More PC Speak!

Learn more about my PC!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and amazing friends!

So remember before when I talked about my experience with PC gaming and how I said that my PC was not done?


The time has come. And it is done.

All done. And I am in love.

So this thing has come together because of some pretty amazing people. First of which is my Dad because without him, I would not have my motherboard. Second of which is my amazing and loving man, Mathew. Both of them worked to piece this thing out and Mathew had the patience to teach me how to put most of this thing together. Because I know I was frustrating with it. But it’s together. And I actually had a hand in it. Which is amazing in itself because of the fact that I have never had a hand in building any of my PCs before. And this is the first PC that I have had since I was ending middle school/my freshman year of high school. And that’s quite a time back.

But let’s get in to the fun things about this PC build. What the heck I actually put in it.

I have an ASUS 270 Maximus motherboard. It’s freaking beautiful. Lights and everything. Like omg.

My CPU is an Intel i-7 7700k.

There is also 16GBs of EVGA super clocked RAM.

Some super pretty purple LED fans.

A hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler.

Corsair 650 watt semi-modular power supply.

500GB M.2 Samsung 850 EVO SSD.

500GB Western Digital hard disk drive.

And the best part; my boyfriend’s old ASUS Strix R9 380 4GB.

And that is my PC.

She’s beautiful and my friend and I am very attached to her already.

Except that graphics card. That WILL be changed. Hopefully in June or July. But it will do it’s job for now. And oh man does it.


Let me know your thoughts and what y’all are rocking! 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful and amazing weekend! Stay classy and sassy as always ❤


Favorite Games!

Talking about Paper Mario this time!

Hello and welcome my lovely friends!

Thankfully things seemed to have calmed down for me and I’m also starting to feel a lot better mentally and emotionally so let’s get back to our regularly scheduled broadcast shall we?!

Today I will be sharing another game close to my heart and that is Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

This was my first introduction to the Paper Mario series and arguably the best game in the series, so what a game to start up with.

I immediately fell in love with the art design of the game. Especially Paper Princess Peach. How cute is she?! The Thousand-Year Door also happened to be my first turn-based RPG. Funnily enough (seeing how this game is one of my favorites) turn-based games always were unappealing because, to be honest, up until a couple years ago I was a button masher (and I still am at times, no shame :P). So turn-based and me just seemed like the wrong idea. But The Thousand-Year Door just still looked too good to stay away from.

I bought the game and as soon as I got it home and started playing I became completely immersed in it. The tutorial made my introduction to turn-based games incredibly easy and natural. Now this could be nostalgia taking over or the game really is just that good but, the story line for The Thousand-Year Door was the best of the Paper Mario games. None of it seemed forced or really like it went downhill in quality or anything at any point during the game. I think the fact that they changed up the sidekicks of Mario throughout the game helped the story and game play feel fresh.

I did find myself enjoying the battle mechanics quite a lot too. Since things would change somewhat as the story progressed I really feel that it helped keep it exciting. And I mean who wouldn’t enjoy “performing” a battle on a stage for audiences? And you get helped (and hurt) based on your performances?! How cool!

The humor and jokes in this game are terribly great. I personally love dad jokes and bad jokes and groaners (just as Mathew ;)) so this game definitely did not disappoint which is something that i have found to be a nice and comforting constant throughout the series. Just this entry in the series had some of the best lines.

Overall I can’t give this game enough praise. So go out and play it. You won’t be let down. And tell me all about it!

Talk to you all Friday! Stay classy and sassy ❤

Creative Writing

Raw writing

Hello and welcome back.

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to post today because with everything going on lately I just wasn’t feeling it. I also had no idea what to post about because all the posts that I have slated just seemed not real enough right now. I knew that I couldn’t put my heart fully in them and that is not fair to you guys. So instead since I am hurting and rather emotional you guys get more random, on the spot writing. Enjoy this poem:

Let go.

Don’t let anything

or anyone

limit you.

Just do.


Make your own decisions.

Choose your own destiny.

It’s okay.

No one will blame you for what you do.

Or what you choose.

It’s all up to you.


Just keep fighting the good fight guys. Live life. Actually live it. That is the important part I’m learning. Too often we live but don’t actually LIVE. We survive and do the minimum everyday. We don’t actually go out and do or see or experience. Do it. Try something new. Take more leaps.

Just always remember to stay classy and sassy ❤


Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays!

What I have been playing recently!

Welcome and hello friends!

Funny how it’s gotten to be another Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday already! (Especially since I didn’t post it last week! ;))

So these past three weeks I have gotten a fair bit of gaming in. Mostly because it’s been three whole weeks! But it still is never as much as I want to get in. But I feel like even if all I did was eat, sleep, breathe games it still wouldn’t be enough for me.

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash – Surprise, surprise here right? 😛 This game. Oh my goodness. I dread finishing but I am so excited to finish it. It is honestly getting to be a pain in my ass. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love and enjoy the game. But. Yes, there is a but here. I’m starting to understand why there was hate for the game. As the game progressed it just seemed like developers were like, “Oh no, we need to make it more difficult but how?” Instead of focusing on a GREAT story line (don’t worry I do like the story line), they decided to add in upside down worlds, cooking elements and game shows. And honestly, the cooking part of it just made me straight up mad. Ask Mathew. He’ll tell you all about the rage-y messages I sent him while playing this. That moment actually helped pushed me over the soon after edge to rage quit. The fighting Larry on the train and him getting HP fed to him is so frustrating. All of that plus having to wait on a slow Toad to help you make it so Larry wasn’t being fed HP while throwing cards away was too much for me. At that moment. We will see when I cool off enough to pick the game back up. 😉

PC: Golf With Your Friends – This game. Is so great and yet so frustrating. As I have said before, I really enjoy playing it with the boyfriend and just casually talking. But oh my gosh. Some of these levels I swear are made just to make you say all the cuss words in the book! I love this game because it’s different from most mini golf games. Plus I enjoy the challenge (for the most part). It makes me want to be ballsy-ier on certain levels to try and go for that hole in one. Or to kick Mathew’s butt. Either way. It sometimes works out for me. 😀

PC: Sims 4 – I knew it wasn’t a good idea to try to get my sim to have twins on my first go with toddlers. But yet, I did it anyway. Especially on a play through that I have decided to not use cheats on. So what did I do? Hired a nanny. Thank goodness for nannies. They help me keep my toddlers alive, not murder my husband and keep the social worker away. The bigger issue is (or non-issue as I will some times look at it) I knew that when I downloaded the Sims onto this PC that it was going to become my life. Well, as most of it as it can become has. But as much as I just want to go on and on and on about this, I’m not going to. I think I will save some of my crazy Sim times for a different blog post, that should be happening soon 😀

Not too much but I did spend a good chunk of my time on each game so that’s good!

Until next time, stay classy and sassy ❤


Life Update with Collinswoah13

Where I have been!

Hello and welcome back guys!

As many of you know, my posting schedule is set for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And last week I didn’t post on Wednesday or Friday. And there is a good reason for that.

Following my divorce and moving, I decided it was best to move back in with my parents until things settled down and because quite frankly, I don’t want to live alone. Well my grandmother lives with my parents as well in her own little apartment suite connected to the house. She’s a wonderful lady and is almost 86 and has been super independent and didn’t really need us. Well, sometime Tuesday night she had a major, major stroke. We found her Wednesday morning. It turned my world upside down.

My grandmother is my last living grandparent and I have be rather close to her and her late husband (my grandfather). I took this rather hard. We didn’t know what to expect since we had lots of doctors telling us different things and that we would have a better idea the following day. But one of the doctors basically told us to expect her to be a vegetable and not to make it. That killed me.

The next day, my grandma was doing a lot better. And she’s been slowly but surely making progress every single day. She may have her hard times and darker moments but she’s a miracle.

Over the weekend we were able to move her in to a rehabilitation hospital to help her progress even further. The fact that she has been able to move so quickly and that she is almost 86 is just astounding. There has been a lot of back and forth in which how she’s really doing and if she will be able to come home.

It’s been really hard on my entire family. Very emotionally draining and I have been pretty much out of it since it has happened. Thankfully I have wonderful people surrounding me, especially Mathew, to help get me through this. There are positives in this and that’s all I want to hold on to.

I’m taking things day by day at this point and that’s all I really am able to do. So please bear with me through this difficult time and please pray, send positive thoughts and strength, as well as hope for my grandmother, my family and myself.

Con Life with Collinswoah13

My Animatic Con Experience!!!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful little pretties of the internet!

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending Animatic Con in Blue Ash, Ohio. This con is just a wee little babe as this year was only it’s second year of existence. So it was quite an intimate con. Definitely the smallest and youngest con I have ever been to.

I did not know what I was going to get from this con as it is new and in Blue Ash of all random places. What I did know was it fit in my schedule of cons (if you didn’t know this year, 2017, is the year of the cons for me) and that upon research it supported a fantastic cause. Animatic con is very supportive of people with disabilities and works hand-in-hand with an Autism charity, giving half of their proceeds from badge sales to the charity. For those who do not know, I actually used to work with children on the spectrum at two of my previous jobs so it is something that is near and dear to my heart so I didn’t care if the con ended up being a dud or whatever, I knew I wanted to purchase a full weekend pass at full price to help out the most I could as a con goer 😉

To be completely honest when Mathew (the mysterious boyfriend now has an official name!) and I arrived at the con and popped on over to registration to get our badges, it was a bit of a mess. No one acknowledged us when we arrived, it was a cluster of people and no help or indication of where to go. We got through it though, grabbed our passes and were cruising around to see what was what and what was where. Unfortunately the way that the Crowne Plaza is set up is a little awkward for an anime convention but they really did make it work with what they had. I just wish that everyone had a bit more space for more cosplayers and a bigger artist alley. But hey, those are hopes and dreams for the con as it grows. Which it will.

I have to rave on and on about the artists alley and the cosplayers that had booths. Amazing job. I wanted (and did) throw my monies at these people. It was great that they had such an array of people and products there. It wasn’t just a lot of the same. Almost every single booth was different from the last which I think (and hope) helped out the artists quite a bit. Such amazing talent. The dealers room was a bit lack luster. I say this just because it was a small space and the first thing you see when walking in to the dealers room is tables that are empty advertising for other cons. It just made the set up feel empty and lacking. I’m all for promotion of other cons but when you have a dealers room as small as this, I feel that the other con advertising would be best suited elsewhere. But that’s just me and I do not run a con. I did think that the products offered in the dealers room where good. It felt a lot like artists alley, each table was unique in what they were offering. I also felt better about handing over my money to these people as they were quite welcoming and friendly rather than your typical dealers room. Which isn’t the fault of the typical dealers rooms, they have more people to move through and have to be quick and can’t give you undivided attention. It was just a nice change of pace at Animatic Con.

Most of the panels at Animatic Con were not the best sadly. The content was lacking it seemed and VERY niche-y. The exception to this would be the guest panels. Now here is the moment of the blog where I will nerd out completely and just rave and rave and rave and nothing will stop me. I hope you. are. ready.

I had the great opportunity and pleasure of meeting and experiencing Mikey Mason. If you know who this man is then, you are the best person there is and GOOD JOB YOU! If you don’t, I highly recommend consuming everything he has to offer. He is a musical performer and comedian and I just fell in love with him and his talent. He is absolutely hilarious. He music is great. It’s total nerd/geek music. What is there not to love? And he’s got a good voice and sound. Ah-mazing. It didn’t help that I got ballsy and volunteered to have him serenade me on stage. Yes, Mathew was watching and aware the entire time guys. It’s all good. 😛


But, Mikey put on three concerts and had a comedy panel over the course of the three day weekend. I personally was able to attend two of the three concerts and the comedy show. Dude is hilarious. He makes call backs every show and it’s great. He really plays off of the audience and has relatable content. Very relatable. He’s very friendly, personable and has a personality that just draws you in. If you guys get anything from this blog post today, I hope it’s him. Just check him out. You will NOT regret it.


I do have to say this has probably been my best con experience to date. It’s the smallest and newest con I have ever attended but the friendliest. I felt like I really was able to make friends with everyone there. They were all welcoming and inclusive. I was able to meet, talk, enjoy and have beers with both the guests and attendees. Kiddie pool full of beer anyone? And that, made the con for me. The fact that everyone was down to Earth enough to do that and that everyone actually talked. Too often anymore con goers are just keeping to themselves. Not breaking out and making friends. Sticking to your clique and just snapping pictures of cosplayers and doing your own thing. This time was different. It was about coming together and being a community. Being a friend group and that’s important. It’s what I think the nerd, anime and con communities are all about. It seems to have gotten lost in the last couple years but I’m glad it’s not gone forever, just lost it’s way and is coming back.

On that note, thank you Animatic Con. I can’t wait to see what you bring next year and I can’t wait to attend.

Stay classy and sassy until Wednesday y’all. ❤

Creative Writing With Collinswoah13

Hello and welcome back my lovely friends!

Today I am going to be sharing some more writing with you guys. Today’s sharing will be some free writing. Not sure where it’s going to go but here we go:


Funny how they seem to wax and wain,

so quickly,

so easily,

so effortlessly.


One second,

you feel fine.

Great even.

The next you’re the complete opposite.


We try and hold on to the good.

Try and push away the bad.

Never do we see any real beauty in either.

Until it’s gone.




Well. Apparently as you can see poetry was what happened to come out. It’s amazing how healing, freeing and lovely writing can be for body, mind, and soul. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I personally don’t usually do free writing and sharing. I haven’t actually done any since college. It’s days like today that are the hardest for me. I don’t want to do anything. I want to curl up in my ball and hide from the world in my safe little cocoon and just push everything out and away. But I can’t always do that. Which is why I push forward and keep on keeping on.

Have a great weekend guys, can’t wait to post to you on Monday ❤

Stay classy and sassy.