Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games

Revealing yest another favorite, this time Kingdom Hearts!

Hello and welcome my internet friends!

Today is yet another day that I ramble unabashedly about my love for yet another series. This time its Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing and frustrating series. It’s amazing because it has married two fantastic casts of characters; Disney and Final Fantasy. As a kid this game always caught my eye at the stores but I never saw it drop down from its regular $49.99 price and I didn’t understand why. Until I got my hands on it. I was at that age that I wanted something more serious and harder than the traditional character games but I still wanted my safe characters that I knew and loved. Kingdom Hearts did just that; gave me what I craved while still coddling me somewhat which is the biggest reason why I think the series is amazing. The combat is easy to grasp and the story progresses in difficulty gradually which is helpful. I have played too many games that the difficulty slope isn’t really a slope, it’s more of a cliff which is not very forgiving.

The series as a whole has a great story line (but a complicated one) and that is what brings me to the biggest reason why the series is a frustrating one. The story line. And the amount of games. What other series has like 62 thousand (a slight exaggeration) different games between their main entries into the series? NONE (that I personally know of). Just. Give. Us. Kingdom Hearts 3. I honestly, as a BIG fan of Kingdom Hearts, am not even really sure of everything anymore. It’s just too complicated and confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the amount of games we have all been blessed with but what the heck? Did Kingdom Hearts re:Coded really need to be released?! I honestly could go on and on but I won’t 😛

The Kingdom Hearts series is honestly one of my favorites ever. I really enjoy the fact that everyone has different interpretations of the story. Some people honestly think that Rikku and Sora should be together. I personally am on team Sora and Kiari. I think they belong together and the love he has for her is absolutely amazing and lovely. Other people will disagree with me and that’s okay. It’s the beauty of the story line. It’s so open to interpretation. Kingdom Hearts is the reason why I have such an affinity with the Paopu  fruit and I have no shame that I firmly believe in it. Kingdom Hearts has made me desperately want a daughter one day that I can name Kairi. The series is the reason why I continue to find great story driven games. Kingdom Hearts was the first game that I obsessively played bosses over and over and over again until I beat them. My mind was constantly on it trying to figure out different possibilities to defeat said boss. It was the first game that I wasn’t able to sleep until defeating a particularly difficult (to me) boss.

As you can see the nostalgia is real with this one. No shame.

But the question that everyone will ask and wonder, do I really believe Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming? What I want to say is yes. I wholeheartedly 100% believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out one day. But I don’t think it will anymore honestly. We keep getting side games, updated games, and glimpses at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay but it’s honestly just the same little bit of gameplay over and over again for the most part. That doesn’t give me much hope. Square Enix said it was going to be full steam ahead after Final Fantasy XV came out and now they’re more focused on the re-release of Final Fantasy VII so that really doesn’t help give me hope. I just wish that the series would get the ending it deserved. Not that I honestly want it to end. But it at least deserves an actual ending.

Stay classy and sassy y’all.


Living Life With Collinswoah13

Giving you guys an update on my life!

Hello and welcome back my wonderful and beautiful internet friends!

So it’s been awhile since I have had an open conversation about me and my life personally. Let’s change that.

It’s been about a month or so since I last updated you guys and a lot has changed and happened. All have been good or blessings in disguise. The biggest update of them all is that I am finally divorced.

Now I’m sure that a lot of you loyal readers and followers are questioning me. Especially because I gush about my boyfriend ever chance I get. Well that’s a complicated (not really in my opinion) situation. I separated from my ex over a year ago, tried to file for divorce (with not a lot of help from him or anyone), the county I lived in at the time required to have the paperwork approved in order to actually file for divorce. For silly reasons my paperwork kept getting rejected. Then I moved, met my perfect man along the way, and so the divorce process reset with residing in a new county and got put on pause. I had to live in my new county for 90 days in order to be able to file. So I waited and waited and waited then finally got to file (again with no help for anyone which is hard and frustrating). Once I filed I had to wait some more. After almost three month (again) of waiting I finally got my court date. Which was (AGAIN) three months away.

Divorce is not easy or quick. I happened to meet my guy during all the mess when I wasn’t looking but boy am I thankful for that. I don’t know how I would have handled all this without him and for that I am grateful forever.

I’m sure that a lot of you want to tell me you’re sorry but don’t. If you want to say something, please congratulate me instead. I’m honestly thrilled! It’s been a long and hard journey, a hard and very big lesson that I had to go through to learn. But I learned more than I could have ever thought I would about myself. And I’m finally a free (legally) single woman! YES!!! 😀

Another thing that has taken place in the last month or so is that I got a new (to me) car! Good ole Oliver (that was my previous car’s name, yes I name my cars and pretty much any other technology in my life) was dying. My 2003 Honda Accord EX had been my best friend (yes, legitimately I considered him one of my best friends) for seven years and had 254,000 miles on him. It was time for a new friend.

Cue my intro for my new car. Her name is Vivian. She is a black 2013 Honda CR-V EX with only 54,000 miles, she is a shy girl. I love to give my cars names and personalities as you can see. 😛 The other amazing thing about her is that ironically a Honda CR-V is my obtainable dream car and here I am at 24 and I own my obtainable dream car. I’m a simple woman when it comes to most cars and dream cars and so here we are. 😛

So those are my two big news worthy happenings as well as blessings in disguises. Now on to some more generalities that have been going on.

Lately, I have been planning some exciting things to take place but my issue at the moment is both follow through and a lack of motivation. I need to be the change I want to see but I also just want to play around and have fun rather than sit down and get to work which is an issue. I can sit here and point fingers all day at others in my life for not being on me to do things and all that but that wouldn’t be honest. I don’t know what exactly it is but it’s like I’ve lost a bit of my drive somewhere along the way recently. I just know that I really need to find it and get it back. I’m not sure exactly how I am going to do that but I’m going to try. Just like everyone else, I wish there were more hours in the day. It’d make it all easier but I would probably end up still procrastinating and not do what I should be doing.

And while we’re at all the honestly, I might as well give you guys a fitness update. The fitness update isn’t too good looking. I have gained weight and I’m not happy about it. But have I done anything about it? No. Why? Because again, I’m missing that drive and motivation to follow through with it. I honestly think that my next step with this is to try and treat myself almost like a child with it; bribing myself. I really want this to work and maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. I won’t know until I try it and I will most definitely keep you guys updated with it.

Overall though I could sit here and grumble and grump about all of the bad but that’s not right. I have a lot of good going on and I need to keep focused on that. The negative things hurt and suck and I’m disappointed with where I’ve let myself get but I just keep telling myself that there’s so much more than that because there really is. Struggling is just part of the journey. It keeps you humble and allows you to enjoy the good that much more in my opinion. Which I have found to be really and honestly true. Just try and remember that next time things do awry.

Stay classy and sassy, loves ❤

How I Afford my Video Game Hobby

Some tips and best practices for affording video game collecting!

Hello and welcome lovelies!

I thought today would be fun to talk a little bit about some of the things that I do to afford my video game collecting hobby. It might give you collectors or aspiring collectors some ideas on how to afford this hobby!

First and foremost, I set a budget. I determine what I can spend this pay period on game collecting. Sometimes I’m really good at sticking to that. Other times not so much. Which is why I always give myself some wiggle room with the budget I set for myself.

I also coupon in other places in my life to help fund my hobby. I download a lot of the stores apps, have apps downloaded on my web browser, Google things, etc. to find great deals and coupons for my purchases. You’d be surprised at what you can find. The Honey web browser app is amazing. It compares all the coupons codes found online and tests them to help you get the best deal. Also use ebates when you know you’re going to be buying things online. It really works and is great. You actually get money back. It’s sometimes hard to remember to use but it is worth the extra little bit of effort. I also have an app on my phone called Slidejoy which adds ads on my lock screen and I don’t even have to actually read or open the ads themselves. I get money based on how many times I open my phone during a day and once I hit a certain threshold I redeem it for money or gift cards to help me out allowing me to spend more money on games.

Another thing that I do is sell games. But only my doubles. I am guilty of picking up games or friends buy me games to help me out and they happen to be games I already have and from stores that do no returns. So I usually wait until I have a good number and just trade them in somewhere and use that towards a more expensive game I’ve been having my eye on.

I will smartly use my credit cards to rack up cash back points on my everyday purchases. I usually take my saved up points, redeem them for cash and put that back in to my hobby or a big purchase that I need to make. Just make sure you’re careful with you’re credit cards. Its so easy to get out of control. I know this from personal experience. 🙂

One last thing that I will share with you guys is probably the most simple and duh moment. Stay in. Enjoy the games that you have. Watch a movie. Go for a walk at a local park or in your neighborhood. Bake. Just do something free. Bonus points if you finally sit down and read a book you’ve been putting off or play a game that you already have that you’ve always wanted to play. And extra bonus points if it gets you moving or prepares you for the following week. You’d be shocked at how much a weekend in will save you in money. Not that I follow this practice as often as I should. I’m trying to get better at this one 😛

If you guys want more tips and best practices let me know! Let me know yours as well and what you think of these.

Enjoy your weekend friends and like I always say; stay classy and sassy ❤

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hello and welcome back y’all! Today is Wednesday and you know what that means!

Let’s talk about the games that I have been playing recently! Woo!

Okay, so getting away from the exclamation points here, I thankfully have had a little bit more time to play some games. Which is just great for everyone, am I right?

PC: Stacking- I am a HUGE fan of Double Fine. Ever since I stumbled upon Costume Quest, I have been making it my mission to play every single Double Fine game. Stacking is one of their games so I have been playing it. I picked it up a while back on Steam when it was on like MEGA sale so yay! Side note: I am that person that refused to buy any Steam games unless they are on sale. But anyway, this game is so bizarre but great. You play as a little tiny nesting doll in a world of nesting dolls trying to save your siblings from terrible fates. The game is set back in the early 1900s

PC: Sims 4- I have not played this game in SUCH a long time and I have honestly missed it so much. This has been my first time playing it since EA finally added toddlers back in and oh my goodness. It has brought such chaos to my Sim’s house. Especially because my first experience with toddlers is TWINS! I could honestly go on and on all day about my recent time playing the Sims. It was amazing and has reignited my desire to play the Sims like all the time.

PC: Golf With Your Friends- I absolutely love this game. Its buggy as crap but super fun. I really enjoy playing with my boyfriend because its one of the few games we can actually play together and actually challenge each other with. Sometimes I win, sometimes he wins. Its honestly wonderful. I’m glad to see that they’ve made changes to some holes to make them less impossible and stupid. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the candyland levels yet. But so far I’m leaning towards I don’t really like them but then again I need to play them more than once 😀

PC: American Truck Simulator- Just like with Euro Truck Simulator 2, this game is really strangely addicting. I find this game harder and honestly less exciting than Euro Truck Simulator 2. There’s so far less area, less beauty and MORE COPS! Also side note; don’t play this game while drunk/tipsy. Or do. It can be more fun when you do but you will drive terribly and like a drunk. Your cargo and truck will get damaged and you might have to turn around a time or two. Yes, this is from own personal experience. I regret nothing.

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash- Back on the Paper Mario grind! Yeah! I took a break form sheer frustration and I regret that. I missed this game so much and forgot how honestly amazing it really is. I’m making my way to the blue mega paint star so that’s exciting. I have defeated a Wizard thing from one of the RoShamBo temples. Lots of color has been restored. I have kicked the butts of lots of enemies and taken only some of their names. It’s just been all around good fun. I’m determined to finish this game soon. But then the post game depression will set in… So there’s a catch 22 here. Power through or hold back a little? We shall see what I decide!

Switch: Breath of the Wild- So I haven’t played too much of this. I know, I’m terrible. I have a good reason. I want to finish Paper Mario before I lose my life to this game. I find it absolutely breath taking and just amazing. I can’t wait to see more of it and figure out if this ignites a love and need to play all things Zelda or not. So lots more to come on this one 😛

So what have you guys been playing lately? What have you been wanting to play but haven’t yet? What do you think of these games? Let me know!

Until Friday, stay classy and stay sassy lovelies! ❤


Switch Thoughts!

Collinswoah13’s thoughts on the Nintendo Switch!

Hello and welcome back lovely Internet friends!

As I talked about in my pickup haul on Friday, I got a Switch, later thank launch day but I got one!

To tell my tale kind of again, (with many more details added, I promise), I pre-ordered my Switch through This was also my first time pre-ordering anything through I, of course, thought nothing of it after I received my confirmation e-mail stating that I was going to receive my $510 red-blue joy con, five game Switch bundle. That was my first mistake. Only two of the five games I pre-ordered in bundle came out at launch and were shipped to me and because of that I was actually charged full price and charged separately for them. With no explanation or a heads up email. To add to it all, I didn’t receive my games the same day as my Switch. I actually received them the day after I got my Switch. Which is super frustrating. With again, no email letting me know or anything. The thing that made me most annoyed at this all was that everything was slated to arrive 3/6. I purposely didn’t pay the crazy (to me) amount of money for promised in your hands launch day shipping but I did expect it all to arrive the day I was told it would arrive. Or at least an email letting me know it was delayed.

Beyond the annoyance of, let’s actually get in to the Switch itself. First and foremost, I love the packaging. The box was good looking but most of all, it was very collector friendly! I didn’t need to use knives or scissors. I didn’t have to rip or tear a single thing. It’s all still perfectly in tack and sitting very nicely on display on top of one of my bookshelves. 😀

The set up of the console was honestly one of the easiest setups I’ve done in a long time. I’m very glad Nintendo kept it simple and with very little ugly cords. The system itself looks very sleek and simple. I can definitely see myself displaying it a bit more once I am able to get a different entertainment center setup.

I was surprised with how quality the Switch console (the tablet) itself really is. Now keep in mind, I have been very lucky with my Switch as it has had zero problems at this time. And don’t worry, I  was knocking on wood furiously as I wrote this. Another surprise, (good surprise!) was the Joy Cons! They are so light and small but I fell in love with them. They fit so well in my hands and I love to use them without the Joy Con grip controller. And though they feel so light they have more power than I thought. I am however, not a huge fan of the turned on its side Joy Con play when you’re playing two player. It’s awkward and far too small to be comfortable or natural.

As for the gameplay, I very much enjoy it. I have only played 1-2 Switch, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Fast RMX. Zelda is beyond beautiful. And fun. And hard. I say hard because this is my FIRST Zelda game ever. Yeah. You read that correctly. First Zelda game that I’ve ever played. This is because of a lot of different reason but now is neither the time nor the place for that. I am very happy with how the game showcases the hardware’s ability. It’s just too beautiful. As for 1-2 Switch, I am disappointed with it. Not all the games are accessible and I’m not sure how to unlock them. But I’m sure I’ll figure it out in time. The racing game is great. Super hard to control but fun, pretty and great. I love it.

My only dissatisfaction is just like every other Nintendo product at launch, underwhelming and lacking any real punch. There wasn’t enough launch titles. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with Zelda but it almost feels very rushed and not well planned. I know more games are coming out for it soon and I will be much happier when that happens. For now I’m honestly more in to my Wii U and finishing up Paper Mario Color Splash than anything.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Switch. It’s a great idea and great hardware. I am very optimistic for Nintendo and very excited to see what happens with the Switch and where this journey takes us all.

Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy y’all ❤

Pickup Haul With Collinswoah13

Recent Video Game Pickups!

Hello and welcome back my lovelies!!!

Today I have another video game pickup haul for you amazing people!

So here’s the pickups:


So it was a pretty good month. Nothing too crazy, except for my Switch purchase. Since you probably cannot tell the names of the titles of the Switch games, they are 1-2 Switch and Breath of the Wild.

Now it was a very interesting time to get my Switch because Gamestop took forever to actually charge me for my Switch so I was hoping a praying they would forget. I know how silly and unlikely that would be but still. The hope was there. Just so you all know, they DID charge me like they should have and I’m relieved because now I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Well, I also ordered my Switch through which also caused it not to arrive on launch day. Which is fine because I didn’t want to pay a ridiculous amount of money (in my opinion) just to get it on launch day. So it was set to arrive Monday the 6th. With the games. Did that happen? No. The console arrived the 6th. The game arrived the 7th. I. was. not. happy. Now everything is super great and fine so don’t worry. I absolutely love the Switch and will go into that more in my Monday post.

As for my other pickups, I am very happy with them. The ones with the stupid side stickers I happened to pick up in Indy when the boyfriend and I went for his birthday weekend which were over priced BUT I did get a free silver GameCube out of it. Which is obviously not pictured because I am silly and forgot to include it. How did I get a free GameCube you may ask? Well, the wonderful salesman forgot to ring it up. I didn’t realize this until Sunday after we had gotten back to my boyfriend’s place. It kind of hit me all at once with the realization of what had happened. I admit I feel bad because it’s not something I meant to happen. I had been wrapped up in the conversation I was having with my man and didn’t pay close enough attention. I know some of you may think that it’s crazy for me to feel this way but I genuinely wanted/expected to pay for it. It was a small and local game store. I love to support them the best way I know how, buy things, so that they stay in business. But alas, lucky me!

The rest of the games are things that I picked up here and there out of luck. Nothing too too exciting but still it puts me closer and closer to having a complete GameCube collection so it’s exciting to me. Hopefully March brings many good fortunes as the past months! Until Monday, stay classy and sassy y’all. ❤

More of Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games!

Revealing my love for Animal Crossing!

Hello and welcome back my lovelies to this wonderful corner of the internet!

Like I had told you guys before, my off Wednesdays will be spent talking about some of my favorite games. The first part of this series started out with The Sims, which you can catch (if you missed it) right here.

This time I will be talking about Animal Crossing and all the love that I forever will have for this silly little game.

Ironically, following with the trend of games that sound incredibly weird and boring if you explain them to someone else who hasn’t played it, Animal Crossing fits in perfectly. If you haven’t played any of the Animal Crossing games, which you are REALLY missing out if that is the case, the game is one where you are the only human in a world of all cute little critters of all breeds. They each have their own little quirks that are the perfect touch. When moving to the town you become pretty much forever indebted to a little raccoon named Tom Nook. Every time you think you’ve paid off your house forever, you really haven’t because there’s a new expansion which makes your house bigger which means it can hold more pretty pieces of furniture.

Now to pay off your house you have to make money. That is the fun part. And pretty much the entirety of the game. So quick and easy ways to make your money, fish, bug collect, find fossils, help other villagers and sell what you get as a reward, and find money in trees. Yes, find money in trees but don’t get too excited. It’s not much and is not a get rich quick scheme in this game. The thing that I love about the money making ways, in particular the digging for fossils, fishing and bug catching, is that things change as the seasons change. Also you don’t know what exactly is all out there. The fish, fossils and bugs are revealed as you catch them.

Decorating your house can become quite the obsession, at least it is for me. There are different kinds of furniture themes and you can try to collect them all. The trick is, you don’t necessarily know how many pieces of furniture or what all is included in the types. For example, I have learned that there are just what seems like a never ending amount of lovely pieces of furniture (lovely being the theme) but I still try to get them all because it’ll give me bonus points and they’re my favorite. Since I have brought up points, lets talk about that for a minute. So like I said decorating my house has become an obsession for me in this game and that’s partially because of the Happy Home Academy points system. Different games have different rules but the most simplistic explanation for all the games is that you will be awarded points based on how nice your home is. I try (and most of the time fail) at scoring a crazy amount of points. But it doesn’t ever discourage me.

Another super cool thing about Animal Crossing is it’s played in real time so if it’s 10pm when you decide to play, it’ll be 10pm in your game as well, so stores may be closed and villagers may be asleep. Which can be fun but also a pain in the butt. Since it is played in real time that means real holidays occur (and some made just for the game) on specific dates and last all day long so you don’t have to worry about missing it, unless you don’t play that day :D.

I have absolutely loved every single entry into the Animal Crossing library. Each one is unique in their own ways and add an evolution to the series as a whole. Animal Crossing is definitely one of those casual games that you don’t have to be too in to video games as a whole to enjoy and will keep you coming back for more once it’s hooked ya.

What’s your favorite Animal Crossing entry? Who’s your favorite villager? Let me know 😀 Until next time, stay classy and sassy, my friends! ❤