What to do When Waiting at a Con

Waiting around at the con for your next panel to start? Here’s some ideas of what to do!

Hello and welcome back friends!

First order of exciting news: IT’S FINALLY MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY yay yay! It’s also the first day of Ohayaocon! More yay!

Now on to the real business. When you’re at a con and you’re waiting for your next panel, event, etc. to start and you’ve already exhausted your time in the dealer’s/vendor’s hall and artist’s alley, what do you do with yourself? Good thing your pal Collinswoah13 has tips for you!

Remember my blog post from Monday? About things to bring with you to the con? If you followed that then you will be in great shape, if not then don’t worry! I still have many great ideas and tips!

Tip #1: Play your 3DS, DS, Vita or PSP (if you have one or brought one). We don’t all get as much gaming time in as we want so down time is the perfect time to log some hours and kill some time!

Tip #2: People watching! I LOVE to people watch. It’s probably one of my favorite ways to kill time. Especially at the con. Watching people interact in the ways that they do is always fascinating to me.

Tip #3: Okay, this is probably my FAVORITE way to pass the time that I’m going to tell y’all about. If you are with a person or a group of people then this will be perfect for you as it requires you to have at least one other person. You also need to have at least one 20 sided die (good thing you’re at a con!) So you and your friend(s) are basically playing an RPG table top game but you are your character and the real world is your campaign. You and your friends roll for initiative and whoever rolls higher goes first. Your stats are based upon you in real life and your personality. You friend(s) all collectively agree on levels of stats for you and each other (that way your head doesn’t get too big haha!) Your friends decide what stat you are testing and they also decide level of difficulty for your roll. If you pass, your friend tells you what you get to do for fun/not embarrassing (ex. asking the cute guy/girl you’ve been eyeing all weekend for a hug). If you fail, your friend tells you what you get to do (ex. asking 3 different strangers of your friend’s choosing if they have any peanut butter). Its almost like a game of dare or dare but nerdy style, the stakes are always higher! This is great to play all con weekend!

Tip #4: Read! Bought a book at the con or brought your own? Your down time is great time to get some reading done! Reading during your down time helps the times pass quicker but also gives you some alone time to help recharge your batteries.

Tip #5: Talk to and meet new people! You’re at a con! Talk to randoms and make new friends! Great ways to break the ice? Sing along time! Give a compliment! Or just butt your way in to an interesting conversation you hear going on.

Tip #6: Explore the video game room, the board game room or reading room (if your con has these things). For the longest time, I was unaware that my cons had these and man are they a great way to kill time and meet new friends! Everyone is super welcoming and nice! I highly recommend it.

So those are my most helpful time killing at the con tips! If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments! If you’re at a con this weekend, have fun and be safe! If you aren’t attending a con this weekend still be safe and have fun. Until next time, stay classy and sassy as always 😉


How to Avoid Con Crud

Tips on avoiding con crud

Hello and welcome back my cute friends! Keeping with this week’s theme of con related posts I’m gonna give y’all some tips on how to avoid con crud!

So if you’ve ever been to a convention of pretty much any kind, you know about con crud (as it has been nicely nicknamed). For those of you who don’t know what con crud is, its the sickness that you usually get at the end of or right after a convention. Which is just THE worst.

Tip #1: Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often! I know that this is a no-brainer but sometimes you just get all caught up in the excitement and forget to do it OFTEN. So this is a helpful and friendly reminder! Also bathe often! A nice hot shower can do the body wonders in making you feel better and helping you get over/keep you from getting sick.

Tip #2: Go out and get some fresh air every once in awhile. You will have some down time at the con so take advantage of it by getting some fresh air and away from all the germs. It will help. But that being said, dress accordingly to the weather!

Tip#3: Remember to eat properly. It might take you away from the con for a bit but keeping yourself properly fed will help keep you from getting both hangry and sick. And like I said in my last post, pack some snacks to bring to the convention! I also suggest packing some healthier choices to keep the body strong and ready to fight.

Tip #4: I know we all love hugs and getting close to others at the con (I am all about that life) but be careful with who you are getting close to. If they look or are acting sick, think twice before approaching!

Tip #5: If you are coming down with something at the con but are “toughing it out,” please do everyone attending a favor by taking medications, drinking plenty of fluids and cough. in. to. your. arm. Also wash your hands/use hand sanitizer regularly. I don’t blame you for still being there but please think about everyone else!

I hope y’all find these tips helpful for your next con-going experience! Free free to add your own tips to avoiding con crud in the comments!

Until Friday, stay classy and sassy! 😉

What you Should be Bringing to a Con

Essential daily con going must haves

Welcome back beautiful internet beings! So today starts an amazing week; not only is it my birthday week but it’s also the week of Ohayocon! For those of you who do not know what Ohayocon is, it’s an amazing anime convention that goes on right here in Columbus, Ohio and I will be attending this year 😀 and I am SO excited for it.

I thought it would be fun to have con-related posts this week to pump up the excitement of the con at the end of the week. And if you guys aren’t gonna trek your way to Ohayocon then 1. you’re missing out and 2. you can apply this to any con you might attend 🙂

So the big thing is what should and shouldn’t you bring to a con? Well typically you’re going to practically living at the convention center where the con takes place for the duration of the event because parking IS NOT cheap! So I highly suggest bringing a backpack and filling it with some goodies, not too many though because you need to make room for your purchases! Which is a good first point, bring a backpack or empty tote bag because not all vendors will have bags for your purchases.

I also suggest bringing some snacks because they’re going to be hard to find and if you do find them they’re going to be outrageously expensive. Also BRING HAND SANITIZER! Trust me, it’ll be a good thing to have. So many germs are spread at conventions and the janitorial staff members aren’t always on top of making sure the bathroom is stocked up on soap. You. Will. Need. It. And you’ll thank me later 😉

Make sure you have your camera or phone! You never know what awesome people with amazing cosplays you will run in to and you will most definitely want to take pictures of them and/or with them. I also suggest bringing your charger and maybe even splurging for a battery pack so you don’t have live next to an outlet. And if you have a Nintendo 3DS THIS IS THE TIME TO BRING IT! Bring a game so you can play in down time but HAVE IT ON! You meet so many people and can complete so many puzzles and play Find Mii that it’ll be a blast.

If you are like me I also suggest to bring a book because there will be down time and you might not always have people to entertain you around, so a book is a great tool to make your down time not nearly as boring.

Now if you guys happen to be at Ohayocon please feel free to come up and say hello if you see me! My name will be Collinswoah13 on my name badge this year 😉 I also will be wearing a birthday girl sash and Hello Kitty tiara all weekend because my b-day is Friday! Hugs are more than happy to be given and I would love to say hello!

Until Wednesday wonderful friends, stay classy and sassy!

Fitness Updatin’ Time!

My first update on my fitness journey!

Okay so like I told y’all in a previous post I would be keeping you guys in the loop of my fitness journey; both the triumphs and tribulations.

Well this update isn’t too much of a positive one.

So we just ended the holiday season and I am one to most definitely give in to the holiday temptations. And just like every other year I did. I wasn’t trying to eat well or watch my calories or say no to what I wanted. I just gave in. Completely. Now that the holidays are over and my birthday is only a week away (YAY BIRTHDAY!). I plan on starting anew on the 16th with my diet.

Exercise however is a different story, I have been trying to remain somewhat active and have adding things in here and there to get myself back up to where I was activity wise but I won’t lie, it’s been hard since I stopped. I have noticed weight gain but not too much thankfully. Though it is just enough to push myself back in to being on the right track.

Things like this can most definitely be discouraging but instead of letting this get me down I’m really just letting this fuel me to be better next time with my choices and to continue to get those numbers down on the scale.

I have been blessed with a tremendous amount of support throughout every avenue in my life and for that I am very thankful. Without my fantastic support system this journey would be a lot harder.

I would like to leave y’all with this, if you have a setback don’t focus on it, just keep pushing forward. Rely a little more on the people around you to push you through it until you find the strength within yourself to get completely back on top. You got this and so do I! If this was an easy journey then everyone would be doing it, no problem.

Until Monday, stay classy and stay sassy 🙂

Walkin’ in Memphis

All about my recent trip to Memphis!

Hello all of you wonderful internet beings! Collinswoah13’s back with another great post, this time about my trip to Memphis!


I have been a HUGE Elvis Presley fan ever since I was a little, little girl (thanks Dad!) and Graceland is honestly one of my favorite places in the world. I knew that Graceland gets a beautiful holiday makeover every single year and ever since I found that out AND that they used the decorations that the King himself used when he was alive, so I have been dying to go. Now I have been to Graceland once but it was on a really really hot day in May so no holiday decorations. Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing and beautiful trip and it was my first time going so I loved it, but I NEEDED to see it decorated for the holidays. (Okay, I didn’t NEED to but I definitely felt like I did!) Naturally I told my boyfriend all about the decorations and how much I wanted to go and blah, blah, blah. That wonderful, perfect man of mine actually planned and tried to surprise me (I ruined it but it’s okay! It’s the thought that counts!) with a trip to Memphis and Graceland.

During our trip to Memphis we ate a loooooot of good southern food.  On our way down we stopped in Nashville and got the best hot chicken at Hattie B’s. While in Memphis we were fortunate enough to go to a wonderful place called Dyer’s which is quite famous (thank you Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!), got some fantastic barbeque and gorged ourselves with the always fantastic Zaxby’s (we’re from Ohio so we unfortunately don’t get such a delicacy). Beyond the food my man was able to see one of his old college friends which I was very happy for him to be able to spend time with his pal. And of course me being the lovely girlfriend that I am, I listened intently for some embarrassing and/or funny stories which of course I got 😉

So like my previous post about my video game pick-ups, I did quite a bit of video game hunting in the Memphis area. We were able to hit up every single video game store, that I could find AND that wasn’t a Gamestop, where I was able to make some great additions to my ever growing collection. Game hunting in different cities is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I just find it so exhilarating and fun!

Now on to the best part; Graceland!



I must say even if you are not an Elvis fan, I highly recommend going to Graceland as it is an experience and everyone can have fun. We were able to walk through the entire mansion and see all the decorations for Christmas, visit the family graves, buy too many things at all the gift shops, see some of Elvis’ personal vehicles, see some of his personal items, walk past his planes and see what I consider to be the holy grail of it all; Elvis’ red white and blue eagle jumpsuit that he wore in his Hawaii special.



The trip was short and sweet but it was everything that I wanted it to be and more. I was able to share a place that is very near and dear to my heart as well as a love for something with someone who I love very much.  I was able to spend some quality alone time with my best friend and favorite partner and for that and that alone the trip was perfect.



I hope y’all look forward to hearing about my other upcoming trips but for now stay classy and sassy friends!  🙂

Video game pickup/haul!

December video game pick ups

The month of December was a very very great month for me in regards to pickups. Now this haul is a combination of a day of game hunting in southern Ohio while visiting the boyfriend as well as what we found in Memphis just this past weekend. And just keep in mind that we’ve established that I am a collector and I am actively trying to obtain a complete GameCube collection so the majority of my pickups have been GameCube. 162



Don’t get my wrong, I love collecting for other systems but my main focus is getting my GameCube collection as close to 100% as possible. As you can tell from the pictures I also picked up quite a few N64 games. All super cheap crappier games but I picked them up because I also am going for a complete N64 collection, not nearly as actively as my GameCube but I’d love to own all 388 games one day. And if you can tell from the prices it was too good to pass up on. I had happened to visit this particular game store while visiting my boyfriend and looking for his Christmas present and sports games are easy to find but not easy to always get so cheap so I jumped on this deal.

So the indigo GameCube in the second picture was probably my biggest score and I am QUITE proud of it. So the boyfriend and I were hitting up a couple game store before we met up with his friend for dinner and stumbled upon that lovely indigo GameCube. Now my original GameCube (which has since gone to console heaven), was a lovely indigo variant. I have wanted another one ever since but they are not nearly as common as I had hoped and I settled one black one instead. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my black GameCube and have decided I would really like to own one of each color of GameCubes so cue indigo GameCube.

While browsing this store I had found some GameCube games and an Xbox 360 game that I didn’t have but also looked good. The great thing about this particular store was that they were having their winter sale which was buy 2 get one 1 on all pre-owned products as long as they weren’t current gen related. So I found some more expensive games and when the employee was looking for one of my games he couldn’t find it. Which totally happens but of course whenever this happens to me its always the game I’m most excited about getting (don’t worry I found it at another store and snagged it real quick!) The great thing about my man is that he is always looking out for me, he may not always know exactly what I’m looking for or what are good prices for things but he always looks for me and he was the one who spotted the indigo GameCube and pointed it out to me. I wait a minute and ask the clerk some questions and he lets me take a look at it. Now this thing desperately needs a deep cleaning and to be loved but it was only $30 and came with an actual Nintendo branded indigo controller. It also works perfectly. But the great thing about this find was they had forgotten to replace the price sticker with one for $55. The gaming Gods were looking out for me on this one. And so was the boyfriend 😉

Now the little green squid amiibo was someone I was also stoked to find and pick up. I also collect amiibos because they’re REALLY addicting to collect and they’re just super adorable. So when the first generation of Splatoon amiibos came out I was only able to pick up Squid Girl and Squid Boy. Separately. So I wasn’t able to get the green squid because he only came out in the three pack which was so hard to get a hold of back then! I was so happy to get my hands on this little guy and for only $10!

The last item in this haul that I am going to single out and talk about is my Harvest Moon Boy & Girl for the PSP. I fell in love with the Harvest Moon series with the Save the Homeland installment on the PS2 many many years ago and since then I’ve wanted to own every. single. installment. Personally the PSP entries are hard to find in the wild. (And I only look for games in the wild). I had passed a couple years ago on this game because of the price and have regretted it ever since. So when I walked in to this particular game store I saw that they had two copies for very different prices. One for $28 and one for $37. Both I thought were a little high. The lower costing one did not include the booklet while the higher costing one did. I immediately knew I was going to buy the high priced one no matter what but I was not happy about the price. I kindly asked the owner of the store if he would be willing to go lower in pricing and we settled on $30 being fair. That man was a peach and helped me out! 🙂

So now I’m sure y’all are curious where this puts me with my collection. Now I still need to catalog everything BUT this puts me at 130 GameCube games so I am 19.66% complete there and I have 38 N64 games which gets me to 9.79% complete. Not too bad considering I more than double my person N64 games and my goal for 2017 is to get my GameCube collection to at least 30%.

Until next time beautiful beings, stay classy and sassy.


Tips of surviving a road trip!

What to bring/do on a road trip to keep from wanting to strangle your road trip mates.

Today the boyfriend and I drove all the way to Memphis from southern Ohio. A nine hour long car trip. We did get stuck in traffic AND we decided to stop in Nashville at THE best place for hot chicken (if you are EVER in Nashville, please do yourself a favor and go to Hattie B’s. You will thank me and it will be worth it)

Now I am lucky enough to have a fantastic road trip partner but others are not always as lucky. And what can you do to keep the trip from getting too boring even if you have great road trip partners? OR WORSE WHAT IF YOU HAVE TO BE A PASSENGER THE ENTIRE RIDE?! The horror. But don’t worry. Collinswoah13 has your back!

My first suggestion is to make sure you bring a book to read and your handheld game system, whatever that may be. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR GAMES! I have to say this because sadly I have been the person to forget more than one game and let me tell you, there is only so much you can take of Animal Crossing on a long road trip.

Next, it’s always nice to make sure you have some music that y’all can jam too. (God I sound old. I promise I’m not old, just uncool.) Now another good suggestion is to bring along an audio book and/or an episodic podcast for when and if the music gets to grind on the nerves of the other car companions.

When all else fails make sure you have read up on some interesting articles like what’s going on in the video game world, such as when games are coming out or have been announced, etc. Or just have your phone handy so you can help the conversation from getting too stale.

This is also a great time to further figure out the vacation plans once you arrive to your destination! Make sure the hype train is real and everyone stays aboard it.  I also like to take the time to pay attention to my surroundings as we pass them and if something is too cool to pass up on and there is extra time then make sure to stop and check it out either on the drive there or on the drive back. I am lucky enough to have the most amazing road trip companion in my boyfriend because he has a fantastic sense of adventure and is down for just about anything. If I get excited enough then he’s more than down and excited as well. Exploring is just half the fun.

I hope these were helpful road trip tips! Let me know what your tips are for keeping a road trip fun and exciting. And as always stay classy and sassy y’all 😀