July Favorites!

See what I loved in July!

Hello and welcome back friends! I hope you all had a wonderful and happy weekend!

I am sitting here absolutely shook by the face that tomorrow is AUGUST! Seriously. Where has 2017 gone!? Please come back!

As you can see by the title, I’m going to talk about some of my favorite things of this month.


Sharpie Pens –ย  I have been only reaching for and using sharpie pens to use for all my non-day job related writing. They write well, look great, and feel amazing. I love a good pen. I think a good pen is hard to come by and the start of everything when it comes to writing. It just allows everything to keep flowing. When I’m in writing mode I don’t want to have to stop because of pen troubles. And I definitely don’t have to stop when using these pens. Moral of the story: I’m crazy and I love pens. ๐Ÿ˜€

Weather –ย  I don’t know where y’all live but here in Ohio the weather has been amazing. It’s been not too hot, just right and absolutely beautiful out. And that includes the rainy days we’ve had lately too ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the rain. And when it’s been nice and sunny I have been enjoying being out and about too.

Drawing –ย I go through phases. Ebbs and flows. Drawing is something that I have had ZERO interest in for YEARS! I mean like a decade. For real. But now all I want to do is sit around and draw and strengthen my pretty terrible skills and style. ๐Ÿ˜› It’s been my go to recently for my creative outlet. Hopefully I can make something come of it eventually.


Hanson – I honestly enjoy all genres of music and I go through periods where all I want to do is listen to a certain genre or artist. I have a bit of an obsessive personality. Poor Mathew, am I right?! Lately for me, I have been listening to Hanson. Like as much as I can. I have kept it from Mathew for the most part. So 2017 marks 25 years of Hanson being a band. I think the fact that they are releasing a greatest hits album this September has ignited the recent obsession. I’m honestly really excited for this to come out so I’m preparing by listening to Hanson as much as I can ๐Ÿ™‚

Crafty Amino – I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across this app, I think it was suggested in the app store or an ad or something. So this app is where crafty people can share their creations with a community of crafters. People are really nice and supportive of one another which is even better. I love posting my work to get a genuine reaction (based on likes) of how well something may do in my Etsy shop.

PostSecret.com I have always loved this site but recently have gotten back in the habit of visiting it every week. For those who do not know about PostSecret, it is a site of shared secrets that have been written and mailed anonymously to Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret. Frank Warren then picks some to share on the site each week. I love this project because no matter what I’m going through it gives me hope and perspective. It also let’s me know how I’m not alone in what I’m feeling or going through. Personally the site has helped me a lot and continues to help me every time I visit.

The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay – For some reason I have been really in to horror-ish suspenseful fiction as of late. Which is weird because I am a big baby and get scared very easily. Just ask Mathew, he’ll tell you about the haunted walk we went on last October… Anyway, this book is about a girl named Cate who attends an exclusive Welsh boarding school. There is a secret society that brings on a select few new recruits every term to be a part of the Game. The Game is a secret assassin game called Killer. There is one killer who has to creatively “kill” other players while not revealing who he/she is. It’s all fun and games until someone starts attacking players for real. It becomes important to find out who is behind it and stop them because they attack and successfully kill Cate. This book kept me guessing the whole time. I thought that I had the real and fake killer pegged almost the entire time and wound up being shocked. I should have seen it coming though. This book was so good that it actually caused me many weird dreams until I finally sat down and read the rest of it. You know that it really must be a good book then!


City Color’s Bold Brow – I love my brow products. A lot. And I am constantly looking for new things I can use on them to make them look good. The bold brow helps fill in the bald spots that I have in my brows to make them look full while not giving the appearance that I have makeup in them. It makes my brows look very natural. You don’t have the look of mascara in your brows or that you forgot to wipe off the smudge you made from your eye shadow going awry. It’s a brow powder so a little bit goes a looooooong way as I have learned the hard way. Now that I’ve gotten the hang of it, Bold Brow is my go to for filling in my eyebrows!

Benefit’s High Brow – I told you that I love my brow products. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So this is a matte pencil meant to highlight your high brow; the areaย right under your eye brow. I use it every day with every makeup look and I think it always looks great and pretty natural. Plus it helps bring the green out in my eyes. That’s always good.

Covergirl’s Kate Kate Eye mascara – This is the mascara that Iย always go to when doing my makeup. It lifts my long eyelashes so they stay out of my way. This mascara also doesn’t clump and gives great coverage. It does an amazing job at lengthening what I already have.

Well there you have it. The things I have been enjoying this month!

Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy! โค


June Favorites

What I loved in June

Another month came to a close a little too quickly in my opinion. I can’t believe June is over and here we are, about to celebrate Independence Day! I hope you all had a wonderful June.

Media Favorites:

Discord – I personally am not a huge fan of Skype or any of the other providers but Discord is super helpful as my chat agent when playing games online with my friends and family. It gives you a lot of control over the settings which is nice. It also allows you to create groups and chats to always stay connected which is a big selling point for me. I know that other clients offer this but the biggest point is, all of my friends are choosing Discord, so it’s where the party is at, so to speak.

Sims 4 Parenthood – This addition to the game actually brought me back to playing /the Sims 4. I had pretty much abandoned the game because in my opinion, The Sims 3 was the superior entry of the series. Sims 4 had just left out took much until Parenthood hit. I think EA is doing a better job at giving fans what they should have had since the beginning. The fact that the game is getting more and more life-like and realistic is a big attraction to me. I typically like to focus on my families and growing the lineage so the introduction to the parenting skill was super cool. I’m really enjoying the new challenge posed by raising kids; the fact that parents have more of an influence on how their children turn out, that kids go through good and bad phases and can even throw tantrums draws me in more than ever before.

Beauty Favorites:

Bath and Body Works Country Apple Body Mist – I happened to stumble into a Bath and Body Works and came across this body mist and put it in my basket immediately. It smelled JUST like my childhood. I am so happy and beyond thrilled that they came back out with quite a few of the iconic 90’s scents. For a nostalgic 90’s kid, I will take every little thing I can get to relive those amazing moments of my life. Thanks Bath and Body Works for making it a reality. I had no idea how much I longed for and missed that smell until I got a whiff.

Kylie Lip Kits – I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks because they’re less mess and they DRY. Then I don’t have to worry about kissing Mathew and getting lipstick all over him or ruining my lipstick. The great thing about the Kylie lip kits are they’re EASY to apply. I have a difficult time always getting it to look good and get it on fully and correctly. IT’S HARD! I don’t know how people do it so perfectly all the time. I feel like I practice enough. But apparently not. The lip kits are also super pigmented and beautiful. And they don’t look the same on every skin tone. It’s like the color helps match your skin tone and compliments it nicely. I know people who have used Maliboo and it turns out completely different on them than it does me. Same with Posie K. I think they’re worth all the money and last all day without the need to reapply and that’s super important. Especially when shelling out $29 a kit.

Book Favorite:

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page – So I was ย a little weary of this book when I first started reading it because it took everything I thought I knew and loved about Dorothy and Oz and flipped and turned it all around. YES. I know this is fiction based on fiction but the thing about stories are, you have to buy into them to some degree. So calm down, don’t have a cow, it’s okay. I know. Anyway! You find out the Oz we left in the Wizard of Oz is not the same Oz. Everything is not happiness and sunshine. You find this all out through the way of Amy Gumm, a girl from Kansas like Dorothy who is swept up in a tornado and deposited in Oz just like Dorothy. But Oz does not look anything like it had been described in the books, no one is around, those she does find are not friendly at all and Dorothy is a not so nice princess who is ruining all of Oz. Amy is tasked with the mission of taking out Dorothy. Through her training and efforts she discovers she’s unable to trust anyone at all, even those she’s working for and with. Good is wicked and wicked is good. Everything is what it seems yet nothing that is seems. This is a great book and a great first book in the series. I flew through it and can’t wait to see what happens in the second book. If you’re looking for something of the fantasy genre, check it out.

May Favorites!

Things I’ve Been Loving in May!

Hello and welcome!

I can’t believe we are already in June! Oh my gosh. Where has the year gone?! I know it’s a little late BUT I’m going to share what I loved in May!

Media Favorites:

Comedy Rockstar Mikey Mason – I’ve talked about Mikey Mason before but this guy is a fabulous performer. He never disappoints. I always look forward to any show he has whether its online or in person, Mikey will deliver. He will entertain you and he will make you laugh. It does help that his songs are great and catchy too. If you love nerdy things, love comedy, and love music, he’s great for you. He’s also a really nice guy which helps ๐Ÿ˜› Be sure to check him out here.

Twitch Streamer SheriffEli – So I happened to stumble across this guy when browsing Twitch trying to find someone new to watch and oh my goodness was I happy to find him. SheriffEli is a full time streamer who primarily roleplays as a cop in Grand Theft Auto V online. He’s got a great personality and a wonderful presence. He’s funny, got a filthy mouth and can get a little raunchy at times. But I personally really enjoy him. To the point that I will watch him rather than watch TV, I find him that enjoyable. Check out his channel here.

Gaming Favorites:

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Gaming Keyboard – This keyboard is my favorite keyboard ever! It’s beautiful. They layout is different slightly from a traditional keyboard but I find myself loving it more. My hands actually tend to gravitate more towards this layout, so typing at work always takes about 10-15 minutes to get used to every day. It’s clicky which I really enjoy hearing. Especially when it drives others crazy. I’m evil, I know. It’s ascetically pleasing and best of all? It’s mine. It’s not a hand-me down, it’s not on loan, it’s not been used before. It’s mine, all mine and it was new!

HuniePop – I talked about this game in my last What I’ve Been Playing Wednesday post. I enjoy this game way too much. And I need to just go ahead and break down and buy it because waiting to play it at the boyfriend’s house is just too long and too much. I’m not that patient. This game is addicting! You try to woo these girls so you can get in their pants. How do you do that you ask?! You play puzzles on the dates with them, obviously! The puzzles get harder and harder as you move forward in the game. And they get harder even when you fail and don’t move forward in the game. It’s challenging and fun. Plus the girls are cute and fun.

Beauty Favorites:

Sheet Face Masks – Lately when I have been going to do face masks I have been preferring the sheet ones. There’s very little mess and they’re just so easy. Plus they hydrate my skin so well. AND you look like a monster when you have them on. What could be better?! I haven’t really been preferring any specific brand over the others. If it’s a sheet mask, then it’s up my alley and I love it. At least currently.

Galaxy Lush Bath Bomb – So I don’t know if that’s the actual name of it but this is my favorite bath bomb. My allergies have been a little crazy lately because of Ohio’s lack of ability to make a decision about the weather, so these bath bombs have been saving me. It seems like they have menthol or mint of some kind in them helping to clear me up and soothe both my insides and out ๐Ÿ™‚ It really calms me and helps clear up congestion and sinus pressure. And it makes my bath look like a galaxy. Seriously, it makes it look like I’m bathing in space. How cool is that? Answer: REALLY COOL!

So there you have it. Not too many things but not too little things. Unfortunately I didn’t get time to really read this month BUT DON’T PANIC! I will make time to read this month!

Love you guys and as always, stay classy and sassy โค

April Favorites!

What I loved in April!

Hello my lovely friends! I know I have been slacking with my monthly favorites but they are back!!

Nerdย Favorites:

Game Pickup: Probably my Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that I just got today actually. I think that this is seriously my best pickup in awhile. And most exciting. I went to my local Target near my work this morning and stood in line waiting for it to open just to pick up the game. AND get the puzzle cube that came with it. That’s what I was really after honestly. And it did NOT disappoint. I got that puzzle cube and I love the puzzle cube. I really think it’s one of the best pre-order offered items that I have seen in awhile. Most of the time I don’t care and I definitely don’t like paying full price for a game buuuuuut once in awhile things are worth it and you just gotta bite the bullet. So I did just that.

Comics: So I just decided to go down the very slippery slope of comic books. And lord help us all. I specifically have gotten into Bob’s Burgers, Invader Zim and Adventure Time. And oh my goodness, they’re all super cute and so great to read! I highly recommend them. I do have to say that I’m very proud of myself for not decided to collect, buy and read a superhero comic. That would be so much more worse than what I am currently doing. ๐Ÿ˜› But I have found this new found hobby and interest to be a lot of fun and really rewarding. And the reading isn’t half bad either ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nerd Moment: C2E2 and meeting Evanna Lynch. I think that is in the top 10 of all my nerdy moments in my life so far. Meeting her, being able to take a picture with her and attending her panel meant so much to me. The Harry Potter fandom has always had a very very special place in my heart. It is honestly practically impossible for me to put in to words what all it means to me and why it is so important to me so I honestly am not going to even try. It was nice to know that so many of the things that I have struggled with and still struggle with, she has gone through and understands. I know it’s silly but it really resonated with me. It just helped confirm my love for the fandom even more.

Media Favorites:

Music: “Stay” by Zedd ft. Alessia Cara: I have been obsessed with this song. Just ask Mathew. He has had to suffer through this song so many times that I think he’s far beyond over it. But me? I can’t get enough. I love the music, her voice, the vocal arrangement, just everything. My only problem is it is so catchy that it gets stuck in my hear almost constantly. Which is why I listen to it so much. To try to get it out of my head.

TV: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: I honestly LOVE reality TV. Yes, I have SOME shame in it but not that much! I don’t get much time to watch TV as I prefer to because I would rather play video games and watch YouTube videos in my limited free time. But with everything going on in the last month or so I wanted an escape that didn’t require much brain power. Hence the reality TV. And the Housewives shows have always been a favorite go to for me. Especially Beverly Hills. Thank you Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. The drama makes me feel quite a lot better about my own life which was the goal. So win for me!

Book: This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp: I have always been drawn to books with darker premises and this is no exception. This book is very powerful as it takes place in the perspective of four different high school kids in the span of 55 minutes during a school shooting. Yeah. Its very intense and a very quick read but it is a fantastic one. I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s very sad and scary but it really puts things into perspective. It makes you think about what really matters and how the stupid and trivial things that we worry about so much every single day just don’t even really matter in the grand scheme of things. The author did a very good job and wrote it beautifully. I think she captured the emotions perfectly and didn’t leave the reader disappointed with anything, but most definitely not the ending. This has quickly become one of my favorite reads and earned a spot on my bookshelf.


Katy Perry Katy Kat Mascara: OMG! This mascara is magic. Seriously. I fell in love with it. The wand is a little peculiar but it goes on so well and makes my eyelashes pop so so so much! It doesn’t clump and smooths out my eyelashes perfectly making it look like my own lashes au natural.

Brown eyeliner, specifically Colour Pop’s Mr. Bing crayon eyeliner: I have always been a black eyeliner girl. Exclusively black eyeliner. I never tried any other color because why? Black is classic. It’s classy. It works with everything. And then I got this beauty in my Ipsy glam bag. I decided to be more adventurous rather than complain and I am so glad that I did! The brown outlines my eyes really well and makes the green in my eyes pop. Which is always what I am striving for. Which now I am able to do that more!

Goddess Gold by INT Cosmetics eyeshadow: Another pleasant surprise from my Ipsy glam. It is very pigmented, very easy to apply, stays in place, and wears well. I use it as an all-over lid color and like I said it stays in place and lasts all day. Which is definitely something that I find is hard to achieve.

What are some of your favorite things from this past month? What are your thoughts on my favorites? Let me know!

Stay classy and sassy!



Collinswoah13’s February Favorites

Going over my monthly favorites!

Guys! Welcome back and hello!

February has been a VERY up and down month for me. Man. I am very happy to see it go but I will honestly miss it quite a bit. I hope you guys have had an amazing month and that it just gets better from here.

Today we will be going over my favorites of the month! Woo-hoo!

Nerdy Favorites:

Roccat Tyon Mouse: So once I finally got this mouse (oh man was that a journey) I really have enjoyed it a lot. I wanted a gaming mouse but I didn’t want something with all the tons of numbered buttons because I found that just to be overwhelming. So when I found this little gem I was ecstatic. This guy has buttons, which is something I definitely wanted, but not too many of them (because at this point in my PC gaming, which is still not much, I don’t have too much of a use for them). The mouse is super comfortable in my hand and for my grip type. I’m a palmer if any one cared to know that ๐Ÿ˜› AND the best part is, it has pretty lights! Yeah, that to me is the best part. I also like that it’s just a good quality mouse, and definitely more than I have ever spent on a mouse. I do have to say watch the price carefully because you can get some fantastic deals on it but it is worth the money to spend on it.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Wow. Now that was a mouthful. This keyboard is probably my favorite thing I have gotten for my PC so far. It is my new baby. I love this keyboard so so so much. It’s super clicky which is something I REALLY wanted. I can’t get enough of the noise quite honestly. Its RGB so I can keep my rainbow game strong when using the keyboard. Which I do all the time. Though the layout of the keyboard throws me off sometimes (because it’s slightly different than any other keyboard I use) I quickly get used to it again and honestly prefer it. So far this little guy has not let me down and just continues to make me super happy.

The Cabin by Natasha Preston: So what would a monthly favorites post be without me recommending a book to you guys?! I think it wouldn’t be a very good one ๐Ÿ˜‰ This book is my favorite one that I read this past month. I happened to stumble across this book when purchasing another book on Amazon, so I definitely fell down the rabbit hole. I have to say, I am very impressed with this author’s writing. I personally am a big scaredy cat when it comes to anything scary. Just ask pretty much any close person to me in my life and they will most definitely agree with me. So this book is a murder mystery, thriller and I could not get enough of it. The cliffhangers were great, well placed and natural. The story left me guessing until the end and the plot twists were just amazing. By the title of the book you expect it to be a cabin the woods type of situation. Well that’s only sort of true. Seven teenagers take a weekend trip to a family owned cabin for a celebratory weekend because school is out and it’s finally summer. There’s drinking involved and fun but the next morning they wake up to find two of their friends murdered. The rest of the story is spent trying to figure out who did it because it had to be one of the remaining five teens because of the way the situation was laid out. The story is told from the perspective of ultimate naive, good girl Mackenzie as she struggles to put the pieces together and try to find out which of the five people she trusts so much is a murderer. Everything about this book is good and leaves me wanting more even after I finished it. I liked the author’s work so much I actually picked up a couple more of her books, which I will let you guys know how I feel about them once I finish ๐Ÿ˜€

Beauty Favorites:

Matte Lipstick: Okay, I know how broad this is but listen. I have never been a lipstick wearer until I got a matte lipstick from Ulta in a free makeup bag with purchase thing and I am in LOVE. I happened to get another one from my Ipsy bag this month and again, I love it so so so much. It also helps that these colors also just happen to go with my skin tone perfectly. I always loved the glossy looking lipsticks and glosses and all that but never on me. I really recommend y’all to get yourself a nice matte lipstick (if you have ever wanted to wear lipstick that is ;)).

Tutti Dolci Pink Peony Creme: So this returning but new scent and line? from Bath and Body Works is amazing. I happened to see it when walking by the store in the mall and had to stop to at least smell the scents and I really really liked Pink Peony Creme. So much so that I bought the body mist and two bottles of the shower gel and I have not regretted this decision at all.

Mask of Magnaminty from Lush: This is by far my new favorite mask. The smell alone is almost enough to make it my favorite. The fact that I have combination skin and this neither dries me out nor makes me super oily is fantastic. It also made my skin so clean and so extremely smooth. It also makes me look silly when I put it on, making me have a very green face so win there. I just am all around very happy and pleasantly surprised with this product. (I’m not gonna lie, I had no idea what exactly this face mask was supposed to do when purchasing it so I’m just happy it did something good.)

A little bit different of a layout this month versus last month but hey, that’s what happens when things don’t always fit into nice neat little categories every time. These are my favorite things of the month. Let me know what you guys think of these products personally if you’ve tried themย or if you do try them.

Until next time, stay classy and sassy ๐Ÿ˜€



Collinswoah13’s Monthly Favorites!

Going over my favorites for the month of January!

Hello and welcome back beautiful beings of the Internet!

Okay guys, so as the title says I thought it’d be fun to go over some of my favorite things of the month. This way you can get to know me a little bit better and hopefully get some recommendations on things! So let’s get right to it!

Gaming favorites:

Lunar White Xbox One Controller (GameStop exclusive)-okay so this is the controller that I use exclusively for my PC gaming, when I use a controller. This controller just feels like quality without the price of a pro controller. And it looks slick. Its an absolutely beautiful controller and the just added touches to it since it isn’t a first run controller are something that I both love and appreciate.

Paper Mario Color Splash (Wii U)– This game. It is by far my favorite game that I have played all month. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to any of you since I raved about it in my Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday post. ย I personally have finally started to hit more challenging parts of the game which I am SUPER stoked about. I’m sure you’re like me where you actually want some frustration and difficulty in a game. If I’m just cruising through a game and I’m not getting frustrated either to the point of needing to walk away and think about my particular situation or wanting to rage quit (and sometimes actually rage quitting), then it’s not that truly great of a game in my opinion. So when the going started to get tougher inย Paper Mario, I was very excited. Now I am currently stuck in the game and taking a break but it’s still just as fantastic (if not just a bit more) as I thought it was last week.

Frends Headphones-Taylor-As a gift to myself I finally bought some Frends headphones which I had been wanting for a very long time. I opted for the Taylors which are larger and still on the ear fitting. Now these headphones were supposed to be solely for editing, listening to music and things of that nature but I caught myself quite a few times using them while gaming on my laptop. Now this was because of laziness mostly, but I can say I quite enjoy these a bit more than my cat headphones from Brookstone. While those are super cute and great in themselves, the mic is clearer and better on the Frends and they’re just easier to grab and use for PC things rather than grabbing the cat ones that I use for console, party gaming. I highly recommend these, they are pricey and be warned they are heavy headphones but they are SO worth the money!

Television favorites:

Third Rock from the Sun– I watched this show as a kid and have always loved it. I think this show was bizarre in all the right ways and just downright humorous. I have found myself re-watching all six season (currently on season 4, if you were curious), and it has really been my go to show when having any meal and just when I’m in need of a laugh. Thankfully all 6 seasons are on Netflix which makes my life a lot easier than fumbling with DVDs, remembering where I was and watching a full episode before stopping, and etc. If you haven’t seen the show before the cast is amazing! Full of just amazing talent. There are four people that are trying to pose as a regular, suburban family but they’re really aliens from another planet coming to study the human experience and life on Earth. The great thing about this is that these four are experiencing things for the first time so a lot of their reactions are just over the top and funny. If you haven’t seen the show before, give it a try. Its worth your time.

Sword Art Online– I know I talked about this a little in my Currently Watching: Anime! blog post last week but I have to give the dubbed version of Sword Art Online my favorite this month in regards to anime, I thought I really enjoyed the show before in subbed but I just really appreciate the care in the choices for the dubbed voices. They all seem to be very fitting and sound like how I wanted them to sound in a dubbed version before the dubbed version was available to me.

Catfish– Reality TV IS my guilty pleasure. I just love the train wreck that reality TV almost always is and can’t get enough of it. Catfish is one of my biggest guilty pleasures because usually when I start watching it, I CAN’T STOP. It’s just addicting. My heart goes out for these people getting Catfished because love is blind, deaf, and dumb most of the time and sadly some people just have a hard time being honest but I just find that this makes for great TV. I might be slightly terrible but I just love this show. If you haven’t seen it (you’re crazy) and you like reality TV I recommend this show (most, if not all of it, is on Hulu) I do caution you. Be careful. You can lose an entire day just watching this show. And yes, I’ve done that far too often.

Miscellaneous favorites:

Soap & Glory’s the Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser– As a female I like to look nice, keep my skin nice, etc. but I have NO idea what I am doing most of the time and only recently have I been trying to take better care of myself especially when it comes to beauty treatments. I unfortunately suffer from having larger than average pores on my face and I don’t particularly like this fact. I also have combination skin (meaning differently places on my face are oily and other places are dry) so when going to Walgreen’s I happened to see that they carried Soap & Glory products which I have heard good things about (thank YouTube) and decided to look. I stumbled upon this product and decided to try it out and I am so happy that I did. It’s AMAZING. Its super simple to use (simple and easy are things I need) and you can feel it working immediately after use. All you have to do is wash your face with it. That’s it. Afterwards you can feel that your face is actually tighter. And you can see that the pores are smaller and A LOT cleaner. Go. Buy. This.

Pentatonix– I never jumped on the Pentatonix ban wagon until recently and that is only because of the absolutely beautiful version of Jolene that they did with Dolly Parton. The second song of theirs that I heard and LOVE (and still listen to even though it’s not Christmas time) is their version of Mary, Did You Know? which is hauntingly great. I think its interesting because I love Acapella music but stayed away from the Pentatonix because I’m not typically a ban wagoner and I also just don’t want to get caught up in hype and like something just because of that hype. Which I am most definitely guilty for. But I finally discovered the Pentatonix and have been listening to them quite a bit more than I would really like to admit.

The Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott– This book. Is by far, my favorite book I have read this month. So fun little fact about me, I LOVE to read. I am a book snob too. I also like to call myself a book discoverer. I like to explore bookstores, libraries and books themselves to find the hidden gems. I have found some of my all time favorite books from just wondering around and pulling interesting looking spines off the shelf. This book was a little different because I found it rabbit holing on Amazon books. And I’m not disappointed. So this book is of darker subject matter and is a young adult fiction book (two of my favorite things). This book is about a young girl who was kidnapped when she was just 10 years old. She is now 15 and still living with her kidnapper. She tells about her daily life, struggles, and wants/desires throughout the book. The story is told completely in her point of view and broken up in to small, short chapters that really make the story more. The book is a super quick read and just has cliffhangers after cliffhangers. I don’t want to go too in to the book because I really don’t want to ruin ANYTHING. If you’re looking for an actual novel to read, I can’t suggest this one enough.

So pretty much everything that I even remotely like becomes my favorite for some period of time so it was really hard to narrow it down to just these few. I hope y’all enjoyed it. Let me know what were your favorites for the month of January. I’d love some recommendations on things to try, do, play, watch, etc.! Until Wednesday, stay classy and sassy my fantastic friends ๐Ÿ˜‰