New Year, New Goals

Hello 2018! So since my last post was about reflecting, I thought I would take a moment to also look ahead.

What am I hoping to achieve in 2018?


  • Lose 30 pounds (so cliché, I know)
  • Finish a story
  • Write more poetry
  • Hit 50% mark of a complete GameCube collection
  • Hit 30 Etsy sales (You can find my shop here)
  • Create 1 new full page of products in my Etsy shop
  • Consistently blog and create content
  • Create a Twitch streaming schedule and consistently stream
  • Consistently work out regularly

I feel like all of these are good and attainable goals for 2018.

To get started with my list of goals I’m going to end with a poem:

Fresh snow;


Newly settled.

So much promise.

Perhaps it’ll become a snowman?

A snow angel?

A fort?

Ammo for a snowball fight?

All this potential,

All these ideas,

It all starts with new beginnings.


Stay classy and sassy


Reading & Writing

Lately I have been reading a lot. Like almost all of my free time has been spent reading. From manga to novels, I have been devouring a lot of what is on my bookshelves. Which is a good thing because my backlog is HUGE!

So where did this motivation for reading come from? I recently discovered a side of YouTube that I had no idea existed. BookTube. I don’t know why I didn’t think that this existed but I have been so engrossed in my new find. I think seeing so many other people’s love for books and reading really inspired me to read more and discover new authors, worlds, characters and stories.

I also have been lacking in the inspiration department for my own stories. Reading is a way that I can find inspiration to breathe new life into stories to keep them going. Now this can also be dangerous as sometimes work can too closely resemble another author’s story or writing style. I’m still learning and try my best to combat this by not reading the same author too much in a period of time when I know that I will also be writing.

Some of you may be asking what exactly have I been reading? Well, I am preparing for the new Cardcaptor Sakura manga to be released this month, So I read the Master of Clow arc that I had no idea existed until recently. I also have read the first 3 books of the Sword Art Online light novel series because I am a weeb. I read Firecracker by David Iserson and  Lies my Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Anne Peters. All are fantastic books in their own right. They all have inspired me to keep going with my current stories but to also try working with different kinds of characters and stories. I’m looking forward to continuing to both read and write more as well as see how all of my recent and current reading shapes and influences my writing. Both in good and bad ways 😛

Stay classy and sassy ❤


“I’m not ready.”

Yet I never will be.

“It’s not fair.”

Then again it never is.

“I’ll never adjust.”

Suddenly, one day you do.

“I never asked for this.”

No one ever does, but you deal.

“I’ll never forget.”

And I don’t, though I do forgive.


Looks like poetry is making a comeback from me.

❤ Stay classy and sassy

Happy Birthday!

My blog turns one!!!!

Yesterday (11/28) marked a full year of Collinswoah’s Corner!!! A FULL ENTIRE YEAR! I knew it was coming up but holy cow I didn’t think it was already here!!

Birthday cupcake

Collinswoah’s Corner has grown quite a bit in a year. It went from primarily being about nerdy things of all sorts to being more about my writing and sometimes my projects and crafts. I also went from a free site to a paid one all because I hit my view goal out of the park. Thank you guys.

This blog has also helped me grow as a person. It’s a huge step to take to put yourself out on the internet and share your personal writing. But hey, I’m doing it! Yay!

I have to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has ever visited this blog, everyone who will visit and everyone who continues to visit. You all mean so very much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Without you guys this blog would not be possible.

To say thank you even more I am having my biggest sale to date in my Etsy shop. Take advantage of 25% everything, including any custom orders I am able to do. Check out the sale here. The sale runs from 11/29/17-12/09/17.

Year one has been a HUGE success for Collinswoah’s Corner and I can’t wait to see what all happens in year two.

Thank you all with all my heart.

Stay classy and sassy<3

Etsy Announcement!

Sale in my shop! Take advantage of savings!

In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I have a sale going on in my Etsy shop.

Almost everything is 20% off!


Go check it out!

Pictured above are most of the items I sell in my shop and are all on sale!

The sale is going through 11/28 so don’t wait!

A lot of great and unique gift ideas for the holidays coming up 😉

Stay classy and sassy!

Current Work in Progresses!

Look what I’m making for my shop next!

Remember how I said I wanted to share all of my creative outlets?

Well here we go! I thought I’d share some of my current work in progresses for my Etsy shop!

First up, I’m working on these awesome Star Wars character standees:

IMG_0883 (2)

I’m super happy with how the characters are turning out and love that the logo makes a perfect base for them to stand on. My biggest struggles with this projects has been ironing the base and making sure the tongue of the characters that fit into the base have melted enough while not melting the rest of the character too much. I personally have not been brave enough to attempt the taping method which is why ironing the base was so troublesome for me. Looks like I’m going to have to buck up and try it sooner rather than later!

So this is my next work in progress:

Yup! More perlers! These go along with my GameBoy earbud winders. I’m soon going to be offering GameBoy Advance earbud winders that look like this! These are seriously cool looking in my opinion. I am super excited for these to launch!

Stay tuned for updates these to hit my shop and other work in progresses I find myself getting into and sharing.

Stay classy and sassy!

Working on Jane’s Story

Keeping my word. Let’s see what Jane does next!

Last week I gave myself a pep talk about how I was going to keep on working on all those projects I abandon out of fear so today I’m going to stick to it. I want to continue to work on Jane’s second story seeing where the writing takes me and what happens.

I think what’s great about this is, unlike Jane’s first story, this work in progress is completely unedited. It’s all a rough first draft. I’m excited to have a documented journey of my work from beginning to end, seeing how it changes and shapes up.

So to keep things cohesive for me, I think I’m going to copy and paste what I already have making what I have already worked on and not changed appear in bold.

Last but not least, before I get to the good stuff, if you haven’t read Jane’s first story; Tales of a Chronic Crocheter, you can find it here, here, and here.

Let’s go!:

Jane Woodsley jolts up in her bed in a cold sweat trying to get away from the dream she just shook herself from. You’re okay, she told herself, it was just a dream. You haven’t seen him in a few months and never will again. Jane got up from her bed and made her way to the kitchen for a glass of water to help her calm down. Though the water helps, Jane still cannot quite get control of her breathing and looks at the clock, its 2:17 a.m. Far too late to call Amanda so she can help calm Jane down. If Jane could call her, Amanda’d tell her the same thing Amanda was always telling her lately; that it’s been months since her bad date with Richard, she needs to get over it and move on. Jane can’t let it haunt her so much. Amanda was right, she should be over it by now but the date keeps haunting her every few nights and in her dreams Jane finds herself on another date with Richard but this time unable to escape him.

Jane makes her way into the living room in search of her afghan that she’s been working on. She finds her work on the end of the couch, right where she left it. Jane curls up on the couch and starts crocheting, focusing on every stitch she makes, hoping it will calm her down. As she is nearing the gray stripe of what will be her blue and gray chevron afghan Jane lets her mind wonder and soon finds herself day dreaming about dating again. Jane had sworn off dating but after pretty much being holed up in her apartment for the last four months she misses the idea of enjoying dinner and the company of a man. Soon Jane falls asleep on the couch, her day dreams turning into dreams. She finds herself in a nice restaurant downtown sitting across from a gorgeous man with chocolate brown hair and deep blue eyes. The date seems to be going well so far, Jane can’t take her eyes off her date and her date won’t stop looking at Jane either. The conversation is flowing easily, talking about hobbies and interests outside of work. “Jane, tell me, what do you usually do with your time outside of work,” asks Jane’s date.

“Oh, well I really enjoy making crafts,” Jane says shyly.

“Really? What kind of crafts? Do you have any pictures of anything you’ve made?”

“I do a lot of crocheting. Blankets, pillows, scarves, hats, sweaters, that sort of thing. I have some pictures on my phone if you really want to see them.”

“Crocheting? Is that the one with the two hooks and you use yarn right? That’s really cool, Jane. I would love to see some of your work.”

“Okay.” Jane pulls her phone out and looks for photos. “Crocheting is the one needle, really a hook, technique. Knitting is where you use two needles. But both do use yarn, so you were close,” Jane gives her date a big smile and hands him her phone.

Jane’s date returns the smile and says, “Oh dang. Sorry. I guess I don’t know very much about it. Wow, Jane. These are amazing. You made these? Seriously? Wow, this is so good.”

Jane blushes and looks away from her date. “Thanks. I really appreciate that. I’ve been crocheting ever since I was a teenager. But what about you? What are your hobbies?”

“Well I enjoy volunteering in my free time. Helping out at animal shelters, helping the homeless shelters, after school programs, that sort of things. But when I’m not doing that I really enjoy reading.”

“That’s really selfless of you. How long have you been volunteering? And reading? What’s your favorite genre,” asks Jane.

Someone approaches their table, Jane’s date doesn’t seem to notice and keeps talking. Jane shifts her attention to who she assumes is the waiter but when Jane looks up she realizes it isn’t the waiter, it’s Richard. Jane freezes, not knowing what to do. “Hello Jane. Let’s continue our date elsewhere. It’s rude to leave someone in the middle of a date, you know,” says Richard as he grabs Jane’s wrist and pulls.

“Hey, stop that! I’m not going anywhere with you. And it’s rude to leave in the middle of a date? What about my date? Right now,” Jane yells. Jane hopes her outburst will get the attention of her date and the restaurant but no one notices. Jane’s date is continuing his conversation as if Jane is still right in front of him.

“Come on, Jane. It’s time to go,” Richard growls while pulling Jane out of her chair.

Jane falls out of her chair and starts screaming. Someone has to hear her. Someone has to help stop this guy from literally dragging her out of the restaurant. Again, no one notices.  Richard drags Jane through the restaurant and as they reach the door, Jane is able to grab on to the door frame with all her might, she still screaming.

“Jane, honestly, enough is enough. You’re going to behave and you’re going to come with me. It’s time to stop fighting this,” Richard says, like this isn’t out of the ordinary for him.

“No! I’m not going. Let me go,” Jane screams.

Richard gives a hard yank on Jane’s free arm and she loses her grip.

Jane jumps awake drenched in sweat. Jane looks around and is confused about where she is. Her breathing is very heavy and ragged as she frantically looks around. It takes her a few moments to realize she’s on her couch in her living room. Jane checks her watch and sees that it’s 7:09 a.m. She jumps off the couch and rushes into her bedroom. “Crap. I’m going to be late!”


Well there you have it. More of Jane! YAY!

I’m quite happy with how this is shaping out so far. I think I might end up moving the dream to the beginning to kind of revisit things and open the story a little better. I want to remind everyone about how much of an asshole and scary guy Richard really is while also making it clear that Jane’s fear of him is real.

I can’t wait to see what Jane does next 🙂

Stay classy and sassy!