Lost in Thought

Sharing some thoughts from last night

Last night as I had YouTube aimlessly playing music in the background of me getting some stuff done around my room, it was randomly playing song after song. I soon found myself “rabbit holing” to some real throwbacks of my teenage years. I stopped to listen and really hear the lyrics to some of my favorite tunes from my past. The lyrics caught me by surprise to some of the songs. My younger self hadn’t truly listened or understood much of what the artist was singing about.

Now I do. And oh how I can relate now. These songs and subject matter really struck a chord with me and immediately got me thinking about myself, my life and my choices so far.

At first I was thinking about all the mistakes I’ve made. But I stopped myself. That word, mistakes. I don’t feel like it should be a word, at least not one to be used to describe past choices in one’s life. Every choice or action I made and make serves a purpose. I might not like the outcome of that choice or action I make but if I didn’t make that choice or do that action I wouldn’t be right where I am today.

And I like where I am today. Honestly it takes a lot of strength, understanding and patience to say that.

Let me put it into a bit of perspective for you. I am 24 years old and I live at home with my family again after previously living on my own. I’m also divorced. My marriage lasted less than a year and I was left with a lot of feelings and emotions after my marriage ended. Now I won’t get into all of that, but last night I was thinking about my marriage and divorce, I was thinking about how it was a big mistake.

In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was meant to happen to teach me so much about myself, about others, about love and about relationships.

Plus if I hadn’t chosen to do it, I wouldn’t have Mathew or my career or some of the best friends I am blessed to have now. I also doubt I would have my blog or my Etsy shop if I hadn’t had my marriage and divorce. I just know that I definitely wouldn’t have the appreciation for everything that I do now.

This is all a good and helpful reminder that everything really does happen for a reason. I am understanding and accepting of my choices. I am happy I went through my marriage and my divorces. As weird as that sounds.

I just need to remind myself of this from time to time.

So remember, no mistakes, only purpose.

This isn’t to say we can’t change choices or mend broken things. We can. We will.

Stay classy and sassy<3



The Dreaded Day…

Musings about Mondays!

Hello and welcome back!

It’s the start of another week. The dreaded Monday…

Do you guys all dread Mondays? I actually don’t mind them anymore since switching jobs. It’s Sundays that I hate the most. Just because it means the end of the weekend, Mathew goes to work, one of us leaves (depending on who visited who) so I just don’t like them. Nope. Mondays I like though. Call me crazy if you must.

But hey. We all made it through. It’s Monday evening! Ha! Take that Monday!

You ever just think about your dreaded day of the week like some mid-level (or high-level, depending on your impending dread for it) boss? And you are the hero using everything you have in your arsenal to drain the boss and take it down. Like depending on your line of work, those are your weapons. So for me, I work in an office. On the computer all day. My computer skills are like my magic. Correct key strokes are charging up my spell making it stronger and stronger. And once I finish an item? That’s when I deliver my blow. Always causing way less damage than I thought I would. But it never stops me. I keep it up! But doing things like walking away from my desk on non-break times and texting are like the boss’ attacks back. Sometimes my defenses are strong and other times they’re weak. Working with my coworkers to find a solution to a problem (whether mine or someone else’s) is like a co-op moment where I called for help and help came, but only for a brief moment. So I work my way through my day delivering blow after blow slowly chipping away at the boss’ HP hoping I bring it to zero by my work day’s end.

Now that I say this anyone else ever think about your day this way? No? Yeah, me either…

Stay classy and sassy ❤

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Let’s dream big for a little bit together!

Hello guys and welcome back!

Today I thought it would be fun to do something a little bit differently! Let’s daydream.

It seems that the jackpots for the lotteries are just getting bigger and bigger lately. So why not dream bit right along with them?

Personally I know that I’m not going to win when I do play the lottery but dreaming about it does help keep my spirits up. Especially when times get tough in life.

So what would I do if I won the lottery?

First and foremost I would pay off my bills, my parents bills and a few loved ones bills.

Then I would build myself a house and all the furnishings for it 😛

Next would be to set myself, my parents and any future offspring I might have up for life.

Then I would invest a good chunk of it.

Of course also donate to some beloved charities. ❤

After all of that I would pay Mathew and my best friend to be my travel companions to see the world. Oh how I would love to do this. I would make sure to take this opportunity to see everything. See everywhere.

Once I traveled the world, I would come home and spend some money on video games. I’d finally have the funds to go hard at my collection! I would also buy a couple of the arcade games I love. Like the table flipping game, Luigi’s Mansion and of course a couple Initial D games so I could play with my friends.

After burning myself out on being home all the time, I would get a fun part time job to keep myself busy somewhat. It would be to keep me from going stir crazy and get out of the house. But also still leave me time to do some of the projects that I love.

Just as a note, I don’t personally play the lottery often and I am not telling you guys to go out and play or spend your money on it. Gambling addiction is a very serious thing and those with it should seek help.

So, what would you guys do if you won the lottery? What did I leave out that I should do? Tell me!! 🙂

Stay classy and sassy!