Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday

What I’ve been playing recently!

Hello and welcome back friends! Today is the second installment of Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday! So let’s get right in to it!

PC: Euro Truck Simulator 2- This game is one of those games that if you explain what it is to someone else, it sounds boring and not great. I mean who would want to play a game where they would be a semi truck driver in Europe, delivering freight city to city? Not most people. I thought the idea of this game could go one of two ways for me; be one of the dumbest games I’ve played in a long time, OR be something that I love and slowly let it consume my life. And it has become the latter for me. I have to tell myself no to playing it more often than not when I sign on to Steam. It’s a very relaxing game and just absolutely beautiful as well. And it’s also way more entertaining than I thought it would be. I just must say, this game also reaffirms my terrible parking ability. 😛

PS4: Lego Dimensions- I started playing this with the boyfriend so I have been good and ONLY have been playing with him. Which is most definitely hard sometimes. This game is good just like all the other Lego games before it. But I do have to say it’s a little annoying. I mean HAVING to play as Gandolf, Wildstyle, and Batman. Its great for those who JUST have the base game but I want to be able to swap them out for other characters and not need them. Overall I really enjoy the game and I love the fact that I can play it with my man. I think that fact is what makes it both more enjoyable and slightly less stressful because I don’t have to swap characters as much. So far I enjoy it but it also hasn’t WOW’d me as much as I would have liked it to.

PS4: GTA V Online- I took a longer than I wanted hiatus from this game and oh man. I missed it. I was bless by falling in with an amazing group of gaming buddies and that’s what makes GTA V Online so good in my opinion. People actually work together instead of dealing with the randoms that rage quit halfway through a mission or spam murder you because they can. It’s just so refreshing. And sumo and the races are my favorite parts of online. And sadly my GTA Online character only partially transferred so I’m working hard to buy another Karuma and all the bells and whistles I had on it before.

Xbox One: Forza 5- I just recently got a Xbox One so I could racing games with my dad just like he and I used to when I was a little kid. So naturally I thought about Forza and Xbox One. I forgot how much I actually missed the Xbox One (I unfortunately had my previous one stolen, I know it was quite painful for me too), considering I’m all about the PS4 this gen. The graphics are absolutely amazing and I love the addition of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond in to the game. I also really love the multi-player split view racing. It’s really seamless and easy to follow, unlike other games.

Well those are the games I have been playing within the last two weeks as well as my thoughts on them. What have you been playing? What do you think about these games in your opinions? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, stay classy and sassy 😉


Collinswoah13’s Monthly Favorites!

Going over my favorites for the month of January!

Hello and welcome back beautiful beings of the Internet!

Okay guys, so as the title says I thought it’d be fun to go over some of my favorite things of the month. This way you can get to know me a little bit better and hopefully get some recommendations on things! So let’s get right to it!

Gaming favorites:

Lunar White Xbox One Controller (GameStop exclusive)-okay so this is the controller that I use exclusively for my PC gaming, when I use a controller. This controller just feels like quality without the price of a pro controller. And it looks slick. Its an absolutely beautiful controller and the just added touches to it since it isn’t a first run controller are something that I both love and appreciate.

Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U)– This game. It is by far my favorite game that I have played all month. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to any of you since I raved about it in my Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday post.  I personally have finally started to hit more challenging parts of the game which I am SUPER stoked about. I’m sure you’re like me where you actually want some frustration and difficulty in a game. If I’m just cruising through a game and I’m not getting frustrated either to the point of needing to walk away and think about my particular situation or wanting to rage quit (and sometimes actually rage quitting), then it’s not that truly great of a game in my opinion. So when the going started to get tougher in Paper Mario, I was very excited. Now I am currently stuck in the game and taking a break but it’s still just as fantastic (if not just a bit more) as I thought it was last week.

Frends Headphones-Taylor-As a gift to myself I finally bought some Frends headphones which I had been wanting for a very long time. I opted for the Taylors which are larger and still on the ear fitting. Now these headphones were supposed to be solely for editing, listening to music and things of that nature but I caught myself quite a few times using them while gaming on my laptop. Now this was because of laziness mostly, but I can say I quite enjoy these a bit more than my cat headphones from Brookstone. While those are super cute and great in themselves, the mic is clearer and better on the Frends and they’re just easier to grab and use for PC things rather than grabbing the cat ones that I use for console, party gaming. I highly recommend these, they are pricey and be warned they are heavy headphones but they are SO worth the money!

Television favorites:

Third Rock from the Sun– I watched this show as a kid and have always loved it. I think this show was bizarre in all the right ways and just downright humorous. I have found myself re-watching all six season (currently on season 4, if you were curious), and it has really been my go to show when having any meal and just when I’m in need of a laugh. Thankfully all 6 seasons are on Netflix which makes my life a lot easier than fumbling with DVDs, remembering where I was and watching a full episode before stopping, and etc. If you haven’t seen the show before the cast is amazing! Full of just amazing talent. There are four people that are trying to pose as a regular, suburban family but they’re really aliens from another planet coming to study the human experience and life on Earth. The great thing about this is that these four are experiencing things for the first time so a lot of their reactions are just over the top and funny. If you haven’t seen the show before, give it a try. Its worth your time.

Sword Art Online– I know I talked about this a little in my Currently Watching: Anime! blog post last week but I have to give the dubbed version of Sword Art Online my favorite this month in regards to anime, I thought I really enjoyed the show before in subbed but I just really appreciate the care in the choices for the dubbed voices. They all seem to be very fitting and sound like how I wanted them to sound in a dubbed version before the dubbed version was available to me.

Catfish– Reality TV IS my guilty pleasure. I just love the train wreck that reality TV almost always is and can’t get enough of it. Catfish is one of my biggest guilty pleasures because usually when I start watching it, I CAN’T STOP. It’s just addicting. My heart goes out for these people getting Catfished because love is blind, deaf, and dumb most of the time and sadly some people just have a hard time being honest but I just find that this makes for great TV. I might be slightly terrible but I just love this show. If you haven’t seen it (you’re crazy) and you like reality TV I recommend this show (most, if not all of it, is on Hulu) I do caution you. Be careful. You can lose an entire day just watching this show. And yes, I’ve done that far too often.

Miscellaneous favorites:

Soap & Glory’s the Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser– As a female I like to look nice, keep my skin nice, etc. but I have NO idea what I am doing most of the time and only recently have I been trying to take better care of myself especially when it comes to beauty treatments. I unfortunately suffer from having larger than average pores on my face and I don’t particularly like this fact. I also have combination skin (meaning differently places on my face are oily and other places are dry) so when going to Walgreen’s I happened to see that they carried Soap & Glory products which I have heard good things about (thank YouTube) and decided to look. I stumbled upon this product and decided to try it out and I am so happy that I did. It’s AMAZING. Its super simple to use (simple and easy are things I need) and you can feel it working immediately after use. All you have to do is wash your face with it. That’s it. Afterwards you can feel that your face is actually tighter. And you can see that the pores are smaller and A LOT cleaner. Go. Buy. This.

Pentatonix– I never jumped on the Pentatonix ban wagon until recently and that is only because of the absolutely beautiful version of Jolene that they did with Dolly Parton. The second song of theirs that I heard and LOVE (and still listen to even though it’s not Christmas time) is their version of Mary, Did You Know? which is hauntingly great. I think its interesting because I love Acapella music but stayed away from the Pentatonix because I’m not typically a ban wagoner and I also just don’t want to get caught up in hype and like something just because of that hype. Which I am most definitely guilty for. But I finally discovered the Pentatonix and have been listening to them quite a bit more than I would really like to admit.

The Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott– This book. Is by far, my favorite book I have read this month. So fun little fact about me, I LOVE to read. I am a book snob too. I also like to call myself a book discoverer. I like to explore bookstores, libraries and books themselves to find the hidden gems. I have found some of my all time favorite books from just wondering around and pulling interesting looking spines off the shelf. This book was a little different because I found it rabbit holing on Amazon books. And I’m not disappointed. So this book is of darker subject matter and is a young adult fiction book (two of my favorite things). This book is about a young girl who was kidnapped when she was just 10 years old. She is now 15 and still living with her kidnapper. She tells about her daily life, struggles, and wants/desires throughout the book. The story is told completely in her point of view and broken up in to small, short chapters that really make the story more. The book is a super quick read and just has cliffhangers after cliffhangers. I don’t want to go too in to the book because I really don’t want to ruin ANYTHING. If you’re looking for an actual novel to read, I can’t suggest this one enough.

So pretty much everything that I even remotely like becomes my favorite for some period of time so it was really hard to narrow it down to just these few. I hope y’all enjoyed it. Let me know what were your favorites for the month of January. I’d love some recommendations on things to try, do, play, watch, etc.! Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy my fantastic friends 😉

More of Collinswoah13’s Creative Writing

Sharing some more of my personal writing

Hello and welcome back friends!

Today I am going to share with you some more of my personal creative writing. So back in college (I say this like its been a long time when in reality its only been a year…) I took a short story class which resulted in a short story that I am rather proud of and love very dearly. I thought I would share part of that short story with you today.

Here is part of Tales of a Chronic Crocheter:

Jane Woodsley was rushing around her apartment in a blur trying to find the thing she can never leave home without; her crochet hook. She knew she was already late for her date but she didn’t care. She needed to find her hook before she could leave. Jane never knew when her anxiety would spiral out of control and send her into a panic. Crocheting was the only thing that could really calm her down.

After checking the usual places that Jane would stash her hooks she spied her H hook on top of the microwave. How did it get here? Never mind. I need to get going or Amanda will kill me.

Amanda was Jane’s best friend and had set her up on, what in Amanda’s words, “was going to be absolutely perfect blind date.” This was going to be Jane’s first blind date and she was definitely not exactly excited about it. Jane grabbed her crochet hook and stuffed it in her purse as she made her way out the door.

Jane hopped in her eclectic 1996 gold Toyota Camry and turned the key in the ignition making sure she checked her makeup in the rearview mirror before backing out. Jane had made sure to take the time to put on some eyeliner and mascara and pulled her curly red locks back into a bun. She was finally satisfied that her eyeliner hadn’t smudged she slowly reversed her Camry out onto the road.

Once she had gotten a couple of blocks away from her apartment and made her way towards the Denny’s where she was to meet her date, Jane thought she should call Amanda for some advice on her rapidly approaching date night. On the third ring Amanda picked up, “Jane? What are you doing calling me? Why aren’t you with Richard?”

“Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m running late to Denny’s. Don’t get mad. It’s just that I couldn’t find my crochet hook,” Jane said.

“Jane, give up on the crocheting all the time. Having to take your projects with you everywhere just causes more problems than it fixes. And people think it’s pretty weird. Are you at least close to Denny’s? I don’t need Richard thinking you stood him up or anything.”

“Yes, I’m about ten minutes away right now, don’t worry. I’m nervous though.” Jane cautiously took a left turn onto the freeway near her house. “Tell me everything you know about him so it’s not like he’s a complete stranger when I meet him.”

“Oh Jane, stop. It’s a blind date, you’re not supposed to know everything about him. But fine, he’s really a sweet guy. He hasn’t been on many dates lately. He’s more of an introvert like you. You know, he loves to stay home rather than go out to bars and drink.”

“Amanda, if he hasn’t been on many dates doesn’t that sort of say that he may have a problem or be weird?”

“He doesn’t get out much, so it’s not easy to meet people. You two are a lot alike, that’s why I set you two up. Just relax. But seriously, would I set you up with a total creep? You’re my best friend, Janey; and I would never do anything to hurt you. He’s a nice guy and I really think you two would hit it off.”

“I’m really trusting you here, Amanda.” Jane slowed her speed as she took the off ramp towards the direction of Denny’s. “This just sounds like not the best idea that you’ve had. I’m only going because you begged, and I really don’t want to end up as how you said, ‘a crazy cat lady.’ Now look, I’m almost there, so can you text Richard for me and let him know I’m almost there and super sorry for running so late? I promise I’m just about to get to the light before the parking lot.”

“Yeah, I’ll let him know. But be sure to call me after and give me all the dirty details and don’t you dare try to leave anything out, Jane Woodsley, because I know when you’re lying.”

“Thank you so much, Amanda. You’re the best; and don’t worry I’ll tell you everything.”

Jane ended the phone call as she pulled into the parking lot of Denny’s. She felt a lot better about her date with Richard since she talked to Amanda, not as on edge as before. She knew that Amanda would never purposely put her in a bad situation; and if worse comes to worst, it was just one date. If it were really that bad, all she would have to do was survive the one date and then never speak to Richard again. She found a spot close to the entrance where she pulled in and parked. Jane knew she was running late, so she quickly gathered her purse together making sure to take one last peak in the mirror to double check that her makeup was still perfect and hadn’t smudged. Though it was a first date, Jane didn’t want to make a bad first impression on people.

She took a deep breath and pulled open the door to walk in. As soon as the door opened Jane could hear a customer with his voice raised, “I told you not to bring the salads yet. Why can’t you follow a simple instruction?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but they were up to be brought out; and we have a policy that when food is up to be served, we can’t just let it sit there.”

“I don’t care what your policy is! I told you not to bring them yet. As far as I know, the customer is always right.”

“Let me take these away and go grab a manager for you. It’ll just be a minute. Excuse me,” the server said with an annoyed tone apparent in her voice.

The angry customer seemed to have calmed down and said, “No, that won’t be necessary but if you wouldn’t mind just bringing the salads back out in a little bit that would be great.”

Jane couldn’t believe how anyone could treat another person like that, especially over something that was so trivial like salads. As the chatter in the restaurant seemed to have returned, she made her way further into the restaurant but was stopped by the hostess.

“Hi, welcome to Denny’s. How many for today?”

“Oh, I’m just meeting someone. I was told that he was already here.”

“I’m not sure, but feel free to look around.”

Jane made her way through the dining room looking for a guy who looked like he was waiting for someone. She noticed that as she got further into the restaurant that the other diners were speaking in very hushed tones and looking around at someone. She shrugged it off and kept looking around until she found a man sitting alone. She approached the table slowly just in case it was the wrong one.


I hope y’all enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more of the story in the next installment of Collinswoah13’s creative writing! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below and until next time, stay classy and sassy 🙂

How to Beat the Winter Blues

My best tips and tricks for beating the winter blues!

Hello and welcome back beautiful friends!

So we all know the winter blues are a REAL thing and I personally dread winter just because of the winter blues that always come and try to knock me down. And the rest of winter is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. And in true Collinswoah13 fashion, this will have some nerdy ideas 😉 So let’s get to it!

Tip #1: Color!

Okay, I know it sounds super silly and childish but I’m sure y’all know about adult coloring books. (I personally also love the kids coloring books still). It has been studied in psychological tests that coloring HAS been linked to help stave off and fight depression. So if you’re feeling a bit down lately, get yo self a coloring book and some colored pencils and get yo color on!

Tip #2: Music!

Did you know if you listen to between 5-15 songs a day it has been known to help lift your mood and spirits? So put on your favorite soundtrack from your favorite game or anime or listen to your favorite artist/band and enjoy! PRO-TIP: sing and dance along! It lifts your spirits up even higher and you just have fun! (And think of all those calories you would be burning :P)

Tip #3: Get lost in a game!

Replay one of your favorite games or get lost in a totally new world. Sometimes the best way to fight the winter blues is to escape your own reality for a bit. I do suggest trying not to go too heavy though as this can backfire. (I am talking about you, The Last of Us)

Tip #4: Read!

Whether its a manga or an actual book, read. Same idea as tip #3, get yourself out of your own head and immerse yourself in someone else’s world.

Tip #5: Draw or write!

This is a great time to get those creative juices flowing! Draw some of your favorite characters or write an alternate ending to a game or even write a campaign for a role-playing game to play with your friends (D&D or VTM anyone?) You never know what amazing ideas may come out! And its a great way to work out some of those feelings and emotions.

Well I hope y’all found these tips to be helpful. Let me know what you do to help with your winter blues!

Until Wednesday, friends! Stay classy and sassy 🙂

What I am Currently Watching: Anime!

What I am currently powering through anime edition!

Hello friends!

Keeping with Wednesday’s theme, I thought I would share what anime’s I’ve been watching recently. Going to Ohayocon really put me in the anime watching mood for sure! So let’s get in to it:

Case Closed (subbed):

So I started watching this late last year and just kind of fell off the wagon with it. Which this is not uncommon of me. I absolutely fell in love with the little kids and Conan himself. Its just too cute and I love mysteries. And anime. So it just is perfect for me. I recently picked it back up and have not been disappointed in my decision at all. I now desperately want to get a detective Conan figure because HE’S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I also really enjoy the voices for this show immensely. I think they were perfectly cast.

Sword Art Online (dubbed):

Now I watched the first season Sword Art Online before but I watched the subbed and wanted to try the dubbed. I know that both me and my friends personally usually are the types of people that if we hear one first, we always prefer it that way, whether its subbed or dubbed first we then prefer that version. Now with the dubbed Sword Art Online, I think this may be my only exception to this rule. As much as I LOVE the subbed voices for Kirito especially, I really found myself enjoying the translations and voice actors that were chosen for the dubbed version quite a bit more than the subbed. And who doesn’t want to spend as much time as they can watching the love story between Asuna and Kirito? I personally love their love. #goals 😉

Deadman Wonderland (dubbed):

Okay, so this show. Let me tell you. I REALLY enjoy this show but I have to watch it in very limited sittings and I will happily tell you why. Now I am a weird one. I know, who would have thought it? Well I have this fear and uneasy-ness when it comes to blood. Even fake blood. I just can’t do certain things when it comes to it. If you know anything about Deadman Wonderland then you know they have blood powers. Yuck. Major yuck. Now I think it’s super cool and the show is phenomenal in my opinion but it is SUPER hard for me to sit through with their blood powers. Its silly, I know but I can’t help it! So I seriously only watch an episode here and there but when I do, I get super hyped about the show again 😛


Oh, good ole Pokemon. I have been watching OG with Misty and Brock but I have also been trying to catch X and Y whenever I get a chance because I personally think that is the second best of the series. Say what you want but I really just adore Chespin. I also think the story line is up there with the first season. I just also desperately want to revisit my childhood so that’s also why I’ve been watching Pokemon 😛

So what have you guys been watching? Let me know in the comments 🙂 If you’ve watched these animes what were your thoughts on them? Any recommendations for what I should watch next?

Until next time, stay classy and sassy 😉

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday!

Hi there and welcome back to this fabulous little corner of the internet!! 😀

Today on CollinswoahsCorner I will be starting a little piece called Whatcha Been Playing Wednesdays if you could not guess by the title 😉 So this will be a biweekly post y’all can look forward to. It will consist of me discussing what I have been playing and my thoughts on said games.

So let’s get to it!

I have mainly been playing my Wii U and PC with a little bit of 3DS sprinkled in for good measure 😛

Wii U: Paper Mario Color Splash

This is honestly my first real go at any Paper Mario game since Thousand Year Door (I know, it’s horrible) and I have to say, I LOVE it so far. It’s different yes, but not too different. I really enjoy being able to bring color back to the world and the new combat style. I think it’s great how they incorporated the game pad and the TV with the combat system. I have been enjoying the story line so far and most definitely have gotten a kick out of the humor infused within the game (mostly terrible dad-like jokes but I love those). Now I’m not too terribly far in to the game, I’ve only obtained one giant paint star but I really like it this far in. Almost all of my free time is spent playing this game, almost… 😉

Wii U: Yoshi’s Wooly World

So this game I have been only playing with the boyfriend so far, and as we live in different cities we have only been able to get about half way through the first world. But I have to say IT IS SO FREAKING CUTE! I love that you can play with two people (because we need more co-op games in our lives) and the fact that you can make your cute little Yoshis look like some of your favorite amiibos (yeah, we may have spent like 10-15 minutes JUST doing that). I think the total crafty yarn worlds are just amazing and the fact that you can actually pull strings to unravel certain areas as well as spit yarn balls to craft different things is just unique and fun. Now hopefully I will still feel this way as we continue to play together because I’m sure the frustrating times are still ahead (STOP eating me and making me into a yarn ball babe)!

PC: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest

I am an Adventure Time fan (I mean, how can you not be) and when this game popped up in the Steam store I JUMPED at buying it. I happened to enjoy the bit that I have played of this game so much that I gifted a copy to my guy because everyone needs more Adventure Time in their lives. I will have to say I am a little disappointed in the fact that skill sets aren’t that different between Finn and Jake. I also reallllllly wished this could be co-op so the boyfriend and I could play together. I mean how AWESOME would that be? One of us Finn and the other Jake?! But let’s be real, I’d be Finn. Always.  I am a fan of the enemies (though they can be QUITE annoying) because they’re true to the show. I’m glad to have seen (so far) that they didn’t just make enemies for the game. I also like that you can fall off the level you’re in, yes it is quite annoying, but I really like that you don’t just die. You just fall back to a previous level. Though I’m only one world in, I highly recommend this game to anyone.

PC: Frankenstein: Master Of Death

I picked this up on a whim because it was like less than $2. Thanks Steam sales! So I am big in to mystery games and have been looking for a new one for some time now but I never have been super big in to hidden puzzle click adventures which is kind of what this is. Okay, hear me out here. The redeeming quality to this game is that there is actually a story. And a pretty decent one at that. AND you’re not just doing hidden puzzles the whole time. You’re progressing through the story, through scenes and places while also unlocking areas while doing actual puzzles (and yes some hidden puzzles). For less than $2 I enjoyed a couple hours of entertainment and whetted my appetite for a mystery game. It not super time consuming and its fun. I call this one a win.

3DS: Pokemon Moon

So I haven’t played nearly as much of this as I would have liked to, but there’s always time! I think the dialogue is just funny because it’s over the top (as it should be). I got to pick my starter, Rowlett all the way! And I’ve played around just a little bit. I think it’s nice that they’ve made it a little more user friendly to those that this may be their first game but at times I think they’ve made it a little too dumbed down. I just miss some of the older games with how fighting went. It’s hard to put in to words but I’m sure if you’re a fan of Pokemon you feel it too. I don’t know if it’s an actual thing or if its just a feeling but I FEEL IT. Maybe my thoughts and feelings will change once I play more than about 2 hours of the game but as of right now, this is where I’m at with it.

Well guys that’s what I’ve been playing lately. Let me know what you’ve been playing and your thoughts on these games if you’ve played them yourself!

Until Friday, stay classy and stay sassy 😛

My Trip to Ohayocon 2017

All about my Ohayocon 2017 experience

Hello and welcome back beautiful internet friends!

What a wonderful and hectic weekend it was! So as you can tell by the title Ohayocon 2017 happened! This was my first time actually attending the con, I have gone to Ohayocon one time before (in 2013) but I only visited the dealers room and artist alley. I did not take pictures really and I did not attend any panels. I was super excited to go this year because it would be my first time actually attending the panels and seeing the guests, so fully immersing myself in Ohayocon. This year Ohaycon was also taking place on my birthday so it. was. fate.


I had a wonderful time and got to see a lot of WONDERFUL cosplays. The cosplays were on point this con and I was beyond thrilled to see interpretations on certain characters as well as the throwback things people decided to call back up.


The boyfriend and I spent some time in the board game and video game rooms at Ohayocon this year. Not too much time but enough time to have THE MOST EPIC game of Jenga I have ever played. We also played a flip the table game that was in the rhythm gaming room? I don’t know 100% since I don’t speak Japanese but it is now my life’s quest to own my own table flipping game thing in my house one day. It will be done!


I just also must brag about meeting Rikki Simons because he is just amazing and wonderful. If you guys don’t know who he is, he is the voice of Gir from Invader Zim. I was fortunate enough to attend both of his Gir panels as well as I got both a print and comic autographed by Rikki Simons himself.

I think my favorite panel that I attended at Ohayocon 2017 was most definitely the guest improv panel. It was absolutely hysterical. The guests performing really go in to the improv and the attendees gave some great (but dark) suggestions. Both myself and my boyfriend were doubled over in fits of laughter. I will say I had wished the panel had been an 18+ one just because you could tell the guests struggled to keep it as PG/PG-13 as they could.

The dealers room was absolutely amazing this year. I found so many things that I had either been looking for or did not know I wanted. (And yes, I did spend far too much money!) I was able to pick up some manga I had been hunting for, found some great plushies, stationary, and travel coffee mugs. I think one of my favorite scores in the dealers room was my Asuna body pillow. 😉

Now with good there is unfortunately bad. I have a few things to vent about with Ohaycon 2017. I honestly felt that the panels were really lacking. When I have attend Matsuricon in the past (and yes I know its a different con but at the same location) I found myself overwhelmed with decision making because I wanted to go to all the panels and that of course is not possible. With Ohayocon this year I just felt like it was more of a case of I’m really excited about one or two panels but the rest of my choices were just fill in the time and gaps in my schedule. I also must say that the layout of Ohayocon just wasn’t the best. There were too many gaps and spaces for my taste and having to walk alllllllllll the way to the B-pods was just frustrating. I completely understand that the construction at the Greater Columbus Convention center is not the cons fault but I did think their personal layout choices in the main areas were lackluster and disappointing.


Overall I found the con to be quite enjoyable and I had a wonderful birthday weekend at the con with my friends and man. I most definitely would attend another Ohayocon and I hope next year’s is better than this year’s.

Until Wednesday my cute pals, stay classy and sassy 🙂