Lord, Help me…

Blocks suck.

Hello and welcome back guys!

We made it through another week! Woo-hoo. Pats on the back for everyone.

So today, my post is late. Way later than usual. And it sucks.

I have a reason for it being late and that’s because I’m having a creative block. I had a high and I shared that all with you guys and I wanted to do some writing to share with you guys today but everything isn’t to my liking or to at least my willing to share it with you guys standard.

And I’ve been writing a lot today and yesterday.

Blocks suck. But they happen. I just gotta push through it by continuing to write and flush it out and re-work my words and re-organize my ideas and all that.

Now why I’m not sharing some other project is because I haven’t done one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ No drawing or craft because I haven’t had the time. Or rather I haven’t tried to make the time because now my nerves are kicking in and I’m getting scared! Ah! But it’s all about pushing myself through it. I can do it. I mean I’ve done so much that I’ve been absolutely terrified to do this past year so I CAN DO ANYTHING! (That’s me shouting it from the roof tops!)

Basically this is my lame attempt to not leave you guys hanging and to explain why I don’t have a super cool and kind of amazing post today.

Hopefully this weekend will be good for me. I get to spend time with my muse (Mathew). As lame as it is his cute butt inspires me a lot creatively. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

And to say I have a block is a real and true thing. I have struggled so much with just writing this post. OMG. What is going on with me?!

Stay classy and sassy guys!



Trying New Things

Directional shift of the blog!

Hello and welcome back y’all!

Let’s take care of a little bit of business real quick here. So Monday I hit a milestone… 100 POSTS! What?! 100. Posts. Holy crap that is so many. Wow. I can’t believe it. I would have never thought that I would be at this point. Especially because I was terrified to take the leap to start this blog. But I’ve done it. Here we are! And I want to thank you all for it. I couldn’t have done it without your support. You guys reading my content are the reason why I continue to do this. So thank you.

I know that lately I’ve been doing more creative things instead of my “typical” content. To be completely honest I’ve been enjoying it a lot more. It’s been a struggle but in a completely different way rather than what I was doing before. It’s causing my creative juices to flow and to flow a lot more. With that being said I’ve been wanting to try some new things in the creative sense.

I officially want to try to being a creative blogger. I don’t know exactly what that is going to entail but that’s what I want to be. I want to challenge myself creatively. With my writing, my crafts and drawing.

Woah, wait, crafts and drawing?


I want to start drawing more and sharing those with you. Good or bad. Hopefully they’re good. For my sake! Ideally I’d share my drawings and either together or completely me, make a short story or poem or some sort of writing along with it. Or it be stand alone work. These are all just ideas being thrown out here.

As far as crafts go, I’d really enjoy sharing my journey of making things and exploring new crafting types, like crochet, refinishing things, sewing, cross-stitching, etc. It’d be fun. Or terrible. I will be showing my success AND my fails. So be ready for some frustrated posts! ๐Ÿ˜›

What do you guys what to see? What do you suggest I do or try? Like these ideas? (If I hear nothing I will assume you all LOOOOOVE these ideas!)

Stay classy and sassy โค


The Dreaded Day…

Musings about Mondays!

Hello and welcome back!

It’s the start of another week. The dreaded Monday…

Do you guys all dread Mondays? I actually don’t mind them anymore since switching jobs. It’s Sundays that I hate the most. Just because it means the end of the weekend, Mathew goes to work, one of us leaves (depending on who visited who) so I just don’t like them. Nope. Mondays I like though. Call me crazy if you must.

But hey. We all made it through. It’s Monday evening! Ha! Take that Monday!

You ever just think about your dreaded day of the week like some mid-level (or high-level, depending on your impending dread for it) boss? And you are the hero using everything you have in your arsenal to drain the boss and take it down. Like depending on your line of work, those are your weapons. So for me, I work in an office. On the computer all day. My computer skills are like my magic. Correct key strokes are charging up my spell making it stronger and stronger. And once I finish an item? That’s when I deliver my blow. Always causing way less damage than I thought I would. But it never stops me. I keep it up! But doing things like walking away from my desk on non-break times and texting are like the boss’ attacks back. Sometimes my defenses are strong and other times they’re weak. Working with my coworkers to find a solution to a problem (whether mine or someone else’s) is like a co-op moment where I called for help and help came, but only for a brief moment. So I work my way through my day delivering blow after blow slowly chipping away at the boss’ HP hoping I bring it to zero by my work day’s end.

Now that I say this anyone else ever think about your day this way? No? Yeah, me either…

Stay classy and sassy โค

Creative Inspiration

What I do to get in the inspired mindset

Hello and welcome back guys!

It’s Friday! Yay! We’ve made it through another week!

I thought today might be good to talk about creative inspiration and where I seem to find mine.

Almost always my creative inspiration doesn’t come at a good time. Especially my inspiration for writing.

More often than not I tend to get ideas and inspiration when I’m at work. Which gets to be really frustrating at times. In those instances, I keep a notebook near me. I try to write down as much as I can about my ideas without letting it interfere with my work day.

Just in general I try to keep a notepad and pen close by in case something comes to me.

So where do I find my inspiration when I do have time to work on things? It all depends on what kind of mood I’m trying to achieve. I use music playlists, people I surround myself with/reach out to when trying to get into the groove (this sounded dirtier than I intended :P), the physical items around me and I also use my Pinterest boards to inspire me. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes getting out of my typical environment does the trick. What I mean by that is going to a cafรฉ, coffee place, a library, or a park can really do wonders for your work.

I also find that clearing my mind helps get my creative juices flowing. Doing some deep, calming breathing helps me calm down and forget about all my real world stress and problems so I can focus on creating. Sometimes it’s creating new and different problems. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But I also let the real world inspire me. We write and create best with what we know โค

So what do you guys do? When do you find yourself getting most inspired?

Stay classy and sassy ๐Ÿ˜€


Quick short story I wrote!

Hello friends! Welcome back to another blog post!

Today I wrote a little short story for you guys:

“No, you don’t understand. I am tired of doing this over and over again,” says Faith forcefully.

“Doing what? I’m just trying to figure out what exactly is going on,” says her boyfriend, Luke.

“Listen, I’m done doing this over and over again. I feel like things are being put on me when they’re not my fault. If you really honestly feel like they are and we have to circle back to this conversation again, then what am I still doing in this relationship?” Faith breathes out a frustrated sigh and rubs her temples.

“Oh…okay. Well, I’m going to let you go. I’ll talk to you later. I love you,” Luke says sadly.

“…Okay. Fine. If you want to talk later call me. I love you too,” Faith says with an edge in her tone.

Faith ends the call and clenches her fists. She’s seething in anger. Why doesn’t he understand? Why do they keep having the same conversation over and over again? Can’t he understand her pain and frustration on the topic? Does he not care? Are we actually done? These questions come flooding into Faith’s mind. She can’t find answers fast enough. All she sees is heartache and anger.

She decides to send Luke a quick text starting to explain her feelings and reminding him that she really does love him. But he doesn’t respond. Faith, still being heated gets even more frustrated with the situation with his lack of response. She tosses her phone to the side angrily and goes about her day. It’s not until Faith calms down a while later that the magnitude of the situation hits her.

Faith knows she’s a very emotional being and she isn’t sorry for that. How she sometimes lets those emotions affect her is what she is sorry for. Faith tends to act before she really thinks. She often lets her emotions take over in situations. Now this isn’t bad when it comes to positive emotions and happy situations but when they’re the negative emotions, it’s not always so great, like now.

Oh man. I really screwed up. I feel like crap. And if I feel this bad, Luke can only be feeling worse. How am I going to fix this, Faith asks herself.

She knows a “I’m sorry” is too simple and doesn’t feel like it’s quite good enough or big enough for this situation so she thinks about it.

Faith knows that her apology has to come straight from the heart so she pours her heart out the best way she can, through her writing. She attempts to convey her remorse for her actions and how important her boyfriend is to her through her words. And she wrote:

I need to lead a little more with my brain rather than my heart as much. I know that it’s okay to be emotional because you tell me that all the time and I really do believe it. But what’s not okay is to let me being emotional hurt others, just like I hurt you today. I would be absolutely lost without you. My world would be a lot darker. It wouldn’t have the magical glow that it does now. I wouldn’t have some of the best times in my entire life because of you. My dark days would have lasted a lot longer if it weren’t for you. I’m sorry I act irrational at times. I’m sorry that I let the negative feelings takeover. I just feelย and I care so deeply for you and about it. I love you. I know this doesn’t make my actions right, but it’s a start.

Faith finishes her thoughts and rereads them just to make sure they are exactly what she’s trying to convey and hesitantly hovers over the send button.ย You’ve both been through so much together. You guys got this. It will be okay. You two have so much more to experience together. He loves you,ย Faith told herself. And with that she hit send.



Marvelous Monday!

Work in progress title. I wrote a poem. You should read it. So read it. It’s good.

Hello and welcome back my friends!

I trust that you all had wonderful and lovely weekends!

So I don’t think that it’s even fair to continue to call these posts creative writing posts. Not because they’re not creative or writings but because I kind of want to take this blog in a bit of a different direction.

A more of a creative journey.

So today I wrote a poem about a lot of the emotions that I have been feeling with a game I played yesterday, The First Tree, (it’s a great game, check it out, I’ve ALMOST finished it) and just some real shit that I feel for with a good friend.


It’s always most difficult for those of us left behind

How will we go on?

Why didn’t we spend more time with them?

If we had only known…

Loss is a natural part of life.

Every cycle comes to an end.

Some earlier than others

But always too soon for those of us left behind.


One day,

The pain dulls.

It all gets easier to deal with

We cope

We move ahead,


Though we never truly forget that loss.

It’s part of us.

It moves with us.

But always forward.


I’m quite happy with how this turned out. It really shows my feelings and emotions throughout this entire piece. Loss is hard. It sucks. We never know the right things to say or how to even feel. But we always get through it. That’s the important thing to hold on to and know. We always get through it. Life is about moving ahead and moving forward. Whether you want to or not that’s life. That’s how it is. So accept it. Embrace it. Move forward with it. Let go of the things that you did in the past because they’re in the past. Oh man do I need to embrace that one.

Move ahead. Move forward. Keep going.

Stay classy and sassy!



Friday Reflection

My thoughts on the last couple weeks.

Hello guys and welcome back!

So Fridays seem to be one of my most difficult days to publish lately. It’s hard to get myself to just sit down and write and post. The easy fix, I know is to do it ahead of time and just schedule when my posts are going to go up but I’m not quite there yet in the productivity department ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think today would be a good day to just reflect on the last couple weeks, especially since I have myself sitting down and writing. For now. ๐Ÿ˜›

Today marked the end of my second week in my new job. So was I too soon in saying how happy I was and how much I loved it? Nope. Not at all. I fortunately am working for the same company I was before but in a completely different department. It’s exciting. A very much needed change and a welcomed change of pace. My hours are set for the first time in quite a while. I have weekends off, every single weekend. Now that is something I am trying to get used to! The work is great. I feel like I have a lot of power to make changes and help the company as well as others but at the same time very little power. It’s weird, I know. But that’s the best way I can explain it without saying what I do for a living. Which I won’t, for personal reasons ๐Ÿ™‚ But I really enjoy the people I work for and work with. I feel that I’m already fitting in and I’m beyond happy every single day that I leave work. Which is just the best feeling ever. That and the added energy that I have.

Enough about that.

So the other night I had the absolute pleasure of getting together with a lot of the people that I used to work with in Dayton. Now I don’t think we have all ever been in the same place at the same time ever. But like 95% of us finally got together and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Now these people were my family for 3 years and I am also lucky enough to call them my friends. Being able to catch up with one another and relive the “glory” days was the best. They are some of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting and working both for and with. I would share the amazing picture we took but I want the also respect their privacy of not being plastered on my blog ;P

Overall I just feel a relief in the last couple of weeks. A relief from a lot of the burden I felt that I had been carrying. A relief from the sadness and anxiety I had been struck with. A relief from the stress that had been plaguing me.

I also have been feeling incredibly humbled and blessed with everything I have been able to experience, do, achieve, and have in the last couple weeks as well as in general. It’s funny how when you’re going through it a lot of the time, I know myself is guilty of this always, but we can’t appreciate or understand it. Once it’s passed us by that’s when we realize it wasn’t that bad or it really was greater than we thought, etc. I know that I realized that about the “crap” I had been going through before this life change.

Which is why I think it’s important that I’m reflecting on it.

To put it out there for myself and others, both going through it with me or going through their own. Always reflect and be open and honest about it. You may completely surprise yourself, I know I have.

Stay classy and sassy guys<3