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Personal writing sharing time!

Hello and welcome back guys! Today is one of my favorite posts, it’s where I get to share some of my personal writing with you guys. The last many have ended up being poems but today I’m going to share part of a story I started to write. I’m not sure where it’s going or what, but it’s something that I would like to pursue further but would love some input on your thoughts, opinions, etc!:

There are doctors and nurses whirling around Lucy Gines as she sits in her hospital gown on a hospital gurney with her parents on either side of her in the emergency room. She shakes ever so slightly under her thin gown both from the chill in the hospital to keep germs from multiplying and from her fear of being in hospitals. Lucy didn’t want to come to the hospital, she would much rather be sitting in her room, being alone and pretending she doesn’t exist to the rest of the world. Her parents on the other hand thought differently and carted her off to the emergency room.

Lucy was deeply bothered by the fact that she wasn’t even waiting to be seen in one of the curtained off rooms, rather she was in a hallway, able to see everything coming in and out of the various areas in the emergency room floor. At one point a prison inmate dressed in his prison orange was wheeled by cuffed to the gurney with gun-toting correction officers on either side of the inmate. After Lucy saw a very bloodied woman quickly rushed past by EMT workers she turned to her mother and said, “can’t we go home? Obviously they’re pretty busy with other things. I doubt they’ll even have time to come see me.”

“Lucy, sweetie, it hasn’t be that long. I’m sure they’ll be with us soon,” said Lucy’s mother, Anna.

As Lucy let out a sigh of exasperation a professionally dressed woman with a notepad approached Lucy and her parents, “Lucy? Hi, I’m Dr. Fulson. Do you mind if I talk with you for a couple minutes?”

Lucy looks at both of her parents with confusion but searching for confirmation in their faces. “Go ahead sweet girl, we’ll be right here waiting for you when you come back,” said Lucy’s father, Joe.

“Okay, I guess we can talk,” said Lucy, confusion apparent in her voice.

Dr. Fulson smiled and offered her hand out to help Lucy up off the gurney. “Let’s go find somewhere a little more quiet and private. This hallway isn’t the best for chatting.”

Lucy shrugs off the offer of the helpful hand and hops off the gurney waiting to follow the doctor. Lucy can feel her frustration increasing because no one in explaining anything to her; why she is there, what Dr. Fulson is a doctor of, why she is still hanging out in a hallway, why she is supposed to go with Dr. Fulson and many more questions. Dr. Fulson leads the way, careful to walk at a slow enough pace that Lucy is able to keep up while navigating through all the equipment and through hustle of the emergency room traffic.


So that’s all I have so far. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please feel free to let me know where you think the story should go next. Keep in mind this is a super rough draft as well. 🙂

Have a great weekend guys and as always, stay classy and sassy ❤



Creative Writing

Raw and emotional writing today.

I know today is supposed to be a favorite game posting but I’m just not feeling that today. It’s been awhile since I’ve been super raw and emotional with you guys with my writing so here we go:

All she wants is to be enveloped by someone else.

To be wrapped up by them completely.

To feel the way she feels about another human being.

Her heart is what makes her, who she is;

But it also leads her to so much heartbreak and disdain.

Yet here she is, keeping the fight up, keeping the momentum going to carry her forward, farther and further.

Maybe one day she will find what she seeks; to be loved the way she loves.

Maybe that day is today, maybe it’s tomorrow… But she will find it and she will get it because she is a warrior.


I am attempting to keep a positive focus. It’s honestly very difficult and some times I am a lot better at it than others. But you know what? I’m human. The same as you and every one else. I make mistakes but I try my best to correct them and own them. That’s what I’m doing with this. I’m not the best but I also know that I am not the worse.

Life is rough, but I have a hell of a great life. And I won’t ever forget that. I got this. And so do you. We can get through anything and we will.

Stay classy and sassy. 😀

Craftin’ Time!

See what crafts I’ve been working on lately!

Hello new and old friends!

So what in the heck have I been working on lately?

Great question. Well this is what I’ve been working on lately:


I know these just look like painted pots in various sizes but these little cuties are going to be Pokemon pots. In the next month or so I will be launching an Etsy shop where you’ll be able to score these soon-to-be completed beauties. I will give more details once the Etsy shop is live!

I also have been working on this:


This is something I was able to make from a heart shaped chocolate box from Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend, Mathew, got me this box and I wanted a way to keep it as a memento from our first Valentine’s Day together but I didn’t want it just be a chocolate box that made me sad every time I realized there was no chocolate in it. I know you all can relate to that. So I came up with this. We’re cute and oh so mushy and gushy and say this to each other all the time. Naturally I thought it was perfect and cute to put on this and be extra dorky and sappy. I love it and so does Mathew so that’s all that really matters here 😛

The last craft I have been kind of working on, or meaning to start, is this:


So these will be cute little kawaii storage jars for things like my paint brushes, pencils, etc. I plan on painting them the solid pastel colors you see on top of the jars and then adding kawaii faces to them. Which will make them just too cute to handle.

So what have you been working on? What do you think of these? What should I do next?

Stay classy and sassy ❤

Creative Writing

Raw writing

Hello and welcome back.

I honestly didn’t know if I was going to post today because with everything going on lately I just wasn’t feeling it. I also had no idea what to post about because all the posts that I have slated just seemed not real enough right now. I knew that I couldn’t put my heart fully in them and that is not fair to you guys. So instead since I am hurting and rather emotional you guys get more random, on the spot writing. Enjoy this poem:

Let go.

Don’t let anything

or anyone

limit you.

Just do.


Make your own decisions.

Choose your own destiny.

It’s okay.

No one will blame you for what you do.

Or what you choose.

It’s all up to you.


Just keep fighting the good fight guys. Live life. Actually live it. That is the important part I’m learning. Too often we live but don’t actually LIVE. We survive and do the minimum everyday. We don’t actually go out and do or see or experience. Do it. Try something new. Take more leaps.

Just always remember to stay classy and sassy ❤


Creative Writing With Collinswoah13

Hello and welcome back my lovely friends!

Today I am going to be sharing some more writing with you guys. Today’s sharing will be some free writing. Not sure where it’s going to go but here we go:


Funny how they seem to wax and wain,

so quickly,

so easily,

so effortlessly.


One second,

you feel fine.

Great even.

The next you’re the complete opposite.


We try and hold on to the good.

Try and push away the bad.

Never do we see any real beauty in either.

Until it’s gone.




Well. Apparently as you can see poetry was what happened to come out. It’s amazing how healing, freeing and lovely writing can be for body, mind, and soul. I hope y’all enjoyed it. I personally don’t usually do free writing and sharing. I haven’t actually done any since college. It’s days like today that are the hardest for me. I don’t want to do anything. I want to curl up in my ball and hide from the world in my safe little cocoon and just push everything out and away. But I can’t always do that. Which is why I push forward and keep on keeping on.

Have a great weekend guys, can’t wait to post to you on Monday ❤

Stay classy and sassy.


Collinswoah13’s Creative Writing!

Finally! The conclusion to Jane’s date!

Hello guys! So sorry about being MIA on Wednesday and the late post tonight. Just had a lot of stuff going on unfortunately!

But fortunately for you I am back with the conclusion to my short story that can be read in my last two Creative Writing posts found here and here.

Now for the conclusion:

Jane really felt that she was going to freak out if she didn’t get away. “I’m fine; I just need to use the bathroom. Excuse me.”

The manager seemed to not really believe her. “Okay but just know you can leave at any time. He really seems to be doing a number on you. I’ll keep an eye out for you. Let me know if you need anything.”

She was taken aback by the manager’s words. It was really nice of him but she also didn’t want a scene to be caused. She reached the bathroom and scrambled inside before anyone else could stop and point out how bad her date was. She leaned against the wall and tried to calm down. She tried to catch her breath having not even realized that she was even breathing heavily. Once her breathing slowed a little she pushed herself into the middle stall of the bathrooms. She shut and locked the door and sat down on the toilet. She scrambled for her phone in her purse, careful to leave her other hand wrapped around her crochet hook for some comfort. She dialed Amanda’s number praying that she would answer. Thankfully, Amanda answered on the second ring. “Jane! How was your date? Wait, isn’t it a little early for the date to be over? Oh no, did it go that bad?”

“Amanda! I’m freaking out. Where did you find this guy? He’s a total creep. I cannot believe you! This is the worst date I have ever been on. You have got to come and save me otherwise, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave,” she said, not able to hide the shake that was apparent in her voice.

“Jane, calm down. Just breathe. It’ll be okay. I honestly thought it would have been a good set up. Every time I’ve ever been around him he’s been a great guy. I thought you two would really hit it off. It seemed like you guys would have a lot in common. So where are you?”

“I’m at the Denny’s off of High street in the bathroom. I’m really freaked out. He talked about us being in a “relationship” Amanda. What the hell? Seriously, a blind date means a relationship to him? I don’t even want to know what holding hands means to him.”

“I’m on my way, Janey. Stay there and don’t move. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Jane pulled out her crochet hook and yarn and started crocheting. She just wanted the anxious feeling to go away. She was furiously crocheting, chaining twenty times, and then started her single crochets, trying to decide what she was going to make.

As she started to relax, she heard a pounding on the bathroom door. “Jane! Where are you? I told you to hurry. You’ve taken so long that the salads are ruined. How come you couldn’t follow my simple directions? I’m really angry with you, Jane. You get out here right now and come back to the table so we can finish this date,” Richard yelled through the bathroom door.

She froze and couldn’t believe that Richard was making a scene like that. Surely I haven’t been in here for that long. Please just go away and leave me alone. Just give up.

Jane waited a couple of minutes. She expected to have heard Richard some more and surprisingly didn’t. Instead, she heard Richard angrily talking with someone else but she couldn’t make out what they were saying.  She checked her phone and saw that it had only been five minutes since she got off the phone with Amanda. Jane went back to her crocheting and waited for Amanda to save her.

Not more than thirty seconds after she started crocheting again, she heard Richard yelling through the door once more. “Jane, if you don’t come out here right now, then I’m going to have no choice but to come in there.”

She couldn’t believe that no one tried to stop Richard from doing that. Surely someone in the whole entire restaurant would have enough courage to at least try to stop him from coming into the women’s restroom after her.  Not even a minute after she thought this, the other voice that had been arguing with Richard was back but this time louder. “Sir, I need you leave the bathroom area. You’re lucky I’m not throwing you out of the restaurant right now. You’re disturbing the other customers, and you cannot enter the woman’s restroom.”

“I’m sorry, but who are you? I can do as I please; and if I’m not mistaken, I haven’t actually gone into the bathroom yet. Just mind your own business. This doesn’t concern you.”

“I’m the manager, and if you don’t listen then I’ll have to ask you to leave or involve the police. Leave the poor girl alone. She is allowed to use the restroom.”

The two continued to argue outside of the bathroom loud enough for her to hear. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she grabbed her phone and frantically dialed Amanda’s number. The phone rang and rang, but Amanda didn’t pick up. Jane’s breathing quickened and she threw her phone back into her purse. She was trembling so badly that she knew an anxiety attack was near. She forced herself to keep crocheting in a last effort to calm herself down.

She was still listening for the voices outside the bathroom, but they were no longer there. She wasn’t sure when they had stopped but was now even more scared. She didn’t get to hear the last part of their conversation so she had no idea if Richard left the restaurant or was just waiting outside the door for her. Since she knew that there was nowhere for her to hide in the bathroom, she stayed right where she was. Jane could barely make her stitches; her hands were trembling so badly. She finally made a stitch and felt a little triumphant. Then she heard it. The bathroom door slowly creaked open; it grew louder the more the door opened. She held her breath, praying that Richard wasn’t too angry with her.

She heard footsteps slowly grow closer and closer to her. Her body stiffened as she heard someone right outside her stall. Someone knocked on the stall door and she sharply took a deep breath in.

“Janey? Are you in there? It’s me. I’m here to get you. Let’s go home, Janey, and you can tell me all about it,” Amanda said.

She let out a deep sigh of relief, but then thought better of it. “Amanda, how do I know it’s just you and that Richard, the creep didn’t put you up to this?”

“Jane, come on. Seriously? It’s me. Now come out and let’s go. I got one of the waitresses to distract Richard for me because he was just standing around outside. He looked like he was waiting for you. That poor, brave girl. The manager is keeping an eye on them. He told me he was worried about you. Hurry up and let’s go. Maybe we can get out of here before Richard sees us.”

Jane quickly shoved her yarn, crochet hook, and phone into her purse and unlocked the stall door. Amanda pushed it open, and Jane was relieved to see only Amanda standing there. Amanda grabbed Jane by the wrist and yanked her towards the bathroom door. “Come on Jane. We have to go. I don’t know how long they can keep him distracted.”

Jane and Amanda practically ran out of the bathroom towards the front door of the restaurant. Richard was nowhere in sight. That’s a good sign.

They both made it safely out to the parking lot successfully without Richard seeing them. Or, that’s what they thought until they heard his angry voice behind them, “Amanda what the hell are you doing here? And where do you think you’re going with my girlfriend?”

“Sorry, Richard, she’s all mine and I really don’t feel like sharing anymore. I had to come and confess my true feelings for, Janey,” Amanda said, trying her hardest not to burst out laughing.

Amanda tugged Jane towards her black 2001 Jetta and gave Jane a look that said, “desperate times call for desperate measures.”

The girls both heard Richard shouting, more angrily now about how Jane was “the one” because they had so much in common, along with a lot of incomprehensible yelling. Amanda unlocked the car and shoved Jane inside, hurried to the driver side and climbed in. Jane could tell Amanda was a little freaked out now as she fumbled through her keys for the right one. Amanda finally got it, shoved it in the ignition, started the car, and quickly reversed out of her spot.

“Okay seriously? This is ridiculous. What exactly happened Jane,” Amanda asked, breaking the silence.

Jane remained silent until they get a couple blocks up High Street and said, “He was fine but then got annoyed at the smallest things like me trying to eat. He slapped my fork out of my hand because he wasn’t okay with me eating yet. He decided that we were in a relationship because we both liked chicken Caesar salads and reading. Amanda, thanks for saving me. Really. But I will never go on another blind date as long as I live, got it? And I will never take a suggestion about guys from you ever again. Can we go home now though? I’ll finally give you that crochet lesson that you’ve always wanted.”


I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have a safe and wonderful weekend! Stay classy and sassy 😀