish there were more hours in the day. It’d make it all easier but I would probably end up still procrastinating and not do what I should be doing.

And while we’re at all the honestly, I might as well give you guys a fitness update. The fitness update isn’t too good looking. I have gained weight and I’m not happy about it. But have I done anything about it? No. Why? Because again, I’m missing that drive and motivation to follow through with it. I honestly think that my next step with this is to try and treat myself almost like a child with it; bribing myself. I really want this to work and maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I won’t know until I try it and I will most definitely keep you guys updated with it.

Overall though I could sit here and grumble and grump about all of the bad but that’s not right. I have a lot of good going on and I need to keep focused on that. The negative things hurt and suck and I’m disappointed with where I’ve let myself get but I just keep telling myself that there’s so much more than that because there really is. Struggling is just part of the journey. It keeps you humble and allows you to enjoy the good that much more in my opinion. Which I have found to be really and honestly true. Just try and remember that next time things do awry.

Stay classy and sassy, loves โค