Short and Sweet Words

Hey guys, like the title says today is going to be a short and sweet post.

I’m in a funk today. Which is totally an okay thing, because you know why? Tomorrow is a new and hopeful day. I don’t know why I’m in a funk, I don’t need a reason, I just am. But I am hopeful for tomorrow and excited for what it may bring.

Even when we have feelings of being down, positivity needs to stay at the back of our minds. I may not always be the best at it but I definitely try my best to hold on to it. And when I let it get just right outside of my grip? I have wonderful people surrounding me to help bring it back.

Basically the point of this is, we all just need to remember to have hope and patience. The rest will fall in to place.

Stay classy and sassy guys ❤


Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday

What I’ve been playing recently!

Hello and welcome back friends! Today is the second installment of Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday! So let’s get right in to it!

PC: Euro Truck Simulator 2- This game is one of those games that if you explain what it is to someone else, it sounds boring and not great. I mean who would want to play a game where they would be a semi truck driver in Europe, delivering freight city to city? Not most people. I thought the idea of this game could go one of two ways for me; be one of the dumbest games I’ve played in a long time, OR be something that I love and slowly let it consume my life. And it has become the latter for me. I have to tell myself no to playing it more often than not when I sign on to Steam. It’s a very relaxing game and just absolutely beautiful as well. And it’s also way more entertaining than I thought it would be. I just must say, this game also reaffirms my terrible parking ability. 😛

PS4: Lego Dimensions- I started playing this with the boyfriend so I have been good and ONLY have been playing with him. Which is most definitely hard sometimes. This game is good just like all the other Lego games before it. But I do have to say it’s a little annoying. I mean HAVING to play as Gandolf, Wildstyle, and Batman. Its great for those who JUST have the base game but I want to be able to swap them out for other characters and not need them. Overall I really enjoy the game and I love the fact that I can play it with my man. I think that fact is what makes it both more enjoyable and slightly less stressful because I don’t have to swap characters as much. So far I enjoy it but it also hasn’t WOW’d me as much as I would have liked it to.

PS4: GTA V Online- I took a longer than I wanted hiatus from this game and oh man. I missed it. I was bless by falling in with an amazing group of gaming buddies and that’s what makes GTA V Online so good in my opinion. People actually work together instead of dealing with the randoms that rage quit halfway through a mission or spam murder you because they can. It’s just so refreshing. And sumo and the races are my favorite parts of online. And sadly my GTA Online character only partially transferred so I’m working hard to buy another Karuma and all the bells and whistles I had on it before.

Xbox One: Forza 5- I just recently got a Xbox One so I could racing games with my dad just like he and I used to when I was a little kid. So naturally I thought about Forza and Xbox One. I forgot how much I actually missed the Xbox One (I unfortunately had my previous one stolen, I know it was quite painful for me too), considering I’m all about the PS4 this gen. The graphics are absolutely amazing and I love the addition of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond in to the game. I also really love the multi-player split view racing. It’s really seamless and easy to follow, unlike other games.

Well those are the games I have been playing within the last two weeks as well as my thoughts on them. What have you been playing? What do you think about these games in your opinions? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, stay classy and sassy 😉

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hi there and welcome back to this fabulous little corner of the internet!! 😀

Today on CollinswoahsCorner I will be starting a little piece called Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays if you could not guess by the title 😉 So this will be a biweekly post y’all can look forward to. It will consist of me discussing what I have been playing and my thoughts on said games.

So let’s get to it!

I have mainly been playing my Wii U and PC with a little bit of 3DS sprinkled in for good measure 😛

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash

This is honestly my first real go at any Paper Mario game since Thousand Year Door (I know, it’s horrible) and I have to say, I LOVE it so far. It’s different yes, but not too different. I really enjoy being able to bring color back to the world and the new combat style. I think it’s great how they incorporated the game pad and the TV with the combat system. I have been enjoying the story line so far and most definitely have gotten a kick out of the humor infused within the game (mostly terrible dad-like jokes but I love those). Now I’m not too terribly far in to the game, I’ve only obtained one giant paint star but I really like it this far in. Almost all of my free time is spent playing this game, almost… 😉

Wii U: Yoshi’s Wooly World

So this game I have been only playing with the boyfriend so far, and as we live in different cities we have only been able to get about half way through the first world. But I have to say IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE! I love that you can play with two people (because we need more co-op games in our lives) and the fact that you can make your cute little Yoshis look like some of your favorite amiibos (yeah, we may have spent like 10-15 minutes JUST doing that). I think the total crafty yarn worlds are just amazing and the fact that you can actually pull strings to unravel certain areas as well as spit yarn balls to craft different things is just unique and fun. Now hopefully I will still feel this way as we continue to play together because I’m sure the frustrating times are still ahead (STOP eating me and making me into a yarn ball babe)!

PC: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest

I am an Adventure Time fan (I mean, how can you not be) and when this game popped up in the Steam store I JUMPED at buying it. I happened to enjoy the bit that I have played of this game so much that I gifted a copy to my guy because everyone needs more Adventure Time in their lives. I will have to say I am a little disappointed in the fact that skill sets aren’t that different between Finn and Jake. I also reallllllly wished this could be co-op so the boyfriend and I could play together. I mean how AWESOME would that be? One of us Finn and the other Jake?! But let’s be real, I’d be Finn. Always.  I am a fan of the enemies (though they can be QUITE annoying) because they’re true to the show. I’m glad to have seen (so far) that they didn’t just make enemies for the game. I also like that you can fall off the level you’re in, yes it is quite annoying, but I really like that you don’t just die. You just fall back to a previous level. Though I’m only one world in, I highly recommend this game to anyone.

PC: Frankenstein: Master Of Death

I picked this up on a whim because it was like less than $2. Thanks Steam sales! So I am big in to mystery games and have been looking for a new one for some time now but I never have been super big in to hidden puzzle click adventures which is kind of what this is. Okay, hear me out here. The redeeming quality to this game is that there is actually a story. And a pretty decent one at that. AND you’re not just doing hidden puzzles the whole time. You’re progressing through the story, through scenes and places while also unlocking areas while doing actual puzzles (and yes some hidden puzzles). For less than $2 I enjoyed a couple hours of entertainment and whetted my appetite for a mystery game. It not super time consuming and its fun. I call this one a win.

3DS: Pokemon Moon

So I haven’t played nearly as much of this as I would have liked to, but there’s always time! I think the dialogue is just funny because it’s over the top (as it should be). I got to pick my starter, Rowlett all the way! And I’ve played around just a little bit. I think it’s nice that they’ve made it a little more user friendly to those that this may be their first game but at times I think they’ve made it a little too dumbed down. I just miss some of the older games with how fighting went. It’s hard to put in to words but I’m sure if you’re a fan of Pokemon you feel it too. I don’t know if it’s an actual thing or if its just a feeling but I FEEL IT. Maybe my thoughts and feelings will change once I play more than about 2 hours of the game but as of right now, this is where I’m at with it.

Well guys that’s what I’ve been playing lately. Let me know what you’ve been playing and your thoughts on these games if you’ve played them yourself!

Until Friday, stay classy and stay sassy 😛

Walkin’ in Memphis

All about my recent trip to Memphis!

Hello all of you wonderful internet beings! Collinswoah13’s back with another great post, this time about my trip to Memphis!


I have been a HUGE Elvis Presley fan ever since I was a little, little girl (thanks Dad!) and Graceland is honestly one of my favorite places in the world. I knew that Graceland gets a beautiful holiday makeover every single year and ever since I found that out AND that they used the decorations that the King himself used when he was alive, so I have been dying to go. Now I have been to Graceland once but it was on a really really hot day in May so no holiday decorations. Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing and beautiful trip and it was my first time going so I loved it, but I NEEDED to see it decorated for the holidays. (Okay, I didn’t NEED to but I definitely felt like I did!) Naturally I told my boyfriend all about the decorations and how much I wanted to go and blah, blah, blah. That wonderful, perfect man of mine actually planned and tried to surprise me (I ruined it but it’s okay! It’s the thought that counts!) with a trip to Memphis and Graceland.

During our trip to Memphis we ate a loooooot of good southern food.  On our way down we stopped in Nashville and got the best hot chicken at Hattie B’s. While in Memphis we were fortunate enough to go to a wonderful place called Dyer’s which is quite famous (thank you Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!), got some fantastic barbeque and gorged ourselves with the always fantastic Zaxby’s (we’re from Ohio so we unfortunately don’t get such a delicacy). Beyond the food my man was able to see one of his old college friends which I was very happy for him to be able to spend time with his pal. And of course me being the lovely girlfriend that I am, I listened intently for some embarrassing and/or funny stories which of course I got 😉

So like my previous post about my video game pick-ups, I did quite a bit of video game hunting in the Memphis area. We were able to hit up every single video game store, that I could find AND that wasn’t a Gamestop, where I was able to make some great additions to my ever growing collection. Game hunting in different cities is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I just find it so exhilarating and fun!

Now on to the best part; Graceland!



I must say even if you are not an Elvis fan, I highly recommend going to Graceland as it is an experience and everyone can have fun. We were able to walk through the entire mansion and see all the decorations for Christmas, visit the family graves, buy too many things at all the gift shops, see some of Elvis’ personal vehicles, see some of his personal items, walk past his planes and see what I consider to be the holy grail of it all; Elvis’ red white and blue eagle jumpsuit that he wore in his Hawaii special.



The trip was short and sweet but it was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I was able to share a place that is very near and dear to my heart as well as a love for something with someone who I love very much.  I was able to spend some quality alone time with my best friend and favorite partner and for that and that alone the trip was perfect.



I hope y’all look forward to hearing about my other upcoming trips but for now stay classy and sassy friends!  🙂

Getting a little personal with Collinswoah13

Doing some reflecting on good ole 2016.

Happy day after Christmas y’all!

Since this entire blog is about me I thought we could get a little personal with one another. Have a sort of conversation if you will.

So 2016 has been an extremely difficult year for me just with all the life changes that have happened. There has been a lot of bad to be frank. A major relationship ending caused my whole world to change in a matter of weeks. I had to get used to being out of college and not having that crutch to fall back on. I also made a major move in my career and moved home which has been difficult to get used to. I had some more relationship problems which turned into even bigger issues. Unfortunately I was robbed by someone I personally knew which just made it feel that much worse. And to top off all the not-so-good, I dealt with the losses of people in my life which hit hard.

Now yeah, this has most definitely sucked and I could sit here and say 2016 has been the worst year in most recent memory but that would be both over-dramatic and untrue.

The first half of the year was my test of my everything and I aced that test. I have personally evolved so much as a human being. I finally fell in love with myself and came to peace with my short comings. I learned to look at things with a positive outlook and practice that most of the time 😉 (we can’t always be positive 100% of the time you know!!) I learned patience and forgiveness with everyone and everything. I most definitely am not perfect with any of these by any means but its a work in progress just like anything worthwhile is.

The second half of the year has had its hardships but has been so much more rewarding and beautiful. I have been blessed by meeting the better than I could have ever asked for man that I am incredibly lucky to call my boyfriend. One of those funny instances of I found him when I wasn’t even looking really for a partner. He’s given me so many experiences that I never would have done if it hadn’t been for him. I honestly could go on and on about this wonderful man but I won’t! I’ll spare you all the mush and gush, for now 😛

During this second half of the year I also have been afforded financial freedom from living at home as well as my new promotion at work, and I have most definitely taken advantage of that. Like you guys, my video game collection has grown so much it’s unreal! But don’t worry I am being responsible and paying off debt as well as saving money 😀

With Christmas just passing I thought it would be a good time to reflect a bit on this past year and share some of that with you guys. Though this year has pushed me to my limits and been very hard, I am proud to say that I have rose above it and came out stronger than before. I might let myself be pulled under by the negativity, which is okay, but coming up for air is both important and necessary. So to end this year and prepare for the next I will quote DJ Khaled, “Another one.” Yes. That’s there to give you a chuckle. But for real, bring it on 2017! You will be great!

As always guys, keep it classy and sassy.