Desire (WIP)

I know I said I would get into my time off more in detail but I've been finding it difficult to find the right words to articulate what I'm exactly trying to say and have come across. So that is coming. It's just a work in progress. However, I've been feeling the poetry bug lately.... Continue Reading →


New Year, New Goals

Hello 2018! So since my last post was about reflecting, I thought I would take a moment to also look ahead. What am I hoping to achieve in 2018? Well: Lose 30 pounds (so cliché, I know) Finish a story Write more poetry Hit 50% mark of a complete GameCube collection Hit 30 Etsy sales... Continue Reading →


"I'm not ready." Yet I never will be. "It's not fair." Then again it never is. "I'll never adjust." Suddenly, one day you do. "I never asked for this." No one ever does, but you deal. "I'll never forget." And I don't, though I do forgive. # Looks like poetry is making a comeback from... Continue Reading →

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