Favorite Games

Let me tell you about Harvest Moon on the GameCube!

Hello my wonderful and favorite friends!

Today I’m going to tell you about another game near and dear to my heart. The Harvest Moon series in general BUT specifically Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Remember the string of games that I talked about before that if you explain them to others they don’t sound that fun or interesting? Well this one falls in to that category. But I promise it is fun. At least I find it fun.

So! What is this game you ask? Well, it’s kind of like a farming sim/RPG. In this installment you are taking over your father’s barren farm after he passes. You leave your city life to come to the country to run this farm. You’re not alone in your efforts. You have Takaura helping you. He had worked for your father and had been a good friend to him. He does what he can to help you succeed by taking things into the city to sell them, giving you information and advice, etc.

While you are tending to your farm you can also go fishing, build relationships with the villagers, excavate in the dig site, and find love.

Now when it comes to farm life you can raise animals and harvest crops. With the animals you can sheer your sheep, milk your cows, and sell the eggs that your chickens lay. Some animals are just for companionship like a cat, a dog, and ducks.

As you’re more successful on your farm you can buy things and buy upgrades to make life easier such as a milking room for your cows or a cheese room where you can make cheese for higher profits.

There’s also a cooking mechanic to keep your stamina up so you’re able to do more around the farm. Different ingredients and combinations of ingredients will produce different outcomes, a lot of them bad outcomes in my personal experience 😛

The game likes in a calendar like way. There are four “months” which also act as seasons so you work your way through years and your life. You get married and have a child in the game. The child is your heir basically. The cool thing is, you get to pick your wife based on the three eligible bachelorettes in the village and your relationship with them. Some are easier to win other than others and they each have a distinct personality of their own. Who you marry also determines how your child looks and some of their personality. You as the play are able to influence their personality with toys, your friends, and how you care for your little one.

This game has a lot to it but it’s a lot of fun. There’s a mini game or two to keep things interesting as well. You get to watch the village change and flourish. You get to directly see your hard work pay off with how your farm looks which is something I really enjoy. The different personalities of the villagers are fun and humorous to see their moods and how they react to certain things.

I find the replay value of this game to be high because I always want to do better than I did the last time I played. Or I want to try something different, end up with a different lady, raise my kid differently, make my farm different, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Stay classy and sassy y’all ❤


May Favorites!

Things I’ve Been Loving in May!

Hello and welcome!

I can’t believe we are already in June! Oh my gosh. Where has the year gone?! I know it’s a little late BUT I’m going to share what I loved in May!

Media Favorites:

Comedy Rockstar Mikey Mason – I’ve talked about Mikey Mason before but this guy is a fabulous performer. He never disappoints. I always look forward to any show he has whether its online or in person, Mikey will deliver. He will entertain you and he will make you laugh. It does help that his songs are great and catchy too. If you love nerdy things, love comedy, and love music, he’s great for you. He’s also a really nice guy which helps 😛 Be sure to check him out here.

Twitch Streamer SheriffEli – So I happened to stumble across this guy when browsing Twitch trying to find someone new to watch and oh my goodness was I happy to find him. SheriffEli is a full time streamer who primarily roleplays as a cop in Grand Theft Auto V online. He’s got a great personality and a wonderful presence. He’s funny, got a filthy mouth and can get a little raunchy at times. But I personally really enjoy him. To the point that I will watch him rather than watch TV, I find him that enjoyable. Check out his channel here.

Gaming Favorites:

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Gaming Keyboard – This keyboard is my favorite keyboard ever! It’s beautiful. They layout is different slightly from a traditional keyboard but I find myself loving it more. My hands actually tend to gravitate more towards this layout, so typing at work always takes about 10-15 minutes to get used to every day. It’s clicky which I really enjoy hearing. Especially when it drives others crazy. I’m evil, I know. It’s ascetically pleasing and best of all? It’s mine. It’s not a hand-me down, it’s not on loan, it’s not been used before. It’s mine, all mine and it was new!

HuniePop – I talked about this game in my last What I’ve Been Playing Wednesday post. I enjoy this game way too much. And I need to just go ahead and break down and buy it because waiting to play it at the boyfriend’s house is just too long and too much. I’m not that patient. This game is addicting! You try to woo these girls so you can get in their pants. How do you do that you ask?! You play puzzles on the dates with them, obviously! The puzzles get harder and harder as you move forward in the game. And they get harder even when you fail and don’t move forward in the game. It’s challenging and fun. Plus the girls are cute and fun.

Beauty Favorites:

Sheet Face Masks – Lately when I have been going to do face masks I have been preferring the sheet ones. There’s very little mess and they’re just so easy. Plus they hydrate my skin so well. AND you look like a monster when you have them on. What could be better?! I haven’t really been preferring any specific brand over the others. If it’s a sheet mask, then it’s up my alley and I love it. At least currently.

Galaxy Lush Bath Bomb – So I don’t know if that’s the actual name of it but this is my favorite bath bomb. My allergies have been a little crazy lately because of Ohio’s lack of ability to make a decision about the weather, so these bath bombs have been saving me. It seems like they have menthol or mint of some kind in them helping to clear me up and soothe both my insides and out 🙂 It really calms me and helps clear up congestion and sinus pressure. And it makes my bath look like a galaxy. Seriously, it makes it look like I’m bathing in space. How cool is that? Answer: REALLY COOL!

So there you have it. Not too many things but not too little things. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to really read this month BUT DON’T PANIC! I will make time to read this month!

Love you guys and as always, stay classy and sassy ❤

Favorite Games!

Talking about Sleeping Dogs!

Hello my lovely friends both new and old!

Have you every played Sleeping Dogs?! It is seriously one of my favorite and most recommended games. So if you haven’t played it, finish reading this post and then go do it. Seriously. Do it. You won’t regret it.

The best way that I can describe Sleeping Dogs is Grand Theft Auto meets LA Noire, kind of. So the game is set in in Hong Kong and you are Wei Shen, a cop who has ties to the gang known as the Triad. You are to go undercover and rise through the ranks of the triad, gathering information while also doing some police work. All while staying under that radar.

This game is insanely fun. There are a lot of different aspects to the game which keep it fun and exciting. You can go sing karaoke, train your martial arts skills, find lock boxes to break in to, etc. One of the coolest things in my opinion is the fact that you can jump from vehicle to vehicle, even while driving. It makes running from the police quite fun. I think the combat in the game is quite challenging because you are put in situations where it is you against many people. You’d think guns, that makes that super simple. Yeah well guns are far and few between so you have to rely on your hand-to-hand combat skills. And sometimes melee weapons. But those are usually weak. By weak I mean a woman’s handbag. Yes. Seriously.

The story line of the game keeps you playing; wanting to find out what happens next and how the story progresses. You find yourself getting attached to these gang members and wanting the best for them and growing sad when things don’t go the best of ways. I happily play this game over and over again and personally never grow tired of it. I think it’s a no-brainer to play if you love the Grand Theft Auto games.

Stay classy and sassy ❤

Favorite Games!

Luigi’s Mansion is today’s topic!

Oh Nintendo did so many things right when they released Luigi’s Mansion! Finally Nintendo gave the sidekick their own game and by stepping out of their “perfected” equation bubble.

I loved the spooky feeling that this game gave off without actually being spooky or scary. It made you feel more brave about things because Luigi was so scared. You as the player are in control of Luigi so it’s almost like you are coaxing him along to progress in the game, helping to give him confidence to do what needs to be done which takes the spooky aspects away. Not that the game really was or is that spooky or scary. 😉

I think one of the reasons why I really loved the game was because of its deviance from the traditional Nintendo and Mario games. It was refreshing. But it also helped that the game itself was fun. it was challenging in just the right ways and the story line was good and there. Which doesn’t happen too often for me.

And how great is it that Luigi had to save Mario?! Finally Mario is the one who screwed up and got caught. It’s something that I always wondered about, what happens when Mario gets caught and who saves Mario? But now my questions have been answered. Somewhat. Luigi is the one who gets called up and has to save Mario from the mess he finds himself in. Moral of the story is: Luigi is the real hero. Always. Luigi is the best brother.

Have you played Luigi’s Mansion? What are your thoughts on it? If you haven’t, what are you doing?! Go play it! 😛

Stay classy and sassy. 😉 ❤

Favorite Games!

Talking about Paper Mario this time!

Hello and welcome my lovely friends!

Thankfully things seemed to have calmed down for me and I’m also starting to feel a lot better mentally and emotionally so let’s get back to our regularly scheduled broadcast shall we?!

Today I will be sharing another game close to my heart and that is Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

This was my first introduction to the Paper Mario series and arguably the best game in the series, so what a game to start up with.

I immediately fell in love with the art design of the game. Especially Paper Princess Peach. How cute is she?! The Thousand-Year Door also happened to be my first turn-based RPG. Funnily enough (seeing how this game is one of my favorites) turn-based games always were unappealing because, to be honest, up until a couple years ago I was a button masher (and I still am at times, no shame :P). So turn-based and me just seemed like the wrong idea. But The Thousand-Year Door just still looked too good to stay away from.

I bought the game and as soon as I got it home and started playing I became completely immersed in it. The tutorial made my introduction to turn-based games incredibly easy and natural. Now this could be nostalgia taking over or the game really is just that good but, the story line for The Thousand-Year Door was the best of the Paper Mario games. None of it seemed forced or really like it went downhill in quality or anything at any point during the game. I think the fact that they changed up the sidekicks of Mario throughout the game helped the story and game play feel fresh.

I did find myself enjoying the battle mechanics quite a lot too. Since things would change somewhat as the story progressed I really feel that it helped keep it exciting. And I mean who wouldn’t enjoy “performing” a battle on a stage for audiences? And you get helped (and hurt) based on your performances?! How cool!

The humor and jokes in this game are terribly great. I personally love dad jokes and bad jokes and groaners (just as Mathew ;)) so this game definitely did not disappoint which is something that i have found to be a nice and comforting constant throughout the series. Just this entry in the series had some of the best lines.

Overall I can’t give this game enough praise. So go out and play it. You won’t be let down. And tell me all about it!

Talk to you all Friday! Stay classy and sassy ❤

Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games

Revealing yest another favorite, this time Kingdom Hearts!

Hello and welcome my internet friends!

Today is yet another day that I ramble unabashedly about my love for yet another series. This time its Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is an amazing and frustrating series. It’s amazing because it has married two fantastic casts of characters; Disney and Final Fantasy. As a kid this game always caught my eye at the stores but I never saw it drop down from its regular $49.99 price and I didn’t understand why. Until I got my hands on it. I was at that age that I wanted something more serious and harder than the traditional character games but I still wanted my safe characters that I knew and loved. Kingdom Hearts did just that; gave me what I craved while still coddling me somewhat which is the biggest reason why I think the series is amazing. The combat is easy to grasp and the story progresses in difficulty gradually which is helpful. I have played too many games that the difficulty slope isn’t really a slope, it’s more of a cliff which is not very forgiving.

The series as a whole has a great story line (but a complicated one) and that is what brings me to the biggest reason why the series is a frustrating one. The story line. And the amount of games. What other series has like 62 thousand (a slight exaggeration) different games between their main entries into the series? NONE (that I personally know of). Just. Give. Us. Kingdom Hearts 3. I honestly, as a BIG fan of Kingdom Hearts, am not even really sure of everything anymore. It’s just too complicated and confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for the amount of games we have all been blessed with but what the heck? Did Kingdom Hearts re:Coded really need to be released?! I honestly could go on and on but I won’t 😛

The Kingdom Hearts series is honestly one of my favorites ever. I really enjoy the fact that everyone has different interpretations of the story. Some people honestly think that Rikku and Sora should be together. I personally am on team Sora and Kiari. I think they belong together and the love he has for her is absolutely amazing and lovely. Other people will disagree with me and that’s okay. It’s the beauty of the story line. It’s so open to interpretation. Kingdom Hearts is the reason why I have such an affinity with the Paopu  fruit and I have no shame that I firmly believe in it. Kingdom Hearts has made me desperately want a daughter one day that I can name Kairi. The series is the reason why I continue to find great story driven games. Kingdom Hearts was the first game that I obsessively played bosses over and over and over again until I beat them. My mind was constantly on it trying to figure out different possibilities to defeat said boss. It was the first game that I wasn’t able to sleep until defeating a particularly difficult (to me) boss.

As you can see the nostalgia is real with this one. No shame.

But the question that everyone will ask and wonder, do I really believe Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming? What I want to say is yes. I wholeheartedly 100% believe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out one day. But I don’t think it will anymore honestly. We keep getting side games, updated games, and glimpses at Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay but it’s honestly just the same little bit of gameplay over and over again for the most part. That doesn’t give me much hope. Square Enix said it was going to be full steam ahead after Final Fantasy XV came out and now they’re more focused on the re-release of Final Fantasy VII so that really doesn’t help give me hope. I just wish that the series would get the ending it deserved. Not that I honestly want it to end. But it at least deserves an actual ending.

Stay classy and sassy y’all.

More of Collinswoah13’s Favorite Games!

Revealing my love for Animal Crossing!

Hello and welcome back my lovelies to this wonderful corner of the internet!

Like I had told you guys before, my off Wednesdays will be spent talking about some of my favorite games. The first part of this series started out with The Sims, which you can catch (if you missed it) right here.

This time I will be talking about Animal Crossing and all the love that I forever will have for this silly little game.

Ironically, following with the trend of games that sound incredibly weird and boring if you explain them to someone else who hasn’t played it, Animal Crossing fits in perfectly. If you haven’t played any of the Animal Crossing games, which you are REALLY missing out if that is the case, the game is one where you are the only human in a world of all cute little critters of all breeds. They each have their own little quirks that are the perfect touch. When moving to the town you become pretty much forever indebted to a little raccoon named Tom Nook. Every time you think you’ve paid off your house forever, you really haven’t because there’s a new expansion which makes your house bigger which means it can hold more pretty pieces of furniture.

Now to pay off your house you have to make money. That is the fun part. And pretty much the entirety of the game. So quick and easy ways to make your money, fish, bug collect, find fossils, help other villagers and sell what you get as a reward, and find money in trees. Yes, find money in trees but don’t get too excited. It’s not much and is not a get rich quick scheme in this game. The thing that I love about the money making ways, in particular the digging for fossils, fishing and bug catching, is that things change as the seasons change. Also you don’t know what exactly is all out there. The fish, fossils and bugs are revealed as you catch them.

Decorating your house can become quite the obsession, at least it is for me. There are different kinds of furniture themes and you can try to collect them all. The trick is, you don’t necessarily know how many pieces of furniture or what all is included in the types. For example, I have learned that there are just what seems like a never ending amount of lovely pieces of furniture (lovely being the theme) but I still try to get them all because it’ll give me bonus points and they’re my favorite. Since I have brought up points, lets talk about that for a minute. So like I said decorating my house has become an obsession for me in this game and that’s partially because of the Happy Home Academy points system. Different games have different rules but the most simplistic explanation for all the games is that you will be awarded points based on how nice your home is. I try (and most of the time fail) at scoring a crazy amount of points. But it doesn’t ever discourage me.

Another super cool thing about Animal Crossing is it’s played in real time so if it’s 10pm when you decide to play, it’ll be 10pm in your game as well, so stores may be closed and villagers may be asleep. Which can be fun but also a pain in the butt. Since it is played in real time that means real holidays occur (and some made just for the game) on specific dates and last all day long so you don’t have to worry about missing it, unless you don’t play that day :D.

I have absolutely loved every single entry into the Animal Crossing library. Each one is unique in their own ways and add an evolution to the series as a whole. Animal Crossing is definitely one of those casual games that you don’t have to be too in to video games as a whole to enjoy and will keep you coming back for more once it’s hooked ya.

What’s your favorite Animal Crossing entry? Who’s your favorite villager? Let me know 😀 Until next time, stay classy and sassy, my friends! ❤